Time For Rest


I finally had time to get away from the hectic lifestyle in Singapore. At times, I feel like giving up and leave the hospital who does not really bother much about their employees who worked so hard. Oh well.

So yeah, 2 weeks break. People asked me why is that I can get such a long break? That is because I have booked my leave since last year. Yeah, we have to book  our leaves. They cannot say no because it was already approved last year. Too bad for them though. For me, 2 weeks is not enough, because I really think I need a long break from work.

Call me selfish?

I don’t think I am. Cause I’m no workaholic. Yes, money is important. But I think my health matters more. I rather take a long leave and rejunivate my body than to take MC often. I’ve been taking MCs quite often. Yes, I’m a nurse and I fall sick too often.

Many of you out there works long hours too. You get tired too. My job uses lots of physical works. We get worned out easily. We get sick easily. Sometimes we do not have time for food. So though working 8 hours a day seem ‘normal’, usually I’ll crash on my bed the moment I reach home.

Complaining much doesn’t really help. Many people did not trust my words until they see me face to face. I lost 6 kgs in total since I started work. Yes lah I happy lah I lost weight. But I lost weight in an unhealthy way. People thought I go on diet, but I actually didnt have any appetite to eat.

So now, some people even supported me giving up my bond. But I’ll try to stay until I really can’t. Or, can someone marry me? haha.

I shall be strong. I shall be strong. I shall be strong!