The Little Rare-ness

So, this is one of the little rare thing I do at work. Take pictures during working hours.

This is me (duh) in lead gown, thyroid shield, laser eye shield and face mask with shield going to scrub for a Urology case.

This is what I wear under my scrub gown for certain cases that needed x-ray during surgery. It’s heavy and I usually get aches after such cases. Some more today, have to assist in odd positioning cause the doctor is so giant, i had to find ways to squeeze in to assist him.

While waiting, I was walking around the department like this and my colleagues were like staring at me. You know, just like when you’re outside dressing up weirdly and get people staring at you, that kind…It’s not that it’s not common seeing each other like that. But I was just walking around like this. Hee..

Oh well, though there are a little fun in between, work was rough today. And though I am damn stressed up and even cried today (after 1 year!), I’ll press on and allow God to take control.