I’m Still Alive

Oh hie everyone. Sorry for abandon-ing my blog for weeks. I think many people also never see my blog liao also. Anyway, I’m still alive and healthy and feelings i tak berapa happy sangat la.

Currently I’m staying in Aljunied, along Upper Aljunied road. Everyday I travel to Orchard for work from 8am-4pm. So if any of you happen to be in Orchard road after 4pm from Monday-Saturday, please find me *desperate look*.

So for your info, I am working in the Operating Theater. Not functioning as a Scrub Nurse or Circulating Nurse yet. Just an observer and learning through observing. So I have seen all kinds of General Surgeries and Obstretic and Gynae surgeries, from delivering of baby through Caeserean Section, to removing the uterus, ovaries and cervix (Total Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy) to opening the abdomen, digging through the intestines looking for the intestine to cut off, putting some hard metal scope in your urethra, to circumcision, and many more….I use to get disgusted, now I feel excited. ^^

Anyway, honestly speaking, I have not done any shopping yet. I feel very tempted to shop, but if I shop I no need to eat d. So I never go out until last week when Josh came down. =)

Ok, go back to my shopping story.
1. I took him to Bugis, I saw a pretty skirt, only SGD10. But I don’t dare to buy.
2. I took him to Orchard. So many shops having sales. I don’t dare to buy also.
3. I took him to VivoCity. Went to Forever 21. Saw most pretty pretty tops, skirts, dresses are like SGD33. It’s like seeing RM33 from the salary i’m going to earn. But I haven get that salary yet ma….So I don’t dare to buy

To cut the whole story short, I didn’t buy anything lah after walking in Singapore from 10am-6pm.

Surprisingly again……no pictures to put on blog at the moment…=( I promise I will take pictures this weekend if I got go out.

Before I forget, I attended Heart of God Church last weekend. Went there alone and nobody knew I was new. Until I sengaja show my lost look.
And of course I go up to the usher and say, Sorry it’s my first time here….I’m lost..”
And the usher got so panic! Hahahaha!

Then they bring me to one person, and to another person and to another one and another one (they introduced themselves…and sorry, i forgot all their names….) and finally a guy name Daniel came and brought me to a seat with his CG members. And everytime I meet someone there, they will definitely ask me, “How did you know about HoGC?” And haha, I give the exact same answer to everybody who asked me, I think I answered more than 10 times. Lol!

But it is a great church. Great worship, great message, great people. =)

I’m quite sad cause I miss home, I miss mom and dad and my siblings, I miss my puppy, I miss him….I just miss the comfort I use to have back home in Malaysia. At the moment, I’m living in a small tiny room for 2 and sharing toilet with more than 100 people from China, Myanmar and other countries. I can’t pang sai here, I have to go to hospital to pang sai. I feel quite the lonely here. how?

Alright, time to sleep.

p/s I’m hungry….=(