Hurrah to Malaysia’s First Adidas Neo Label Ambassador!

Adidas came out with a new label called Adidas NEO where its designs are colourful, fun, funky and of course style and sporty at the same time. Its label is to target to appeal to all the young fashionable ones. It’s fresh line collection of footwear and apparels with special collections from David Beckham.

Because this label is new in Malaysia, with only 3 stores nationwide – KL, Kota Kinabalu and Kuantan, Adidas organized a competition, where 10 young, happening, fun bloggers were chosen to run compete in being Malaysia’s first Adidas Neo Label Ambassador! I know a few of them personally who were chosen and there were this few ones that were having good fights in the votes!

PhotobucketTo cut the whole long story short, I would like to congratulate my friend, Careen for being Malaysia’s First Adidas Neo Label Ambassador! I can say she did put in ALOT of effort in making this dream alive.
And her efforts are just so natural. I mean, she is a full time student, a leader in church, has lots of part time work – modeling, ushering, hosting, acting, shooting, etc. and you will NEVER hear any complains from her. *salute*. Yet, she still can balance her time between studies, work, God, family, fiance, and friends. Not forgetting, in the midst of preparing for her big day! Those who knows her will agree with me though I’m not so close to her.

She is one super friendly and she always smiles. ALWAYS! Such joy in her heart despite being tired physically. She definitely enjoys every single bit of her life!


“After thousands of votes, we have crowned Malaysia’s first adidas NEO ambassador, Careen Tan! She proved herself to be the true embodiment of the NEO identity, and we couldn’t have picked a more eclectic individual to represent the adidas NEO brand!”

It’s true! I mean, she is just a natural talented girl! Dances, sings, acts, models and beautiful!

It was a close fight between Jane. When Jane and Careen were on the Top 2, they were given only 48 hours to get as many people to vote and comment on the video they made. No doubt, Jane had lots of votes coming in, while Careen was behind her. Careen may be new in the blogosphere while Jane has already lots of fans out there. Well, thank God, votes alone were just 20% overall. The judges decisions were 80%. And the judges made the right choice! =D

Not that Jane’s not good. Both have their strength and weaknesses. But based on the final video, I think Careen did a better job in promoting the colourful-ness, fun-ness, style-ness of Adidas NEO. =)


Careen in the recent City Harvest Church production, Chrome Heart. So cheerful!


And here are a few videos Careen did that brings her to where she deserves.


The video that attracted Ryan Higa (nigahiga) and has almost 43,000 views.
Thumbs up to Careen’s sister, Gladys for the awesome video!


Recorded with CHC talented people like Shawn Lee!


Shot in Adidas Neo stores in KL and KK. Thumbs up to Gordon for the great video!

Don’t you think she deserves the winning crown? =D

All the best in your future career, Careen! I can’t wait to see you in more commercials, billboards, adverts and more.

And congratulations to you once again!

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