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My First 3 Days in Beijing

Since Josh was relocated to Beijing, I have been looking at flight tickets to Beijing as often as I could. This was my 2nd trip to Beijing in less than 3 months! Lol. Speaking of love sick right. Though we have been in long distance relationship for close to 11 years, I can’t help but to still miss him terribly every single day, even when I am at work. I get really bored when no one talks to me or scold me or disturb me or bully me, thats why my mind is just thinking of that dude. Yeah, day dreaming about going dating with my boyfriend. I miss my boyfriend most before I go to sleep. Thats why almost every single day I will call him, just to hear him say “Hi”, and i’m satisfied. No, listening to recorded version of his voice doesn’t feel as syiok as this one. Aiya, this kind of feeling very hard to explain one….

Anyway, so my 2nd trip to Beijing. I know he will be at busy at work. I went to Beijing on weekdays due to my limited last leaves and expected to be alone at home during the day time. It wasn’t so bad after all. I wake up past 12pm every single day! I love this kind of life, nobody disturb my beauty sleep and I can sleep all day long. Haha. Plus, he lives in a very beautiful and clean apartment.

 photo blog080814-12.jpg  photo blog080814-11.jpg  photo blog080814-16.jpg

The whole apartment is surrounded by a garden. Very romantic if wanna berdating hehe.

 photo blog080814-15.jpg

Kid playing football in the evening.

 photo blog070814-12.jpg

How not to love this place right? I feel so happy and comfortable just being at home! My first day in Beijing was basically my sleeping day. I woke up close to 1pm and the boyfriend brought home lunch he bought from the food court. It was yummy la the food he bought. No wonder he never lost any weight… After lunch, he went back to work and I was browsing through the MiTV programmes and felt sleepy. I actually planned to visit the mall (which is less than 5 minutes walk away how cool is that!!) to buy groceries to cook for dinner, but I was feeling so tired I went back to bed again until urm, 7pm I think. Josh came home at around 8pm and we went to Wudaukou for dinner at a small Japanese Restaurant (Chinese style) haha. The food was not bad actually. The next day, I woke up past 12pm and went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch. Then I went to Walmart to shop for groceries and that was the TOUGHEST grocery shopping ever in my whole life. Firstly, I don’t read Chinese. So I don’t know what they were. Secondly, the meat looks…scary.. At the end of my grocery shopping, I just bought Siew Pak Choy, Tanghoon, eggs, kiwi, garlic, banana milk, salk, oyster sauce. Thats all.

 photo blog080814-1.jpg

My banana milk. Quite yummy!

Sad, I know… That’s all for this day. Went home feeling bored so I started taking pictures of his toys.

 photo blog080814-9.jpg  photo blog080814-7.jpg  photo blog080814-4.jpg
and behold….

 photo blog080814-8.jpg
the awesome pawsome MiTV!

On my 3rd day, don’t be surprised because yes I woke up past 12pm again. Went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch again and off I went shopping while Josh got back to work.

 photo blog080814-3.jpg

Went to H&M and went home to laze at home and selfie and got ready to go out for dinner with Josh (finally I can dress up to go dating!). By the time we went for dinner it was 9.30pm already. We went to Hai Di Lou at Wangfujing for dinner. Dinner was awesome!

 photo blog080814-19.jpgKungfu man making our noodles! Josh said if I order noodles I can see dancing man haha!

 photo blog080814-17.jpg

 photo blog080814-18.jpg We had steamboat and my dear Josh sweat buckets eating his food from the ma la based soup. For this, I will save it for my next post 😉

After dinner we went jalan-jalan along Wangfujing.

 photo blog080814-21.jpg

 photo blog080814-24.jpg

Passed by a prostitute who approached an ang moh man (who was with his wife) and offered her service. When he refused, she start showing her middle finger and say “F*** you! F*** your wife! You have small d*** so you scared! F*** your sister! F*** your mother! F*** your grandmother!”   O___O


So yeah, that’s all for my first 3 days in Beijing!

 photo blog080814-23.jpg


<3 tiff (and josh)

Clean It Zero Cleanser


I am no beauty guru. But as a girl, I do put on makeup on a daily basis to conceal my imperfections due to breakouts, sinus problems and lack of sleep. Everyday to work, I will put on my BB cream, concealer, powder foundation, cream blusher and fill in my brows. If I have the mood to doll up, I will add on eye shadows, eye liner and mascara. After a long day from work, I need a good cleanser to clean off my makeup completely to prevent more breakouts on my skin, so I have always been trying all kinds of different makeup remover products to find the best I could.

I have heard about this Korean brand makeup cleanser called the ‘Clean It Zero’ by banila co. As many of you know, Korea is famous for their cosmetic products! I always have been a fan of Korean cosmetic products and often, I never dared to purchase from 3rd party suppliers as there are  incidents where fake products are sold. It’s scary as we don’t know what is inside the product!

BUT, I got this Clean It Zero from a very reliable supplier based in KL, who got their supplies of products all the way from Korea, directly from the manufacturer itself! I have been using it for a month and I LOVE IT!

The Clean It Zero Cleanser promises to remove dirt, makeup, and oil without drying the skin or leaving any greasy residue. Sound really promising right!

 photo blog070814-1.jpgThe packaging is so pretty, right? I’m a sucker when it comes to pretty packaging. The Koreans are good at this! Just that for us non-Koreans, we will have difficulty reading the instructions and ingredients as everything else is written in Korean.

This pretty pink one is the Clean It Zero Original.
The Clean It Zero Original is suitable for normal skin and contains acerola and herbal essence for moisturising the skin.

There are another 3 types of Clean It Zero – Resveratrol,Radiance and Purity.

The Clean It Zero Resveratol is effective for reducing large pores. It contains grape seed oil and olive oil for thightening of the skin and gives a refreshing finish.

The Clean It Zero Radiance is for skin whitening and cleanses your pores. It contains viticin and moringa essence that aids in brightening up the skin.

The Clean It Zero Purity is for sensitive skin. It calms irritable skin and balances your skin texture. It contains mineral oils and null-additive paraben and does not contain any artificial pigments or fragrances and alcohol.

 photo blog070814-3.jpgThis is what I meant by everything else is in Korean.

 photo blog070814-2.jpg

 photo blog070814-6.jpgSo, the packaging also comes with a spatula. It is useful for those who is concern about hygiene. Some say your hands are dirty and you should not dip your finger into the product and contaminate it. Well, the spatula is also useful for those with long fingernails and those beautiful 3D nail arts.

Okaaaayyyy… as I am very concern in showing much of my face up close as my skin is quite at the worst side now and also because I do not have a pretty face, I shall demo on my forearm.

 photo blog070814-7.jpgI applied a generous amount of SPF 45PA+++ BB Cream by Cyber Colors, cream blusher by Too Cool for School (super generous amount i know right…), Real Lasting Eyeliner 24Hours 1 Day Tattoo by K Pallette and some eyeshadow by MAC. I didn’t bring much makeup to Beijing so this is all I got.

 photo blog070814-8.jpg

 photo blog070814-9.jpgThe texture of the product is actually quite moisturising. Ok, I suck at describing things.

 photo blog070814-10.jpgScoop up a generous amount for your face (here, for my forearm) and start massaging it to dissolve the product. Well, massaging your face is also good for blood circulation. So it’s a win-win situation. You get your makeup removed, massage it to promote blood circulation that leads to younger looking skin and at the same time moisturizes your skin!

After massaging for about 1.5 minute, the product has dissolved completely…….

 photo blog070814-11.jpg


I actually massaged longer and harder on the eyeliner but it was so stubborn it didn’t wanna dissolve. It’s either my eyeliner is super powerful or Clean It Zero is not powerful enough to remove waterproof products.

For eye makeups, I usually use waterproof products as I have teary eyes. So having a cleanser that can remove waterproof makeups is very important to me. If you have sensitive eyes like me, do not attempt on your eyes.

After massaging, I rinsed off with water and yup, the makeup are completely gone (except the eyeliner). You can use a wet cotton or makeup remover wipes to remove them too. However, when used on my face, the Clean It Zero is solely to remove my make up only. I will still use my facial cleanser to wash my face before applying my other facial products.

 photo blog070814-5.jpg

Though the Clean It Zero is not effective on waterproof makeup, it is still the product that I would recommend to those who doesn’t use much waterproof eye make up. This product gently cleanses off your makeup on your face, moisturizes your face and like I say earlier, helps in blood circulation as you massage your face for a good 1-2 minutes =D As for me, I have to use a separate product to remove my eye makeups as it doesn’t help in dissolving waterproof products. However, as most days I do not put any makeup on my eyes already, this product is still a way to go for me!

Wanna know where to get the Clean It Zero? Below are the details for more information / purchase.

Facebook : Sapphire 218
Email :
Whatsapp / WeChat / Viber / Line : +6012-9813218
WeChat Id : Sapphire_218

Mention my name “TiffanieTan” to know more! 

 photo blog070814-4.jpg

oh yes, you see that. The RolliB Pore Sonic Cleanser. I can’t wait to write my review about another awesome product!

Thank you so much Sapphire 218 for bringing in all these awesome stuff!

A Jenny Sun Photography Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

Jenny Sun has been my inspiration since I came across her website/blog somewhere in 2011. Her style of photography is very similar to what I always wanted to achieve whenever I do a photo shoot. I tried all kinds of ways to try to achieve those romantic, fairytale, demure, dreamy, natural, candid photographs. However, I could never achieve them despite trying, reading and watching youtube videos to learn how. I know about Jenny’s Photography workshop in 2012, but I couldn’t afford as the investment is quite pricey. Last year, she had another workshop in KL and I missed that again due to tight budget. This year, when I saw her posting on Facebook about her workshop this year, I was overly excited and registered immediately. I read of many good reviews on her workshop and was eager to learn from her.

 photo JSPWORKSHOPFLYER_blog.jpg

Most of her past participants were professional photographers. So I guessed that this year’s workshop will involve many professionals too. I was held back a lil as I felt that I would feel lost among all these professionals. But, I tabahkan diri and just marched into the field as a novice. Her workshop this year is the only workshop that she is hosting this year. Usually, she will have 2 workshops – one in Sydney, the other in KL. So, I signed up for Jenny’s workshop as a participant to learn more of how she shoots and manages her business. This year’s workshop was held in Ruang space. It’s a very cosy place and the food catered was also yummy! haha.

 photo IMG_20140727_150755.jpgBeautiful decoration by Tie The Knot. 

 photo IMG_20140727_121228.jpgMaking myself comfortable at Ruang space on the beanbag while listening to the inspiring Jenny Sun <3

 photo JSP-243.jpgSimple, attractive, lovely, creative door gifts for every participants. So in love with them!

The aim of this workshop is to help us with the skills and build confidence to shoot better photos, in which she taught us how to shoot and use light for the most flattering photos and only requires least editing. Honestly, I am surprised at how simple she makes it look – from shooting to post production. She also taught us to build a business that works around us. Personally, I think this workshop did not just inspire me within just the photography industry, but also in general, where my confidence is built and I learn to be a thinker, reflect on myself, analyze myself and change. It’s amazing how her simple words, actions and confidence could make one feel so inspired. On the first day, we went over to UPM for our practical session. The only unpleasant thing about the shoot was avoiding cow dunks everywhere and the very hot weather. The pictures taken are taken by me as a participant in this workshop! I am quite pleased with the outcome of the pictures!

 photo JSP-301.jpg

 photo JSP-305.jpg

 photo JSP-307.jpg

 photo JSP-308.jpgJenny demonstrating how she does her shoots

 photo JSP-313.jpg

 photo JSP-312.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie2.jpg

 photo JSP-29.jpg

 photo JSP-31.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie3.jpg

 photo JSP-54.jpg

 photo JSP-61.jpg

 photo JSP-66.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie4.jpg

 photo JSP-300-1.jpg

 photo JSP-91.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie6.jpg

 photo JSP-96.jpg

 photo JSP-97-2.jpg

 photo JSP-112.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie25.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie10.jpg

 photo JSP-139.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie11-2.jpg

 photo JSP-146.jpg

 photo JSP-156.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie13.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie14.jpg

 photo JSP-175.jpg

 photo JSP-176.jpg

 photo JSP-184.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie16.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie17.jpg

 photo JSP-205.jpg

 photo JSP-219.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie20.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie21.jpg

 photo JSP-231.jpg

 photo JSP-234.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie22.jpg

 photo JSP-98.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie23.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie24-2.jpg

Hair and makeup by Angie Makeup and Hair. Thank you for creating such beautiful looks on the

The only thing that I was disappointed was not taking much pictures as my SD card was full and I didn’t know why as I checked it was empty (via my camera la)… plus I forgot my backup SD card! T___T  Went home and discovered MANY pictures that cannot be deleted even on my laptop, so I formatted my card right after discovering why I didn’t have much space in my “empty” 16GB memory card.

It’s ok, lesson learnt. FORMAT VIA COMPUTER NOT CAMERA!

I enjoyed the workshop very much though I only had 3 hours of sleep the past 2 days. Worth every penny spent. Met lots of other full time photographers such as Amalina Tuna (, Asther Lau ( and many more! I also met with fashion blogger Charis Ow there! Jenny shot Charis’ and her boyfriend’s couple portrait few months back and they look so amazingly beautiful there. You can view them here!

 photo IMG_20140726_184839.jpgWith Sean, Vivian, Aili and Arif after the cows forced us out from the field to ‘buka puasa’. Both couples are amazing people! Very patient and fun to be with! Congrats on your engagements and hope you all will have a smooth wedding planning!

 photo IMG_20140727_180800.jpg New friends from Singapore! Meet Fiona ( and Apple ( Both super talented photographers! So much to learn from them both! =D

 photo IMG_20140727_132220.jpgand not forgetting the amazing Jenny Sun! Thank you so much, Jenny! I have learnt ALOT from you from this workshop! Go read her blog on her updates of some of her works. You will, fall in love with her photos too. =)   Special thanks to: Angie Makeup and Hair for making the female models so beautiful! You can also visit her Facebook and Instagram Tie the Knot for all the beautiful decorations for our photoshoots!  Last but not least, Ruang space for allowing us to use your space despite the Hari Raya holidays. Amazing and beautiful comfortable place to hang out, work and play!

Worry… Not.

I have just arrived home from my short trip back to KL. It was a random and last minute trip, to satisfy my cravings for food and also simply because I miss my boyfriend. Other than that I also catched up with Kel Li and Nigel. It as a good night!

Anyway, the post is more about myself. So here it goes.

I didn’t get to attend City Harvest on Sunday morning because I didn’t have transport. Usually if my sister have to serve in church on Sunday morning, I will send her to church at 7am, drive home, get ready for church and drive back for service at 10am. However, she had to leave home at 6.30am and had to fetch her friend. So I decided to sleep in and attend Kingdom City at 5pm with Pao, who overnight at my place.

Invited Josh along for service and I must say, there must be a reason why I was willing to spend so much on my flight ticket just this trip back to KL. And there also must be a reason why I felt so tired and wanting to sleep in and feel bad and go to other church that day.

The moment I stepped into Kingdom City at Luther Centre, I felt such strong presence of God. It’s been awhile since I really felt His presence. I was ministered at the point of worship already. Fast forward, Pastor Jemima spoke about a very simple message on “Building a Foundation that Lasts”. It was so simple, but it was as if she was telling me directly, “hey, this is for you!”

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-06at115329PM.png

You can listen to the sermon online by clicking here.

Honestly, I am a person who wants to achieve many. I wanna learn so much until sometimes people calls me a superwoman or over ambitious because I am doing so much, just to find achievement. However, when something disappoints me, I start crushing down and being negative. The best person who knows all these is my boyfriend and my sister. I can get really really really negative about everything around me and about myself and start blaming the people who are close to me for everything (i’m sorry….. 🙁 ). Other than that, I worry for every single thing on planet earth. Hence, why I try to work so hard to find enough money so I could live a comfortable life. And with all these negativity, I turned away from God.

After service, Josh told me something random.

You should be like your brother you know…
Why should I?” I asked.
Josh spoke something that made me realized one thing that I have never thought before, “I have not seen your brother getting angry. He is a person who doesn’t worry about anything. I always see him so happy despite so many failures in his life. Yet, he doesn’t give up, he still find ways to work things out.”

I remember arguing with my brother and stated all my thoughts to him. I remember him telling me, “Why worry? God will provide!
“Yes, God will provide! But with your kind of carefree attitude, not doing what you are supposed to do, playing computer games all the time, failing your studies, how do you think it will happened?“, I argued back.
O you little faith“.
The argument went on and I got so annoyed, I told him I was very upset and hurt for not being appreciated. He apologized.

I got more annoyed when I have do to so much and still don’t feel any achievement, but my brother doesn’t have to do anything but still receive so much and I always thought why  #theworldissounfair

But I got to know something this weekend. My sister shared with me something that got me thinking back on that argument I had with my brother some time ago, and that statement Josh said to me. Despite all the failures that made us all upset and embarassed most of the time, he has been SO BLESSED. I don’t wanna reveal anything yet until all is confirmed (no, he is not getting married yet lol). He is gonna be what he said of before and no one could think this will ever happen.

He trusted God.
He cast all his worries to God.
He allowed God to take control of His life.
He is ALWAYS HAPPY despite ALL the scoldings.
He is also famous…. everybody knows Abishua Tan. hahahaha

“Do not limit God”, Josh reminded me after church service.

Basically, the topic throughout my whole weekend is about being positive, being happy and worry less. Then, Josh forwarded me a quote via Whatsapp,

“Science has shown that negative emotions like stress can harm performance and cause negative side effects to the human body. Likewise, positive emotions like joy have huge impact on sleep, performance, health and recovery”.

Very true. I always fell sick, have all kinds of diseases and I visit the doctor so often like I go shopping in shopping malls.

Throughout my trip back, I was reading John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars”. The character in this book, Hazel and Augustus both have cancer. But from the beginning to the end of the book, Hazel and Augustus lived their life to the fullest despite Hazel having to be on oxygen all the time.

 photo 10320603_10152108243201546_7498482702976360607_n.jpg
They never worry. They never blamed anyone for what they are going through. Kept me reflecting about my life. I always think it sucks, but there are other people’s life that is suckier.

A must read. This is probably one of the first time that I finished reading a book in less than a week. #achievementunlocked hahaha. Can’t wait to watch the movie though.

Learning to love and appreciate myself, my life, the people around me, my family, my leaders, my church and my beloved boyfriend. I’m glad my family and my boyfriend has been so patient on me and has yet to give up on the oh so negative daughter/sister/girlfriend.

A short trip but yet a fulfilling, fruitful and amazing one. I have found that peace once again. Learning to cast all my burdens unto Him.

If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. (Matt 6:30-34) The Message.


2014 Thus Far

Before I continue on with my post, here’s a shout out to my lil sister Abigail…

 photo IMG_0006copy.jpg

You will be forever this little in our hearts. No matter how old you are!

Ok, lets move on with my post now.

The first 4 month of 2014 has been very eventful. From the first day to this current day. Since I have not been blogging religiously, I will write about the happenings in each month.

This is the month where it was the toughest for me. on 10 January 2014, yeh yeh was called Home by the Lord after 2 years of battling with Pancreatic Cancer.

 photo IMG-20140119-WA0004.jpg9 November 2013 – yeh yeh’s last birthday

As I was the only close family member in Singapore other than my grandmother, I had to take be responsible for many things. From his admission to the hospital to the arrangement of his funeral to settling his insurance claims, change of names, etc. I even broke down because it was too overwhelming. Thank God for my other relatives who were kind to offer help. As a foreigner in Singapore, I do not know what were the procedures especially for the funeral. Grandma was emotionally unstable for a few awhile, but she was strong. We even managed to go back to Kuantan for Chinese New Year though she had to keep in mind of the all the pantang. 

Flew over to Perth for my graduation! Brought my family, grandma, grandaunt and Josh along. But sadly, mom couldn’t join us as she was busy at her kindergarten and also she’s afraid to fly.

 photo 1658135_10151968377151546_1095462397_o.jpg

 photo 1781641_10151971920946546_1654299713_o.jpg

 photo 1956839_10151971921906546_2060074268_o.jpg

 photo 1925994_10151971943501546_753981722_o.jpg

 photo IMG_9984.jpgmy favourite photo of all =)

I was the only one among my friends from Singapore who flew down to Perth for the graduation. Too kiasu and in desperation to get my allowance quick. Haha. Well, I saw a few familiar faces though but I’m not close to them. So just smile, hi and bye.

My birthday month! Turned 26 this year and I can’t imagine I’ll be 30 in just 4 years time.

 photo IMG-20140314-WA0022.jpg

Nothing much happened this month except that Josh came down for my birthday. <3 Just love having him by my side.

 photo IMG-20140314-WA0011.jpg

 photo IMG-20140316-WA0024.jpg

 photo IMG-20140314-WA0005-1.jpg

and I finally own a Wacom tablet! Thanks a lot dear, really love it TTM! But I haven’t use it yet. Heh…

And, oh. I enrolled myself in another course. This time, a language course. I sucks in language. Despite going to class twice a week, I still cannot cope and also can’t speak! Forgive me… up to date, it’s only my 2nd month learning a whole new language!

I also had my Singapore PR approved! What a joy (and heartache knowing my salary will be lesser than before because of the CPF deduction)  as now I have more freedom to do more things over here in Singapore (eg. change job. HAHAHAH)

The busiest month yet. Been offered quite a lot of make up and face painting jobs! I would say I have earned quite a lot of side income this month. And work has been very busy too.. i would say I am financially blessed this month.

 photo 20140330_153141copy.jpg

 photo 20140330_153119copy.jpgTaken on of my make up jobs in a studio.

Sometimes I wish there are people who will help me take pictures during my make up jobs. It’s such a shame that I am not able to take much pictures during the makeover and the the outcome as most of the time there ain’t much time for me to do so.

Face painting has been quite fun too. But for a person who doesn’t draw, it can be quite challenging. There are technique and doesn’t really require one to know drawing though. As long as you master the stroking techniques,  you will be able to come out with some decent designs.

 photo IMG-20140412-WA0020copy.jpg

 photo IMG-20140412-WA0011copy.jpg

 photo 20140412_183500copy.jpg

 photo 2014-04-26115620copy.jpg

 photo 2014-04-26115613copy.jpg
Somehow I like this picture although my artwork on their faces are gone from the smudging and their sweat.

Since I have not posted any pictures on my face painting gigs, I shall post the past gigs here too.

  photo IMG_20131230_203630copy.jpg

 photo IMG-20140101-WA0000copy.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_13858835047451copy.jpg

Most of the time, I won’t have time to take pictures during the gigs, hence the limited pictures. Sometimes, the whole paint smudges and the doesn’t look so nice anymore. It’s been about 6 months since I started face painting! I think it’s fun but still need to brush up on my skills.

Need to be quick (3-5 mins/design!) and neat and look pretty too. There are times I made kids look like a tribal people instead of a fairy. lol. I have the picture but for now, I shall not post it up. Too malu-fying.

That’s all for now! Til next time!