Project 365 Day 2

Today I am suppose to work for just half a day, but manager changed her mind. So I worked full day today. From just having one case to scrub, I end up taking up 2 cases, both Caesarean Section. One is an emergency and the other is an elective case.


At 7am in the morning. So yes, the early morning face of me. And I don’t like the size of the yellow cap. I have to wear that colour for a year!
Yellow colour in my department means, “New, Fresh, Blur Blur” so doctors can tolerate with us knowing that we are “New, Fresh and Blur Blur”.

Many do wonder how does it feel assisting in delivering of a baby? Very awesome, happy, feel teary? Neh….I only feel that when I circulate. When I scrub to assist, all I have in my mind is what the doctor wants next. No time for the awesome feeling! LOL