I Got IT!


I finally found a maxi dress that fits my height. Been looking for one like forever and whee hee hee! I found one at a beach wear shop at Far East Plaza!

I was so excited, I bought it immediately without thinking twice, though I was already so broke at that time.

And can you see my iPhone 4 casing?

I bought it at Far East Plaza as well! Been looking for a pretty casing for a very long time and this pearly casing caught my eyes immediately! And of course, yours truly purchased it right away.

I’m kinda sad cause a few biji of pearls has dropped off. Thank God it’s only at the sides. I hope no more pearls dropping anymore.

My friends were saying it looks so ugly and so ‘aunty’. I don’t think so. I think it looks very elegant and sweet. Or maybe I’m just getting too old already?

Oh well.

At least I finally found the things I have been looking for a very very long time!

<3 ~