It’s Great To Be Home <3

How’s Singapore? Singapore is very well, but makes me very tired everyday.

I probably enjoy walking around Singapore. In Malaysia, I’ll be dead d.


Along Red Dot Museum


Theater syiok sendiri with one of the Nurse Manager

Met great people in Singapore too, of course.

During my departure back to KL, Daniel, Marilyn and Jia Yan (if i’m not mistaken) came by to pass me this card.


it’s from the cg members (not all la cause the cg has like 50 ppl?). Very sweet of them to write me a card, it’s as if i’m going off for a very very long time! I was speechless when Daniel told me he’s coming over. Like wow…!

It was suppose to be a surprise though. But because Danee, PS and I tak sabar want to go in the Departure hall, the surprise have to be revealed. heheheh..

So I landed onto Malaysia ground at 11.30pm.

Josh was waiting for me at the Arrival Gate. And all of a sudden Andy appeared. Terkejut sial aku.

Of course the first place to go is to CHCKL, because its a Sunday ma so I go la.

It’s great meeting up my cg members again. =) Manoj said I look more refreshed than last time. heheeh…cause happy ma come back ma refreshed lor.

After service, Chia Huey, Jan and I went to Pyramid to hang out and catch up again! Enjoyed their company and they shopped, i did not. Bag almost 20kg d…if i shop then habis lah….

winter warmers

Jan and I at Winter Warmers Coffee and Tea House

Met up with Josh at KL Sentral and off we go for dinner. Longing for good food, Josh brought me to Jalan Alor.

Walked all the way to the end of Jalan Alor. This restaurant we went to is so big, 5 shoplots combined together.

We ordered, La la pedas, Asam Fish, Kangkung Belacan, Chicken Wings….
Then the boss asked, “Wah all pedas wan…you all like huh?”

LOL! We didn’t know we ordered all spicy food – expect the chicken wings la…But it’s ok…cause they all look tempting…

And the amount of food we ordered is so much for 2 people. I only ate 1/4 bowl of rice because I makan all the dishes. If makan finish the rice then I think Josh need to borrow people’s stomach d.

Jalan Alor

Asam Fish

This Asam Fish is damn delicious! Never tasted such yummy Asam Fish before lorrrr……

The next day, which is Monday, I slept the whole day. Just felt so tired and since Josh went for interview and left me alone at home so I ambik lah kesempatan to sleep….

Woke up at 7.30pm (heheh….), Josh’s mom took us and Charity (Josh’s sister) to Menjalara for dinner.


We ate Yong Tow Foo (Tau Fu, Lady Fingers, Binjals, Sui Gao), Ginger Chicken Wine, Hakka Pork, vegetable and my all time favourite Chu Kiok Cho (cuka kaki babi)…

And THAT IS ALOT FOR 4 PEOPLE! And again, i only ate 1/4 bowl of my rice and sapu-ed the dishes…

And I enjoyed the food. Yummy! hehehe….

And the next day (urm….Tuesday), I did some shopping! So CincauHangus picked Josh and I up to Ikano because he was too hungry and need to makan. So Josh and si Cincau went to makan while i go jalan-jalan shopping…

Oh, finally I bought myself a jeans. My arse so big, skinny jeans cutting looks like a straight cutting on me. Ain’t tight from my lower thigh below. Whatever lah…still got jeans then i happy d…

And and and I made myself a chop. Fuh, writes “Registered Nurse” below my name. Aiyak, forget take picture. Later lah i syiok sendiri with it then i post it up.

After I have done my shopping then we went over to Starbucks to kill time. Waiting for The Ugly Truth movie screening. My first movie screening. =D The movie is very funny, but not suitable for those below 18, even after cutting alot of scenes. Not much of sexual scenes but the words used la….very funny and not suitable for kids lahh.


at Starbucks

Ok, i’m hungry now……dad bought me lunch an hour ago and its still waiting for me to swallow it.