My Confession

I don’t know lar. Really what made me turned out to be so different since coming to Singapore. Is it the stress? I’m still figuring it out.

Every girl definitely would want to be pretty. Can I hear an Amen? LOL. Anyways, there’s a saying that goes, “People willing to endure pain to be beautiful” Let’s see what sort of pain.

Physical pain – One example, plastic surgeries. Some people have got way too much ka ching ka ching ka ching they actually spend them all on plastic surgeries on themself. I have seen from head to toe! After seeing how much pain they go through, I also scared to go for any plastic surgeries. But surprisingly, once these people start, they’ll go on going for plastic surgeries. It is an addiction!

Of course there are other physical pain like, extracting your blackheads and pimples, having tummy ache during detox, putting on braces to make your teeth look nice, etc etc. Extraction is painful k!

Heart pain – due to the ka ching ka ching ka ching you spend to maintain your beauty or to beautify yourself.

Mentally pain (LOL)- When your siblings are more good-looking than you and relatives start comparing between you and your siblings, then you feel so down and wonder why you not as good-looking as your siblings.

Emotional pain (Emotions can pain one ah? lol) – When you think you are not beautiful enough, people tease your big nose, you super sepet eyes, then you cry…

Ok lah, I know I have been talking rubbish in that last 2 points, cause I don’t know what other points to write.

Those who follow me on twitter, remember how horrible my right eye was? No matter how much make up I put, it can never be covered. Instead, it made it worst!

A surgeon came up to me and said, “Young girl. Why do you need so much make up? You look horrible!”

I was in shocked! My skin became dry and putting on make up is not a good idea. It made me look like I have put on zillions layers of concealer! Ok, so I went through mental and emotional stress and don’t feel like coming out of the toilet! LOL!  Without make up I look so horrible, with make up also look so horrible!


AND hooray! My eye is now better. Not 100% recovered but at least it is MUCH better than few weeks back.

Took this picture a few days ago. I bought the M.A.C concealer, gel eye liner and foundation, hoping for a good coverage over my horrible looking face. And yeaps, I am satisfied with the outcome. =) (But I heart pain la, cause I use ka ching ka ching ka ching ma.) Of course it does not cover all my blemishes and dark circles. If you zoom in the picture you can see all my opened pores and very horrible skin surface.

Many people do not know how exactly I look without make up. My family was in shocked when they see me without make up. When I went shopping for M.A.C make ups, the sales girl removed my make up and my friend almost had a heart attack.

I really need help. My face needs help!


I have dark lines and circles all around my eyes and nose. And forever staying pimples below my nose as my nose always leaks and blackheads because very hard to extract so many on my own. The last time I went for a facial was 2 years ago ><

I already ugly though with make up. Without make up, I ugly x 10000.

I look more like a patient than a nurse! Kan?!

Go facial need spend a lot ka ching ka ching ka ching. For the sake of my face, sigh!!

I very brave d k put up such horrible picture. =(

There’s a quote saying,

“Don’t think of yourself as an ugly person, just a beautiful monkey.”

And one FUYOR quote I must remember,
“Do not envy the one you admire most, instead, try to make yourself one that can be envied”