The Month of January


This picture is taken last week during the annual OT party. Food was good, the fellowship was good too.

I am on MC again today. In fact, today is my 5th day of MC for the year. I have another day tomorrow. =( 6 days all taken in just 1 month, and it is still the first month of the year!

I am suffering from urticaria (rashes) on both forearms for unknown reasons. Suspecting it is due to work or stress induced. Hmm. Seen the dermatologist. He too couldn’t really help much as he says it is contact allergy and it is pointless for me to do an allergy test as the allergy comes when I’m in contact with something I’m sensitive to. So I’m off scrub for a month, so the scrub solutions won’t irritate my skin for a while.

I need to get well soon. I can’t bear to see my skin being so ugly. =(