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A Better Year Ahead

Every 365 days later, we celebrate a brand new year. We often do a reflection on how the last year had treated us and then look forward for a much more exciting and better new year.


Nope, I will not say that my 2011 sucked. Because in between the sucky moments, there were also awesome happy moments. So, my 2011 was rather challenging. In life, it was juggling between doubts and hurts and then happiness, blessings and love. I have swayed away from God a lot last 2011. And I want to make a come back to Him and have 2012 a happier year than 2011.

Also, there are so many things in 2011 that I am thankful for despite the low moments which are not so important to remember!

What will happen in 2012? I don’t know! And I’m looking forward to see what has God installed for me! Plus, it’s MY YEAR. The Dragon year! *blows fire*.

Many people will be getting married this year too. So much love in the air the last few months having so many people getting engaged. Next, we hear wedding bells, then babies crying. awwwww….

I’ll be in Singapore for another 2 years. I was thinking, if I should take up Permanent Residentship here? Is it worth it?

Christmas and New Year Dinner

I always tried organizing a get together with my college mates since we left school and started working. But it is always very hard to get all 20+ of us together. It is either they had to work, or goes back for annual leave.

This time round, I organized a Christmas dinner. But the date suggested wasn’t convenient for everyone and some suggested to have it post Christmas. Fine for me. Suggested a few dates and we finally finalized on a date. Even so, only a total of 7 of us were able to make it.

Though there are just a few of us, but we did had so much fun, being ourselves just like how we were in college.

The food’s horrible, so I will not blog about the food.


Ping Ping and I.

Ping Ping has been my housemate for the whole 3 years of college life. I really miss all the laughter we share throughout the whole 3 years under the same roof. Someone I look up to too, because she is always so positive, calm and cheerful. Love you lots.


Doreen and I.

Doreen is one person who is very emotional. Happy or sad, she’ll tear easily. But she is one fun person to hang out with! With the lamest jokes, to her funny acts. She’s also probably one of the most respected and dedicated nurse among all of us.



From left: Wei Kar, me, Geraldine, Doreen, Ping Ping, Aretha and King Chai


Wei Kar has been under the same roof with me for 2 years. We stayed separately after moving for the 3rd time to Subang. She can be very kiasu, at the same time generous and fun to be with. She is a very smart and genuine girl that loves new challenges in life. Oh, she loves eating too.


Geraldine is now working in the same department as me. She is so helpful, she is always more than willing to help me until some doctor calls her “Tiffanie’s PA.” haha. Always known as “Mak Cik” to me, she is one person whom I can rant everything to her and at the same time go crazy with her. We both find each other annoying though, but oh well.


I knew Aretha when we started our internship back in 2009. She studied in a different college. She is a friendly girl, who can befriend with anybody. No matter what your skin colour is, she is your friend! She is also known as “Mak Cik” to me. An awesome friend who will always be there when you’re in need.


King Chai grew up with Ping Ping. So, whenever there is Ping Ping, there is King Chai. This lovely girl is so gentle, but at times, very very blur. Truly a friend whom you can trust, a friend who is so loving and kind to everyone. Also radical for God.




With King Chai and Ping Ping


The Pantai girls. All grown up to be beautiful young ladies.

You guys will forever be the ones I will cherish and remember all my life. I really miss all the hanging out together, cari makan together, the arguments and the tidur bersama-sama.

Wishing you all a great year ahead and may you girls find a boyfriend fast fast! May the year 2012 be a year full of surprises, fun, dreams above dreams and happiness!

Happy New Year 2012

The brand new year of 2012 is here!

It is also the year of the dragon. My year! I do hope and look forward for a awesomely great year of 2012. While many still think it’s the end of the world in 2012, I pray that it will still not be! Because I have yet to accomplish so much, especially in my walk with my Father and to do what He wants me to do.

May all of you have a blessed year ahead, full of achievements and prosperity and love and joy and peace and fun and everything happy!

This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendship to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love yo complete your life.

– William Barclay-


Happy New Year 2012!

My Christmas – Happiness

My Christmas was simple.


Headed to church for Christmas service in the afternoon. Heard many amazing testimonies.
Pastor preached about happiness. There are 3 level of happiness.

1. Happy
2. Happier
3. Happiest

Nah, just kidding.

The first is Pleasure. Don’t deny that money does give you happiness. Shopping does give us happiness. Owning a brand new gadget, car, clothes, bags does give us happiness. But these happiness is only temporary. Agree?

The second one is Passion. We all have passion. Passion for blogging. Passion for designing. Passion for nursing. And these passion gives us happiness to an extend. We love working at what we are passionate for. True? You can put it in your hobbies too. The happiness level is longer than pleasure. When you have passion for something, it gives you pleasure. So it goes like this. I once have lotsa passion in cycling. Now, I don’t cycle anymore. I found a new passion. Which is sleeping. HAHA! That cycling passion has fade off.

And the last one is Purpose. Whatever we do, when we found the purpose in what we wanna do, the happiness is long lasting. Therefore, when we know the purpose, we will have the passion, and it gives us pleasure. So instead of starting off with pleasure, why not start off with having a purpose?

What is your purpose living in this world? We can see many unhappy people around because mainly they do not know the main purpose of life. So true, it kept me to ponder. I have a few people asked before, few years ago. And quite often, their answers will be, “To enjoy lor. Die already cannot enjoy ma.”

Ya lah. Enjoy must be happy right? But why so much unhappiness? The enjoyment is just temporary.

So ask yourself. What is your purpose in life? Is life just how you are living? Or is there more than just that?

Rachel gave one great awesome testimony that had a great link to the levels of happiness. Her story was just like any other person who thinks life is just doing what you wanna do, thinking life was just like how you and me live everyday. Whatever that gives her pleasure still led her to so much sadness and she just didn’t know why despite having so much pleasure in shopping and spending all of her savings off. Finally, she found her purpose in life, which is in God. She found God in her lowest moment of her life when she was not even a believer yet. And now, her life is changed, into a happier person, a person full of dreams and vision, and knowing her purpose in life.

She owns a blogshop, that was then, just an ordinary blogshop with no purpose, no vision. Now, she designs her own label and best of all, have a story behind every design. All are inspiring and I love reading them. Do drop by for her writings and of course her blogshop!

Do watch this video too. It is based on her testimony.

And of course, a visit from the boyfriend during the Christmas holidays. =) He finally met my grandfather and is able to click quite well. =)


Many people told me that it is too long to be in a relationship with Josh. I am now at the dangerous stage, where breakups can happen anytime. But I don’t feel so lor, neither does Josh. In fact, we felt like we are so close, like we have just started dating each other.  They said 8 years is too long and it is time to get married. They said people will start feeling bored of each other. But, I don’t feel bored of Josh! Cause every time we meet, we discover something new about each other. Hehe. Plus, if get bored, married already ma worst?

And I find it kinda ridiculous to leave a person because I’m bored of him and because it’s been too long. I mean, if no plans of marriage then I understand lah. See he so fat also I want him. You know la girls wan muscular man one. But he loves his muscles so much, he gotta protect it with a huge layer of fat. Aih…..


This Christmas, I learnt about true happiness. Have you found your happiness?