A Meme Proposal Video That Went Viral – Tim Tiah and fourfeetnine

I first read about the proposal of nuffnang co-founder Timothy Tiah and Audrey, also known as fourfeetnine when I saw the bf retweeted on twitter about their proposal. You can read them over at Tim Tiah’s and Audrey’s.

It was so sweet and simple. A day celebrated and witnessed by their close friends. One of them was Ringo of Cheeserland.com.

When the proposal video was out, produced by Crazy Monkey Studio, it went viral! First, I saw many of my fb friends posted them out. My timeline was filled with them sharing the video. Most of them don’t know who Tim Tiah and Audrey are!

Anyway, then the next day saw some sharing via 9gag.

The video had 32,000 views in less than 24 hours! O.o

After that 24 hours, they had almost 600,000 views. And then it’s on Gizmodo, one of the world top technology weblog about consumer electronics. Then on MSNBC and……blogged by RYAN SEACREST!



And Christina Perri also tweeted and share it on Facebook!



Basically, it’s shared everywhere. On PC World, DiGi FB page, on MSN Malaysia, Huffington Posta TOP blog in the US, Mashablethe largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology and Reddit. I’m sure there are more to come. Now, the infamous blog of mine is sharing it to you too! haha.

Met Audrey at NAPBAS 2011 because Pao wanted me to take a picture with Audrey and show it to her because Audrey is her favourite blogger. Also met Tim Tiah in the noisy Zouk while he was talking to the bf. Both Tim Tiah and Audrey are one sweet couple. At that time, the video was not out yet. But managed to congratulate Audrey on her engagement though.

Anyway, here’s the video on their Meme Proposal. Sweet and simple. And because of the creativity of Tim Tiah, it went viral all over the WORLD. Malaysia BOLEH! =D

Read about Tim Tiah’s and Audrey’s blog about this video proposal.

Congratulations again to the both of you on your engagement! So, a Meme wedding too? XD