Lin Chi Kang, Carbonara, Sham, Asvin

Didn’t do much today and the weather today is so damn hot. Surprisingly I went to have a nap though my room is as hot as a sauna.

Been thinking so hard whether I should do something different with my hair. At the same time, I felt so lazy to do so. Black hair looks good on me. But I also wanna try colouring my hair again. I had a bad experience dyeing my hair for the first time few years back. Instead of colouring once, I ended up colouring 3 times in a month.

Anyway, I finally went to have my Lin Chi Kang..=D


got 2 eggs, actually 1 egg nia. My lil sister do not like to eat egg much so she gave me hers. So as you can see, got jelly, atapchi, egg, raisin and some other things I do not know what are those.

After having Lin Chi Kang with my sister, I went to meet up with Asvin and Sham for dinner. Suppose to go to Cherating Steakhouse, but it was closed. Ended up going to Crocodile Rock.

Yes, I orang Kuantan, tapi I tak pernah pergi Crocodile Rock. Never had a chance to go there cause every time I come back I crave for food I don’t get in KL.

For Asvin, she never been to Cherating Steakhouse before. Everytime she wanna go, it is always closed. Lol!


my carbonara beef bacon. Didn’t finish because damn jelat. See the cheese there? Not their fault, I put all of what they gave me. Padan muka me.

Sham and me.

Sham is still doing her accountancy and will be graduating in 2 years time. See lah everybody still studying I already working….The last time I met her was last year (2008)! OMG, and now it’s the end of 2009! I have no idea when can we meet again….=(

Asvin and me

Asvin is now currently having her break, while waiting to go to Melbourne to continue her course, for another 2 years. Again, I feel so out, the only one who have started work…

But anyway, I am planning to go to Melbourne this coming August during my annual leave. At least I have a friend there, I am able to save some cost a bit. heheheeeeee…=P

I know Asvin since primary school. She changed school when we were Standard 5. We became close as her mother, also my teacher asked me to take care of her. Haha. Those were the days lah…=) Time flies really fast..
Asvin, Sham and me

Hope to see you girls again. Miss you both..