Recapping 2009

For this I do not have pictures because my hard disc crashed and that is the saddest thing that happened to me in 2009! All my hardwork, memories of 3 years in college is all gone. After checking through the pictures I took from Danee, I realize I did not take everything. So yeah, will get it from her soon!

In I’ll only write what I can remember, ok? If I have my pictures with me I probably can recall the things that happened.

Febuary 2009
Valentines Day at a Japanese Restaurant. And I made cheese cake for him. Honestly if you ask me to make again, I actually sudah lupa!

March 2009
My 21st Birthday at a Korean BBQ restaurant with my friends and family!

(really sad right my blog now no pictures. BIG SIGH!)

April 2009
Had a really funny birthday surprise for Danee. =P

May 2009
Went home for Gail’s 12th birthday. This time round I drive around buying things for her party. And this time the 12 year olds are so different from when I was 12 years old! They dance to the tunes by Jonas brothers, I dance to the tunes of er…Barney?

Went to Sarawak! Visited the Cheongs and I wish to go again to explore more. Didn’t explore much in Sarawak. I had my worst nightmare there too! =P

Brought Ruffy back from Seremban to Kuantan. He is such a cutie…

June 2009
Last minute preparation for the Malaysian Nursing Board exam and exam was when again? I forgotten! Had farewell and all the picture snapping. Published the class magazine made by me. Did lotsa videos involving the whole class.

August – September 2009
6 weeks attachment in Singapore. Was assigned to the Operating Theater and wasn’t happy about it because I didn’t like working in the OT due to bad experiences when I was a student.
Josh came in one of the week to visit me. =)
Attended HoGC for the first time and met a few cool friends..They even sent me off when I leave for my 1 month break…I feel so touched!

Celebrated Phoebe’s birthday in KL. Bought her a new camera….=)

October 2009
Started my bond.
GRADUATED!!! 15th October 2009!
Received a video made by my church members. So touched! I feel so welcomed to HoGC lor!
Earned my first pay!

November 2009
Josh came over again…=D
By the end of november 2009, I have scrubbed 2o casses.
Shopped til drop kao kao..=(

December 2009
Josh came over again and this time he brought me many many presents! ><>Westlife album from Kelli!
Celebrated Christmas at HoGC and met more new friends. =)
Took Qiao Han out for her birthday dinner at Cha Cha Cha.
Met up with Loi and went to Celebrate 2010 during NYE at Marina Bay for countdown to 2010!

I think I left out some things. Did I?

I hope 2010 will be a better one!!