My Graduation

This my another outdated post. Seem like I have a couple of outdated post to blog about, but am just plain lazy and with my hp mini, I cannot really edit my pictures.

Graduation was like, 2 months back. I was already in Singapore.

We traveled back together for this big day, though it is only a diploma but this diploma is a very depressing and stressful and tiring and suffering and challenging….so why not just happy happy go graduate…Without this diploma, I am not who I am now, assisting a doctor in surgery.

Of course I want to further excel. But nursing is a lil different from other profession. A degree is not necessary, unless I want to naik pangkat lah. After a diploma, all I need is an advance diploma. Our advance diploma (I call it post basic) is actually a specialty course. So in 3 years time I’ll be taking my post basic in Peri Operative Nursing.

Danee and me

Nursing is very wide. Sometimes you ask me certain things, I may not know it, because it is not my specialty field.. Just like doctors. A Gynae surgeon may have very minimal knowledge on Urology. Though I’m in the theater, I may not know how to assist in every surgeries. General cases, O&G, urology and ENT surgeries is a must know. A more specialty side are Orthopaedics, Neuro and Cardio surgeries. All these will need special guidance and on-the-job training.

Jacquelina and me

Well, so far so good….we have come this far. 3 years for a diploma is pretty long. But for a degree, it only takes most 2 years, I think.

Omar and me

Nursing is not my choice, but I think I made the right choice to go for this. Especially being sponsored by Parkway Health. They never rush us and still guiding and training us all the way. We’re under the PDN (Practice Development Nursing) or for layman term, teacher, hands for a year where they guide us and make us the nurse people is looking for.

meee and me…=D

People asked me whether I will maintain in this profession. Well, I answered no. I probably will at least do something to achieve my dream, though it’s just a certificate level. But who knows, I may continue being a nurse til the day I die?

But I will still take up a course to achieve what I always wanted to do and have planned to do after I left high school in 2005. =) Wow, it’s almost 5 years!

Queen and me

My colleagues said, “If you can survive here with Parkway Health or SINGAPORE, you can survive in any part of the world!

Quite true I can say. Comparing to hospitals I work back in Malaysia during my training days, no fight. And many nurses from other countries also say working in Singapore is very very very stressful and challenging.

I heard even being in hospitals in UK or US, the doctors listens to the nurses because, nurses knows the patients way better than the doctors. The doctors doesn’t treat nurses like a slave or maid. The nurses there are not afraid of doctors.

Over here in Asia, haha…nurses are like a mouse. We have to be very the humble and though it is not our fault we have to admit it is our fault. And doctors here very clever point finger at nurses. Their fault but they blame nurses and nurses kena sue lor…

One thing also, some nurses very bodoh wan. I’m just trying to be honest here. Just because there is shortage of nurses and many people don’t want to be a nurse because they think nursing is a dirty job, so they got no choice they sponsor orang orang bodoh. I actually consider myself bodoh lor from my SPM results. But still not so bad lahhh…I will still say I am thankful and blessed to get this offer.

Many people got no other choice will all choose nursing. Like me. LOL

Sure can get wan. You don’t need straight A’s..
All you need is a pass in English. Get a E also is pass wart…
And credits in 3 subjects.

Easy bo? When i applied they say my results very good wor…ah pui lah good…
I got from 1-9. Up til today I am still very proud cause I got all the grades. lol
and my 9 is Bible Knowledge! =P

Sisters – Phoebs and Gail

Well, I am not a science student. So during my first 2 semesters i was struggling. I failed 2 papers in Semester 1. After that I never failed any liao..

During my convocation, Josh came by. =) One flower from mee and dee, the other from him…

Being sponsored and guaranteed a job, my parents of course the first to be very happy! hahaha…
The best thing of all, I am the first to graduate among all my siblings. =)
I still want a degree. Then a Masters.
Then enough liao lah…open business duduk rumah jaga anak.

Siew Mei and me

Oh well. I kinda lost touch with my friends liao. Even those in Singapore. We only see each other once a month for feedback session. After that 1 year I think they all will forget me liao because I am staying with my grandparents. Alone from everyone of them. *emo*..

Never mind….go make new friends, great friends from church. =)

Imagine I study with these many people in one class everyday and we can all get along pretty well? Of course, you know there is of course one group who are bitches. There’s one in my group. Haha. All sorts of people lah. We make friends, made enemies, get along again, misunderstanding happens, gaduh again, you don’t like me i don’t like you, gossips, bla bla bla….girls are always girls..

So yeah, I have finally graduated and left college. We have no caps so we throw our certs.