A Lazy Saturday – Scrolling back

Wanted to clean my room today but suddenly felt so lazy. Ended up just washing my clothes and sitting infront of my netbook reading my old blog posts.

It’s fun reading about who I was in the past and I can actually blog lotsa craps. As usual, my readers are usually my friends and family. Somehow I realize in this blogging world, people are more interested in reading on events and reviews. But those are just not my type. =) I like to blog what I have in mind and sometimes too personal until people say I self pity. HAHA.

In my blog I also show off some of my ability. After reading a post on photoshop, I now do not know what are those! I mean I do not know how to photoshop anymore. >< Have not been practising for half a year lor.

And so many pictures I have inside my old blog, which I have lost them all as my external HDD crashed. D= It’s the saddest thing ever okay. All my hasil kerja, pictures all gone. That is why it is best to upload them online. It’s save, unless that company close down lah.


i miss them all so much. the fun we had even just days before exams. and look, we have all graduated!


This is my group out in Berita Harian Newspaper. =)

Yeaps, though there’s lotsa ups and downs during my college days, but the people who always cheers me up are friends like those above. And I definitely miss sitting right at the back, in between Loi and Omar. 3 sekawan yang selalu tidur dalam kelas and the 3 of us are all working in the Operating Theater in our respective hospitals. haha.

And oh, look what what video I found in my blog! It wasn’t in my hard disc before and i have uploaded it in my old blog!

I have the best sisters ever. All so talented in their own ways and God is using them in those areas to serve Him. =) i cannot even strum as well as Abigail. She already ditched her guitar and now concentrating on piano and violin. Must record and post up one day.

And Phoebe’s latest voice, must record also. This video above is ancient. HAHA

I wish I could blog more about those memories I left in my old blog. You can read them here in this blog..(You just need to click on previous entries on your bottom left). It’s pretty crappy but it can be entertaining at times too haha. Gotta get ready for church. It’s gonna be a fun day today!