Project 365 Day 7


Top: Animal (SGD15); Jacket: P&Co (RM113.90); Grey Petite Skinny Jeans: TopShop (SGD99); Shoes: Mitju (SGD29.99) ; Bag (hanging behind): Charles and Keith (SGD 46.90)

Went over to JB last Sunday with friends and I had a great time shopping with them. We have all grown up, earning our own bucks. As I see them and myself shop, we now know how to compare price better.

The problem with us now is that we learn to convert RM to SGD everytime we shop in Malaysia. For example, a dress in Malaysia cost RM79.90. Instead of saying wah so expensive, we’ll end up converting to SGD and say, “hmm, quite cheap wart…Only SGD34. Buy la buy la” When we are in Singapore, we don’t do that. Lol. Maybe because we’re earning in SGD?

But that is a bad thing to do. Maybe we convert so we feel better? For me I do so, so I feel better. But I still will have doubt on buying the things that is expensive. I went to M.A.C in JB to get a blusher. RM95. I got a heart attack. The lady told me Singapore sells more expensive due to the exchange rate. I refused to buy and would like to buy it in Singapore because the figure is lower and less heart pain. Sigh why I am like that leh….

Another example, the skinny jeans I bought from Topshop here in Singapore is SGD99. When I was back in Malaysia, I saw that same jeans for RM200+. I didn’t want to buy because of the figure. Went back to Singapore to see it for “ONLY” SGD99. Bought it straight away. I tried converting, SGD was more expensive.

I must learn to see what is cheaper and not see the figure!