What A Week!

Phew. It’s the weekend already. But my weekends only begins on saturday after my shift. Yes, and most of you guys begin your weekend on a friday night. I jealous. Yes. I jealous. Ending my night with Sabrina’s music from her “I Love Acoustic” album. Hit songs such as “Irreplacable“, “You and Me“, “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “Umbrella” in acoustic. Soothing and relaxing.

This week has been yet a tiring but yet an amazing week.

Must be positive. Must stay positive no matter what happened.

Though there are things that caused me stressed, God still have been great. Well, life is good!

I am thankful for understanding colleagues and managers.
I am thankful for encouraging colleagues.
I am challenged by the management of the department and how it is runned. Many people is in the state of giving up. I’m gonna be strong and trust in the Lord when I am in that state. I pray I won’t be in that state!

A few things happened this week. But it’ll be a lil confusing (we ourselves got confused about the whole incident on how it happened) so I won’t be a story teller for that incident. Will just tell what happened briefly.

An instrument went missing after the case is over. We searched high and low, turned over all the rubbish bags, but failed to search for it. I stayed back to look for it but still failed. Went home and my colleague called me and told me it was found. Well, we do not know whether we were sabotajed, but whatever it is, God has been so good, I managed to sleep well that night!

And something funny happened today.

My duty today is 7am-4pm.
Guess what time I woke up?

LOL. I woke up at 7.27am!

Oh yes.

(Phone vibrates)
In-charge: Hello Tiffanie dear…where are you??
In-charge: Oh, you overslept hmm?
Me: SORRY SORRY SORRY!! I come now I come now!
In-charge: It’s ok, it’s ok. No worries dear. Take your time.
Me: I come now! I take cab!
In-charge: okok, you take cab. Don’t rush. Take your time…

And I reached work at 7.58am

And I caused come chaos at work, because I was assigned for a case at 7.30am! Haha. Last minute someone has to take my case and another who start work at 8am so happened to be there early had to start work early…ALL BECAUSE OF ME!

So I ended up doing the next case, Circumcision.
I pakar already. Anyone need circumcision?

Then, another funny thing happened. I scrubbed for a case, “Cystoscopy and Change of Double J-Stent” (A double J-Stent is a stent placed in the ureter to prevent or treat obstruction of the urine flow from the kidney).
After the case, the double J-stents that were removed were placed in a bottle to return to the patient. The surgeon was holding it as he wanted to have a look at it. Then, the team were about to transfer the patient from the operating table to the trolley. Being helpful, he placed down the bottle somewhere and helped to transfer the patient. The next thing we all know, the bottle is missing!
We searched high and low up and down side to side turned over the rubbish bags and we still couldn’t look for it!
To cut the whole story short, my colleague was shocked to find it in her pocket! Yes, how it ended in her pocket, we all have no idea! Maybe the surgeon and her forgotten that the bottle was handed over to her and she don’t even know what she took from the surgeon.
When it was found, instead of being scolded, there was laughter. Because it was funny.

Not to forget, I brought my friends to church today for a session with Dr AR Bernard’s! I’m glad they enjoyed the message. At the same time, I have received so much from tonight’s message. If you’re in Singapore, come down to Heart of God Church this Sunday (4/7/10) at 3pm for another great session with Dr AR Bernard!

If you’re in KL, head to City Harvest KL on 6/7 & 7/7 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at 8pm to hear from this great man of God! Honestly, you will NOT regret!

People who are successful did not just did things extraordinarily but did the original things extraordinarily well! – Dr AR Bernard

Good night. =)