Phoebe’s 20th

Went down to KL to celebrate Phoebe’s birthday with my family.
I enjoyed the dinner very much, but not the rest of the day there. Lol…very boring….MidValley sucks during sales. Because too many people…me no like!

Anyway, Phoebe is now 20. Means she’s turning older. She told me not to lecture much cause i’ll cepat tua. But I think now I should advise her not to be a lecturer cause she’ll cepat tua more cepat…=P

Phoebe’s last birthday, I brought her to Itallianes for dinner with Josh.

This time we have dinner with the rest of my family, and I bought her this….


a new camera! yeahhh…..she deserve more than a pair of kasut lah….Mom asked me to get her a good kasut..but I’ve been getting her so many kasuts until her housemates also complain she has too many kasut. More to come!! haha!

Birthday ma, of course something better ma right? =)


And this is one of the dish for our dinner. Had dinner at Dragon-i in Cititel itself.

No birthday cake cause all our perut too penuh d. Heh….

Happy Birthday sisi!