A Shocking Pain

He complained of severe abdominal pain 3 months ago. I suspected something ain’t right when I heard him burping non stop for 1 week. I started Googling “excessive burping” and I became worried when I read one site that wrote “GI disease”.

I encouraged him to see a doctor for advise but he refused. After 3 weeks, he couldn’t take the pain anymore and then he went to see the doctor. He was scheduled for a colonoscopy. As a nurse, I asked, “why colonoscopy, when he has pain at his upper abdomen?”  Noob doctor. At least do a gastroscopy and colonoscopy at the same time right?

After the colonoscopy, they found nothing. They then scheduled him for a gastroscopy 2 weeks later. They found nothing too and told him that probably is just gastritis. How can a person suffer from gastritis for a month, every single day? Noob doctor. Really noob. At least do a scan like ultrasound or something when a person complains of pain and the scopes you did shows nothing! That noob doctor then did not fix any appointment for anymore tests or scans. I mean, for his age, it could be gallstones or cholecystitis or maybe stomach ulcer.

Thank God, his wife saw her doctor and seek for help. He seen him a week later and was scheduled for a CT Scan of the abdomen. The results came out a week later and shows a mass in the pancreas. He was scheduled for a pancreas biopsy 2 weeks later. A week after the biopsy, the results came out to be positive. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Again, I googled about pancreatic cancer and I was disheartened when I read that “90% of patients who found out they have pancreas cancer is already too late“. Next is “pancreatic cancer often have poor prognosis, even when it is diagnosed early“. The reason why 90% of them are too late is because pancreas cancer spreads rapidly and is seldom detected at early stage, which leads to cancer death.  The signs and symptoms don’t appear until it is at the advanced stage. And it is impossible to remove surgically when it reached that stage.

He doesn’t smoke or drink. But he has strong family history of cancer. His siblings all died from cancer.

In his state, I think it is still at the early stage because it have not metastasize. Thank God for sharp eyes of the radiologist, the tumour is seen. He was referred to a specialist and I was there during that appointment. The specialist immediately said “not good”. He showed us the CT scan and said it is hidden and is very hard to see. Plus, the tumour is either near or on the hepatic artery, which makes it even more difficult or impossible to remove the tumour. He was scheduled for a surgery few days after the appointment with the specialist. The surgeon must do a surgery to see if the tumour could be resected or not because it cannot be determined from the CT scan alone.


The doctor drew the outline of the tumour so we can see and understand what he meant.


See the whitish thing in between the 2 been like drawing? That is the hepatic artery. It supplied blood to the liver. So it is a very important artery to keep the liver “alive”. I am not sure if the tumour is wrapping around the artery, or it is below the artery. We are all not sure unless the doctor do a surgery to see it.

3 days after the appointment, 2 days before the surgery, the doctor rang up and told him that they (the specialists, radiologists) have decided to not operate on him because it is just too risky. The doctor then referred him to the oncologist, who he will be seeing this coming Friday.

He is 72 already, but still very strong and doesn’t look like he is ill. He has lost a lot of weight, but still strong and positive. He is probably one of the strongest person I have ever known.

It is so sudden. Very sudden to know about this. I will do my best to take care of him. Of course I am scared…very scared as this time I don’t see it like how I see in the hospital when I work. But this is my very own.

Please keep my family in prayer that we’ll stay strong. Of course, keep him in prayer. I want to him to see me get married and see his great-grandchildren.