Welcoming Myself Back

Yes, forgive me once again for I have not blogged for almost 3 month. After much people asking me to update my blog, here I am. Not doing my assignments, but blog!

So yes, assignments. For some of you readers who don’t know, I am now back to school. Yes, back to school again! This time pursuing my nursing education in Advance Diploma in Operating Theater Nursing. Just started this course 3 weeks ago and will last for 9 months.

So far, the modules that I’m struggling with is research and psychosocial. Sigh. No matter what, I still need to go through!

Anyway, just some pictures of what you guys missed the past few months of my disappearance!

Ok, so I bought a new camera in March. After so long, I finally own my first DSLR. =D
Bought a Nikon D7000! well, there goes my money for the month. To make me feel better, I bought this as my birthday gift. Haha.

So the picture below was my first attempt.

This my my friend, Mun Theng. =)

The 2nd week of March was a blast. Company had an annual dinner and it was a privilege to attend because I heard the last annual dinner was many many many years ago!

Ping Ping and I

Jasmin, me and Abegail

And of course the next one is my birthday celebration. Was disappointed when my parents told me they were unable to go down to KL to celebrate my birthday. I travelled from Singapore to KL for the weekend for my birthday.

Little did I know, I was surprised to see my parents and lil sister! Thanks to my dearest and sister for the planning. Really made my day even more special. Family brings much happiness.


Family photo =)

Next was Danee’s birthday that fell on April Fool’s. We celebrated a day earlier at clubs. Well, the night did not end too well when our dear Fang Fang fainted all of a sudden, tried to save her from any injury but too late, a chair fell on her forehead and left a deep cut!

She was admitted for a night, just for observation and some stitches by plastic surgeon. She’s is fine, just some vasovagal syncope.

I have been going back to KL very often within these few months. The boyfie is there and since I have some time, I would just travel down since it is hard for him to come to Singapore as the exchange rate is so high. He told me this on my birthday, “If I were to go to Singapore to celebrate your birthday, I could not give you as much as I could give like now.” He won’t be able to spend on food and gift as much as in KL.

Singapore why you so expensive? Malaysia, why you so POOR?!

So yea, I went back during one of the weekend in April. And after I arrived, the boyfie asked me to accompany him to an event. Little did I know, the event is the JW Black Circuit Party, where it’s only by invitation! Fuyoh, feel so atas for a while.

so as usual, his blogger friends. And me, sesat lah.

my <3

The event was hot, amazing and wow. Kinda enjoyed myself seeing celebrities, big shots, sexy woman, ugly guys, hot guys, drunkards and inhale cigarette smoke for 3 hours. Aih.

So after enjoying myself, it’s time to go back to school.
School was already tough in the first week. Praying that I can cope til next year!
Classmates are nice and friendly.

We celebrated Charity’s birthday. My birthday was in March. Even if I wait til next year, I cannot celebrate liao in class. I kinda miss classroom birthday celebration actually. LOL.

The class of 18 students only.

Li Wei posing at the final year diploma student’s exhibition project.

And again, I have mentioned just now that I go back to KL often. Just last week, I travelled again to KL during Easter weekend. One of the reason is to visit CHCKL. =)

The boyfie and I was deciding on what to have for dinner on my first night in KL. Then I suggested Souled Out as it was ages ago since we last ate there!

Due to my braces, I was and is still unable to eat some food. So Carbonara it is. Yummy!

And of course, missing chee cheong fun! The boyfie brought me to have some chee cheong fun at his neighbourhood.


Food was so so, but I enjoyed the company.

Another attempt of snapping good picture. I kinda like this picture. Hehe

And oh, how many of you love Pooh bear? I love pooh bear to the max!

And I bought this cute luggage bag!

Aww, how can you not love it? It’s pricey though but I don’t care! haha.
My friend told me it cost $200 in Singapore! I bought this for about $110 only.

And just today, I went to meet up with my friends to catch up with them. Miss all the girl talks and gossips!

Geraldine and I

And I have a little message here…

Dear Geraldine…
You have finally found someone who can cherish you and love you, take care of you and protect you. I hope everything will go on well with u and your dearest! You both are sweet and often keep me company!

Congratulations and all the best to you both! =)