An Uninvited Guest At 7.45am

I hate going to sleep and waking up by dogs barking.

This morning, Ruffy kept barking NON STOP! Gah…..I opened my window and scolded him…He ran towards my voice and stopped barking. I went back to bed. Not even 10 seconds later, he started barking again. NON STOP! I opened my window and scolded him again! He stopped and continue barking and barking and barking.

Then I knew maybe he saw a cat ka, stray dogs ka…cause he barks are heard from the kitchen..

I went down, to the kitchen and opened the door and the first thing i saw was……


can you see it? I got so shocked, my heart beat was so fast…..i faster close the door and ran upstairs to get my dad….


this Biawak is DAMN BIG OKAY! Probably 0.5 meter long! Include his tail then almost 1meter liao..

And my stweepid dog wants to fight with it!

I quickly put that fella in his cage to prevent him from attacking or being attacked.


Ruffy is small compared to the biawak. And wants to be a hero lah he…
But awww, look at his cutey look….

Dad came down, tried to catch it with his own made catcher made out of wires and broomstick. Failed la….that fat giant biawak suddenly ran away so fast. And then it hid in the garden (rumput all very panjang, didn’t cut yet). And that Ruffy kept barking lah again and again…

Dad threw a big stone towards the biawak and that biawak ran for his life! It’s so big, i don’t know how he came into the house. But because biawak very scared of human, that biawak actually squeeze himself through the gate to flee!

I hate biawaks!



So that was my morning…..