Melbourne – Part 1

Melbourne is COLD!

But the people here are quite used to the cold, some even wore shorts and sleeveless tops. Me? Berlayer-layer!

But I’m still a happy girl!


Passed by Flagstaff Garden when was walking to Queen Victoria Market.

I love walking on the streets. But it is just to cold, I would prefer indoors. Too bad, haven’t find any indoors to hang out in yet. Looking forward for tomorrow to explore more. Walked around the CBD already, from Spencer Street til Queen Victoria Market that left us disappointed knowing it is closed on Mondays. =(


At Hwaro Korean BBQ. Delicious and I would love to come back for another round! Pricey though, but good stuff!

This post will be a short one only. Just to tell you guys I AM STILL SURVIVING and am fighting the cold!

Josh loves the cold weather here.

Melbourne is like Singapore. Over in Singapore, we see many Filipinos, Burmese. Over here in Melbourne, we see many Chinese, Koreans, Indians. Some Indians I spoke to here  in Melbourne speaks very indian English.

Good night!