Departure Hal

Blogging from McD while waiting for departure. Another 1 hour to go.

I’m excited! Excited to go home, excited for Malaysian food, excited for my trip to Aussie again. =)

Been spending most of my money on paying up my debts. After paying them, I feel so much lighter (my pockets, banks and also my burdens!) lol. Oh well, can always earn those money again. Just need to be more wiser in spending and not so kiasu. When it is time to pay debts, pay. Don’t hold on even when you have the money. I have been like that for a year! Repent! Repent!

Oh well, Christmas is tomorrow. I bought so many gifts and don’t know who to give to! LOL! I bought extra gifts. So gonna bring those gifts back home and see how mom wanna distribute them. Too bad couldn’t find any beggar or poor people by the road side in singapore to bring them some christmas cheer. Beggars in Kuantan tipu people one. They are even richer than me.

It is the end of year 2010. What have I achieved? Oh well, 2010 is a rough year. Praying 2011 will be a great one!

Merry Christmas! =)