I’m good here…I think so.

I realize I do not blog as often as I used to. Just feeling so tired to even on my computer. For once, let’s not talk about my work? Cause you’ll definitely read one whole long post about my work and it’s not a nice one for now. So we shall skip the work topic yah?

Let me share with you one of my achievement. And I’m very proud of that achievement. I managed to save 70% of my salary in September! Like wow? I mean for people like me who doesnt really bother much about what I spend on?! But of course, I failed in saving up that much this month. Probably less than 50% and I’m sad about it. Gonna save up more in November and December and I’ll fall in love with the figure in my bank account by the end of the year!


Somewhere at Lygon Street, Melbourne

As you all know, there are things I would like to spend my money on but they are just too much. Such as DSLR and a Macbook Pro. I don’t like emptying my bank account just for those 2 items. It is not worth emptying my savings. Also, I would like to invest on putting on braces. Reason why i”m not putting on yet is because I don’t have the budget for wisdom tooth extraction. If i’m lucky, I need not to go for mini surgery. But if the doctor broke my tooth, I have to go for mini surgery and that would cost me a bomb!

And and and, i’m so tempted to get a Coach and Burberry bag! LOL. Surprisingly it’s not very expensive! That if I buy from US store lah. (Anyone in the US now?????) But at this point of time I should be sacrificing luxuries. Will probably get one next year ^^

And I need a break. Pimples breaking out all over my face! I recovered from skin problems in Melbourne! Guess it’s the weather.

And i’m falling sick too. Been boasting about my immunity level. Now i kena lah…sudah kena cough. =(

And…..enough of ands. Now it should be end.

Good night everyone!