Cendol, Eye Liners and a pair of Converse shoes

Being back in Kuantan is great, though I’m pretty bored at home. But getting away from work and stress overcomes the boredom. Yeah, I know, I have been only working for 2 months. But being in my line, stress is every minute. Especially in the hospital I am working in.

Anyway, people asked, “You just started working so fast got holiday?

Actually, I have 3 days of leave to clear. But because my probation period is until the end of the year, they allowed us to clear off this leave. Particularly because some auditors are here from 7/12-9/12. Since we are JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited, we have to keep passing every time they come and audit to maintain it. Having this thing is not easy. Not every hospital is accredited with JCI. Since we are the best in South East Asia, we need this JCI thingy lah. To avoid getting us involve (we may be the cause of failing the audit cause we blur blur don’t know anything..), they allow us to clear our leaves. With JCI you can trust us, so come for treatment with Parkway Health if you got ka ching ka ching ka ching lah…

So yeah, I’m back!

You know, when we Kuantan people are back from other places, we tend to crave for food we cannot find at other place. Even if we can find any, having it back here in Kuantan is just different.

Even the Asam Laksa, though Penang serves the best in Malaysia, but eating them in Kuantan just feels different. I’m looking forward for the market asam laksa. Heee…oh oh and Hoi Yin Curry Mee!! But sigh, I know I have not enough time and place in my tummy for so much food…sigh…..

And Lin Chi Kang. I think Kuantan serves the best Lin Chi Kang. Tasted other places one, didn’t like them. Anyone got good Lin Chi Kang for me to try mah??

But the first thing I always crave for is always cendol. I just couldn’t accept cendol sold at other place, as they add lots of things inside.

Like for this cendol campur, which is my favourite, all they have is just cendol, jelly, red bean and corn.

I don’t like cendol or ice kacang where they add too many different things inside, like peanuts and some weird things.

Next, let’s talk about my make up. I usually do very simple make ups, by just putting on concealer, BB cream, eye liner, mascara and blusher. The most make up i buy is eye liner. My eyes are very sensitive and it tend to tear very easily. I have tried pencil, gel and liquid. The best eye liner for me is gel.

I once bought this gel eye liner, by bloop, which cost me almost RM50 for it. I love it so much but sadly it hardened up. I have to use toner to make it moist but all the pieces of the dried up gel kept going into my eyes. Then, I bought elianto‘s gel eye liner. That sales girl told me it’s water proof…ngat yan wan lor she. Not waterproof at all lor.

Then I bought a liquid eye liner by Maybeline, in marker form. It’s my first time using liquid eye liner and I love the darkness of it. But it’s liquid….it’s smudge proof but not water proof. Because it’s not water proof, the eye liner tend to smudge off, very badly………

So just now I made a trip to East Coast Mall with my sister. Went over to SaSa to check out any good eye liner that will suit my eyes. Saw Maybeline’s waterproof gel eye liner. I wanted to make sure that the gel eye liner will not harden like the bloop eye liner. The sales girl then recommended me to SaSa‘s gel eye liner. She asked me to try it, as she got good feedbacks from her customers about it.
So alright, let’s try it. If it’s still ain’t good enough for me, I guess I’ll keluar some ka ching ka ching ka ching to invest on a good brand like M.A.C or Bobbi Brown or whatever you name it..

I also got myself a pencil eye liner, for some other ways to make up which i need pencil eye liner. And the sales girl gave me Silkygirl eye liner. Haven’t really try out Silkygirl products yet, so okay…Let’s try out…

Let me tell you this, I always wanted to get myself a pair of Converse shoes. And every time I want one, it’s either I have already spent a lot on other things and so call couldn’t “afford” one or am just too lazy because the sales girl or boy kept following me around.
I bought one…


for this kid…

so she won’t keep bugging me for one in the future.

I like that thing on her shoe. Bought it from Singapore….got my name but spells Tiffany. I wish they have custom made ones….