Love, Joy, Peace

This week has been a rough week.


That is enough to make the whole week rough. Spending money on taxi fares is such a pain. Other than that, I have been so stupid buying things I’m not suppose to buy. *slap self* *piak*

Just like the Harinezumi 2 camera. Like, why did I buy it? For a freaking $270?! *shake head* and yeah, i’m now finding a buyer. It don’t think it is affordable in Malaysia. After converting, it is freaking almost RM700! *faints*

Yeah, I stupid.

But, actually I bought it out of LOVE. =P Can’t say it out here cause that person will know. But after I regret buying, I though I should get something better.

(Hey, $270 / RM700 can buy a lot of Zara/Stradivarius/MNG/Cotton On/Uniqlo/Sephora/Topshop/Charles & Keith etc etc items okay!)

That is why I am selling it.

And despite all these “problems” (mostly I yang create kan…)I am going through this week, I somehow feel happy. Work wasn’t that stressful this few weeks, and company with friends was just fun. Oh, the internship graduation is probably the last time I’m meeting most of my friends. Cause then we’ll all be busy at work. =(

Coming to end this whole week, the House of God is a place of rest. One day in His House is better than a thousand days elsewhere. Service was awesome today. Bishop Dale Bronner was here to speak and his words are so powerful, I don’t even know how to write note! All I did was copy down his quotes.

And oh, I bought a dress from French Connection. It was on End of Season Sale. That dress costs $214! But I bought it for $66! =D store wide 70% discount! But not many choices left cause many people dah beli…

Need to lose weight to look perfect in that dress. I have 3 more weeks to Christmas! =D