Back in Kiasu Land

My flight was delayed last night. And Jetstar flew pretty slow yesterday. Thought will arrive home before 11pm before my flight is delayed. End up I arrived home at almost 12am. Cab took a longer route, fare was $22.80. Damn.

Tired, very tired. I usually need at least 6 hours of sleep. I only had 5.

Too tired to even shower in the morning. Said to myself, I just showered 5 hours ago and went to bed straight, no need shower lah..

So, Josh left for UK last night at 2am. Flew to Dubai to transit and guess what…he just arrived in Manchester at 8.30pm Malaysia time! I wish I could be there. I have never been to a foreign land before, except this Singapore and Myanmar.

How are you guys celebrating Christmas? I do not know how am I celebrating Christmas this year. Missing all the Christmas food I used to have back home, the fellowships and all. Turkey, lamb, pies….sighhh…

Anyway, myeyes are closing. Had a nap but didn’t really nap. I guess it’s bedtime for me now.

Good night…