A Good Kind of Stress?

For those who know me well enough, they know how much I struggle at work. A small tiny achievement can make me the happiest girl on planet earth.

Working in the Operating Theater is indeed a huge challenge for me. I never even thought of being a nurse. When I graduated, I never even thought of working in the Operating Theater due to bad experiences when I was posted in the OT during my training days.

I always thought of doing midwifery, open up a business on ante-natal and post-natal care etc as I was inspired by one of the Sister back in Pantai Hospital KL. But LOL, look where am I now. The place I want to go last, the Operating Theater.

But, I told myself..Why not I just give it a try? Who knows, I may end up liking it? True enough, I start liking working in the OT. There are so many things to learn and most importantly the staffs there are very helpful and taught us many things.

I am now a scrub nurse, assisting doctors in various surgeries. I started officially with my hospital for almost four months already. I have assisted in 74 cases so far and I am still learning. There’s so much more to learn!

One thing that I struggle at work is facing difficult customers, which is the doctors. Over in the private sector, doctors are customers of the hospital as they open their clinic in the hospital itself, not being employed by the hospital. So, being the staff employed by the hospital, we have to please our customers which is mainly the doctors as patients are mostly under anaesthesia.

Worst ever is staying back til late at night as there are emergency cases. Thankfully, the department would ask us to take a cab back and we are able to claim the fares. =)

Another thing that I struggle at work is the high demand and expectation by the superiors. They tend to treat us the same as those who were theater trained. Like for me, I am like a newborn baby who do not know anything about the OT. I am on-the-job learning. So when I do a case for the first time, my superiors expect me to know how to do it on my own already.

As for yesterday, I was assigned to scrub for a caesarean section. The surgeon usually does not bring along her assistant, so that means it’s one on one with her. I was afraid I couldn’t do it on my own because bringing out the baby is critical. After delivering the baby I need to be quick in passing out certain instruments to control the bleeding and then sutures and need to hold instruments etc. It’s not easy. Even when there were assistants, I couldn’t even manage!! I was wondering how am I gonna manage on my own without assistant?! I consult my superior telling her I have got no confidence………I ended up being scolded. So I made a decision and said, “OK, I’ll do it on my own..”

THANK GOD, the surgeon is very nice and independent enough to have no assistant. She can manage most thing on her own and I was able to assist her well. She is a very nice lady who is very patient and she even taught me. I learnt alot in just that one surgery. But LOL, my seniors were all so nervous I could see it on their faces. But, I made it through.

Wei Lin, Me, Aretha

Now I like working in the OT. But I do miss working in the wards. Really…Cause I miss nursing patients. I have lost touch of all those nursing cares already.