My Boyfriend Asked Me To Blog

I am now in KL. Tomorrow I am going back to Singapore.

Ah, I put this picture here because looks blemish free. You zoom also cannot see pimples. No, I never photoshop! This is like the one and only picture lah. Somemore this is taken with my S90. Everytime I camho with my S90 I will emo cause my face so ugly. But this one turned out to be so smooth. HAHA

One day I will camho myself in scrub suit. OK?

For now I wanna go tidur already.

I promise I will blog more often when I get my new laptop/computer.

OK, I blogged already.

And oh, I’m just very disappointed with how i snap pictures with my S90. Need to snap pictures much more often already. Need to practice.

Sorry lah blog so lousy post. I don’t know what to blog lor. Kena paksa punya…..