New Toy

It went into the toilet bowl before, attempts suicide many times, had multiple external injuries and finally declared brain dead.

My dear phone of 1 year plus died. =( And on the day it died-ed, is the day I need to use the phone the most.

Everyday since my phone’s death, I complained to my friends and I think they also bosan with my complains d. So finally, one fine day I went all the way to IMM at Jurong East to get a phone. I even signed up for a postpaid line to get the phone for a cheaper price. Yes, I even paid for the $200 deposit, because I’m a foreigner. Too desperate lah…..

So there you go….


My new beloved long awaited BlackBerry Bold. =D

*mind my look. I have not been shaping my brows, going for facial and there’s no make up. That is why I need make up…or else I’ll look like this…see my dark circles. gah….hate it..*

Signed for a cheap line, so the phone cost $489. If not then it’s only $289. Then plus the stupid deposit, already $689. And plus some sim activation bla bla…total about $700+. But then I also signed up for the BB data plan, if I take contract 2 years then I get 30% off the package price and waive $50 from the phone price. So basically I paid $684 lah. That $200 can get back after 2 years lah. But whatever lah. Like I’ve said, I was desperate for a phone.

anyway…on the day I bought my BB, I realize my phone has a little problem. The keypad just went haywire and all of a sudden it goes back to normal. As a noob BB user, I thought it is a normal thing, like, maybe I accidentally pressed on something or whatever…then the 2nd and 3rd day problem still goes on. I called the customer service centre, they said it is not normal..

So I went back to IMM and was quite pissed off when they told me to go to Vivo or Plaza Singapura branch as they do not have a service centre. I mean, my phone is still brand new…why can’t you give me a new one? Plus I travelled for 1 hour plus to IMM and that is what I get. Why not angry leh?

I then agreed to go to Vivo, cause I had movie date with Marilyn and Daniel (my church members). But mana tau, no more movie tickets. Lol….ANYWAY, I went to the service centre and told them my problem. You know what? The lady didn’t even check my phone and told me, “I’ll replace you with a new set…”



“Sorry miss, now the BB Bold is out of stock.”


“But leave me your contact number so we can contact you when the stock arrives. I will reserve one for you..”


So I went home with my problematic BB….and the next day, I received a call! I can go collect my BB! But because it was quite late already and I felt lazy to go out, I went to collect my phone on Saturday instead.

So ya lah…I got my new BlackBerry Bold already lor.. and yesterday, the telco called me up and actually follow up with me on my BB. wahh…i feel very happy lorr…good customer service lor!!

Malaysia telcos, better buck up!!!

p/s: I’m offcially broke. 9 days til payroll comes! =P