Pre – Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards 2011

Rushed back to KL last Friday to attend the Nuffnang Asia Pasific Blog Awards 2011 the bf invited me to attend with him, to be his date for that night. This is the 2nd awards night organized by Nuffnang. Was supposed to attend the 1st one back in 2009 in Singapore. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we didn’t manage to go.


Read tweets at 3pm while waiting in the airport and everyone seem to be getting ready and some even had their hair done already! Arrived in KL at 5.50pm and started getting ready at 6.30pm. At that time, everyone was probably on their way there already or maybe arrived already. And I baru wanna start to bathe.

Honestly, I wasn’t happy because I had to rush. Girls like to take their own sweet time putting on make ups and do their hair nice nice and dress up and make sure they look their best. I don’t even have that chance! I cried upon arrival to KL because I already felt so tired and then need to rush for this event. I made the bf felt so bad….hehhh..


I did my make up so quickly, tried curling my hair fast ended up burning my shoulder and my FACE!


I now have 2 burn marks. Finally I gave up and tied my hair in a neat bun. Then, I used a straightener to straighten some curly part of my hair and my bangs and i accidentally CURLED MY BANGS. Another pek chek moment ……!!! It was a disaster…I did whatever I can to straightened it back but failed. Gone extremely extremely extremely pek cek….So I just ended up using a bobby pin to pin it aside.

The bf could only sit and feel helpless while I walk up and down to find solutions to all the pek chek moments.. It’s a girl thing. Boys can’t help much you see…

So here’s the final result after all the rushing.


Flash’s too bright, necklace senget-ed. And you can see the part of my bangs that I “destroyed”.

We arrived very very late. Thank God we didn’t miss much.

Not gonna blog about the event yet.

Will blog another round!

Till then…….