So Many Things I Want

Work has been hectic. Eh, no. Work shifts has heen hectic.

Did my follow-up with Maril and that time my body battery was below 10%. But hearing her stories and lots of sharing kept me awake as there were so many to learn in those life changing stories. Met up with Daniel too, and as always, likes to bully me. hmmph..

Work wasn’t really that busy. At times I had to wander around to look for things to do at work, that is when there isn’t any assignments for me. So yah, I have not been staying back at work for a few weeks already! In a good way, I get more rest (actually I’ll go jalan-jalan la), and in a bad way, no extra money for over time.

Sorry again – NO PICTURES. Been so lazy to think of what to snap. I don’t want to SS cause my face is full of pimples =( . Not just pimples, but acnes. Sigh. Maybe I should go back in using my Kiehl’s? Or maybe I should go for facial that will cost me a bomb?

My Melbourne trip is in a month’s time and I am more than excited to go on this trip! Though it’ll be just a 5 days trip, Josh and I will make that trip a super fulfilling one! We even plan to go to Sydney for a day trip. Just to see see look look. Do you think it’s a good idea?

I am also thinking of gettng a DSLR. (Yes, if you know me I’ve been wanting to get one since dinosour years ago.) A Canon 550D is good enough already kan? And I am suppose to get my Macbook Pro in August too. Hmm. Should I be generous to myself and spend?

Yesterday, Ps How preached on “How to Enjoy Studying” and one of the point (actually that’s the only point. The next point will be shared next year. haha) is to be curious. Very true, when there is curiosity, we will try to find out the answer and never get bored. I am curious in so many things but dare not ask because scared people will go, “That also don’t know. Bodohnyer…” And yeah, I never learnt anything. Must change that attitude! Be curious!

Today I was BBM-ing with Raynor and he encouraged me to start drawing again. My drawing always sucks but because I always love graphic designing, I should start practicing from scratch again or else I will never learn a single thing. I use to go on YouTube to learn drawing and I should probably do it again. Cannot hot hot chicken shit (hangat hangat tahi ayam) already.

Do you think I should pursue in graphic designing? Yes, nursing is so far different from graphic designing. But, those who know me well will know why I chose nursing. =) Thought I regreted, but no…I don’t regret being in the nursing profession now. But I still love graphic designing. So, should I?