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To a Promising and Fruitful Year Ahead!

It’s been 3.5 years since I started working in Singapore. This 3.5 years has been tough as I juggled a lot on whether to give up working. I almost paid up my bond, but somehow I decided to stay.

I took up the Advanced Diploma in Perioperative Nursing in 2011 followed by my Degree in Nursing last July 2012. I have 2 more semesters until I complete my Degree and I plan to fly to Perth to graduate so I can get my certificate earlier as the graduation in Singapore is only in October next year. By getting my certificate earlier, I will be able to get my allowances earlier too. It is also an excuse so I can go holiday in Perth hihihihi.

Currently working about 9 hours a day makes me very tired physically. I don’t know is it because there isn’t much to do or is it just me getting older each day. I often get migraine and one fine day I was seeking treatment at another panel clinic and the doctor was really doing his job investigating the cause of my migraine. He suspected stress and suggested me to exercise. I am a person who hates exercising, so I gave him alasan I busy at work.

Finally, I decided to take up Pilates at Upside Motion.

 photo 536858_237563886343552_623340774_n.jpg

The reason why I chose Upside Motion is because I actually wanted to take up the Xtend Barre classes but was told that I should have some experience in Pilates Mat first to learn on how to work on my muscles the right way. So I chose the Pilates private lesson that cost me a bomb, but it is worth it.

 photo 389132_260504727382801_1348244676_n.jpg
 photo 261567_302335489866391_1495281347_n.jpg

Pilates Reformers
photo source: Upside Motion

Xtend Barre is a dance and pilates amplified workout. The workout of some ballet moves plus pilates attracts me because I wanted to take up ballet class and pilates at the same time but knowing the existence of Xtend Barre, my heart rejoiced! Xtend Barre is relatively new and there are only 2 studios in Singapore that offers this workout. I am doing a lilll Xtend Barre workout in my private class and I hope to be able to join the group classes soon. It’s tough and I salute all ballet dancers out there!

 photo 386924_506895789325231_1545254365_n.jpg
 photo 295609_612375275443948_2107190000_n.png
 photo 598801_609317002416442_968047999_n.jpg
photo source: Xtend Barre

 photo 184548_530149487009018_1496038804_n.jpg

My beautiful instructor, Saniya doing her th’ng!

I think Saniya is super awesome! She is the instructor for Pilates, Xtend Barre and Yoga!

My target for this year is to tone up my muscles and wave bye bye to flabby tummy, hamstrings and triceps!

Other than juggling with work and studies and Pilates, I also took up a Diploma in Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Artistry. Call me crazy but I just want to make use of all the time I have. The makeup course is rather therapeutic than stress as the makeup school / studio is small and homely. I’ve always admire makeup artistry and how makeup can transform a person from looking like A to B. Its amazing! Who knows, in years to come, I can maybe use this new skills and work on my own flexible timing *wink*.

Well, I have also been admiring designs but since being in the nursing profession, I don’t have the time to sit down in front of my computer for hours doing editing or learning new editing / designing skills. I almost wanted to take part time graphic designing course but knowing graphic designing course assignments are a killer and it’s hard to juggle between work, degree and the those design assignments.

One fine day, I decided to look around for professional makeup classes and somehow stumbled upon a beautiful makeup studio site with awesome portfolio which happened that both makeup artists graduated from a school called The Makeup Room.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-31at21358AM.png

I have not heard about about that school (plus it doesn’t even sound like a school) and decided to google more about it. There isn’t much results on the course offered by TMUR and at that time, they were upgrading their website.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-31at21433AM.png

TMUR Makeup Artists

Nevertheless, there are lots of search results regarding the 2 senior makeup artist who are well known in Singapore and overseas and does lots of major assignments in theater, fashion shows, magazine shoots, bridal, etc.

I decided to pay the studio and when I arrived, I felt like I was visiting someone’s house. It’s small and cosy! I also viewed their portfolios and their works are awesome! I was also surprised to see my aunty and uncle’s wedding photograph in one of their portfolio! Apparently they were one of the first customer of one of the senior makeup artist and she is very grateful for the support that led her to where she is today. =)

Without thinking much, I signed up for the course and now I am in the 3rd month of the course. So far so good! Getting tougher each class and I still suck in hairstyling! Oh, for the hairstyling part, we are taught by Lai, who has many years experience in hairstyling and works with top fashion agencies in Singapore, Europe, Japan, etc!

So blessed and honoured to be trained by Singapore’s best!

And oh, I was surprised when I met my classmates too. I was expecting those who come are those who are school leavers or those who will put on heavy makeups and all but no! They are all professionals like me! :’)

After attending the makeup classes, I finally understand that makeup is truly an ART.

I’m getting hooked with all these new found love! Pilates and Makeup Artistry. <3
Xtend Barre – akan datang!

With all these, I have been spending a lot (really pokai every month) and with upcoming a surprise that I will reveal soon once it is ready to be revealed (no no, not getting married yet!).

2013 – Tough but it will be PROMISING and FRUITFUL!

Christmas and New Year Dinner

I always tried organizing a get together with my college mates since we left school and started working. But it is always very hard to get all 20+ of us together. It is either they had to work, or goes back for annual leave.

This time round, I organized a Christmas dinner. But the date suggested wasn’t convenient for everyone and some suggested to have it post Christmas. Fine for me. Suggested a few dates and we finally finalized on a date. Even so, only a total of 7 of us were able to make it.

Though there are just a few of us, but we did had so much fun, being ourselves just like how we were in college.

The food’s horrible, so I will not blog about the food.


Ping Ping and I.

Ping Ping has been my housemate for the whole 3 years of college life. I really miss all the laughter we share throughout the whole 3 years under the same roof. Someone I look up to too, because she is always so positive, calm and cheerful. Love you lots.


Doreen and I.

Doreen is one person who is very emotional. Happy or sad, she’ll tear easily. But she is one fun person to hang out with! With the lamest jokes, to her funny acts. She’s also probably one of the most respected and dedicated nurse among all of us.



From left: Wei Kar, me, Geraldine, Doreen, Ping Ping, Aretha and King Chai


Wei Kar has been under the same roof with me for 2 years. We stayed separately after moving for the 3rd time to Subang. She can be very kiasu, at the same time generous and fun to be with. She is a very smart and genuine girl that loves new challenges in life. Oh, she loves eating too.


Geraldine is now working in the same department as me. She is so helpful, she is always more than willing to help me until some doctor calls her “Tiffanie’s PA.” haha. Always known as “Mak Cik” to me, she is one person whom I can rant everything to her and at the same time go crazy with her. We both find each other annoying though, but oh well.


I knew Aretha when we started our internship back in 2009. She studied in a different college. She is a friendly girl, who can befriend with anybody. No matter what your skin colour is, she is your friend! She is also known as “Mak Cik” to me. An awesome friend who will always be there when you’re in need.


King Chai grew up with Ping Ping. So, whenever there is Ping Ping, there is King Chai. This lovely girl is so gentle, but at times, very very blur. Truly a friend whom you can trust, a friend who is so loving and kind to everyone. Also radical for God.




With King Chai and Ping Ping


The Pantai girls. All grown up to be beautiful young ladies.

You guys will forever be the ones I will cherish and remember all my life. I really miss all the hanging out together, cari makan together, the arguments and the tidur bersama-sama.

Wishing you all a great year ahead and may you girls find a boyfriend fast fast! May the year 2012 be a year full of surprises, fun, dreams above dreams and happiness!

A Lazy Saturday – Scrolling back

Wanted to clean my room today but suddenly felt so lazy. Ended up just washing my clothes and sitting infront of my netbook reading my old blog posts.

It’s fun reading about who I was in the past and I can actually blog lotsa craps. As usual, my readers are usually my friends and family. Somehow I realize in this blogging world, people are more interested in reading on events and reviews. But those are just not my type. =) I like to blog what I have in mind and sometimes too personal until people say I self pity. HAHA.

In my blog I also show off some of my ability. After reading a post on photoshop, I now do not know what are those! I mean I do not know how to photoshop anymore. >< Have not been practising for half a year lor.

And so many pictures I have inside my old blog, which I have lost them all as my external HDD crashed. D= It’s the saddest thing ever okay. All my hasil kerja, pictures all gone. That is why it is best to upload them online. It’s save, unless that company close down lah.


i miss them all so much. the fun we had even just days before exams. and look, we have all graduated!


This is my group out in Berita Harian Newspaper. =)

Yeaps, though there’s lotsa ups and downs during my college days, but the people who always cheers me up are friends like those above. And I definitely miss sitting right at the back, in between Loi and Omar. 3 sekawan yang selalu tidur dalam kelas and the 3 of us are all working in the Operating Theater in our respective hospitals. haha.

And oh, look what what video I found in my blog! It wasn’t in my hard disc before and i have uploaded it in my old blog!

I have the best sisters ever. All so talented in their own ways and God is using them in those areas to serve Him. =) i cannot even strum as well as Abigail. She already ditched her guitar and now concentrating on piano and violin. Must record and post up one day.

And Phoebe’s latest voice, must record also. This video above is ancient. HAHA

I wish I could blog more about those memories I left in my old blog. You can read them here in this blog..(You just need to click on previous entries on your bottom left). It’s pretty crappy but it can be entertaining at times too haha. Gotta get ready for church. It’s gonna be a fun day today!

It’s time to be brave to go Pink!

Pink is the colour for the month of October. Why?

I have many people asking me in the hospital, “Why are you wearing a pink ribbon?”

Do you have the same question in mind too when you see someone wearing a pink ribbon? Of course many of you will know of a Red Ribbon, which symbolizes AIDS Awareness. But what about Pink? Some people dislike Pink because it is too girly.

Well, do you know October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month? You will see many people wearing pink or have a pink ribbon on them during this month in hospitals and shopping malls. I find this month very special because it talks on Breast Cancer. That is why Pink colour is chosen, because most females like pink.

This is the month to encourage women to be breast aware – to familiarize with how your breasts look and feel at whatever your age you are. Advising on a annual medical check ups such as Mammogram, Clinical Breast Examinations and screenings are also important for early detection that can save your life. Other than that, this creates an opportunity to raise funds for charities and for further research for treatment on this deadly disease.


Breast cancer is one of the most common form of cancer affecting women in Malaysia. Many women are not aware that a small tiny lump in their breast could be cancer. Ignorance. I have seen many people suffering from breast cancer, survivors, and even have people I know who died of breast cancer. The word “Breast Cancer” can be frightening to those who have it and to their close ones. What more, the word “Chemotherapy”, “Mastectomy”, which they do not just need to say it, but go through it.

It is not easy to accept that you have a cancer. You will tend to do many things to ignore this “cancer” and tend to treat yourself like as if you do not have a cancer, which is dangerous and is life threatening.

I have a patient during my training days who was diagnosed with 4th stage of breast cancer. As her primary doctor sat and took her history, she was telling the doctor that she was diagnosed a year before and couldn’t accept that she has breast cancer. Instead of getting medical treatment such as chemotherapy, she went to the Sing Se for Traditional Chinese treatment. The treatment was not a success, and the cancer has spread to the other breast too. It was a little too late as she is in the last stage and chances of surviving was quite slim. Neither her breasts could be saved and further test was done to make sure the cancer cells did not spread to other organs.

We all play a role in supporting those with and without breast cancer because this is a nightmare to all of us. Those who has breast cancer will go through a 5 stages of griefDenial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and later Acceptance. During these stages, they need support and encouragements from close ones.

Common responses I have experienced according to the 5 stages of grief during my training days.
Denial“Breast cancer? Impossible! I feel so healthy!”
Anger“Why me? What have I done to deserve such sickness?”
Bargain “God! If You are there, take this cancer away!”

Depression“Since I have cancer, I will be dying. Maybe I should just die now.”
Acceptance -“Yes, I have cancer. There is treatment and I should go for it. What do you have for me?”

I truly salute those cancer survivors who have faught so bravely and strongly to overcome the cancer. Losing one or both breast takes up courage to move on. Just like a soldier on the battle field. Fighting for their country to protect their country, while breast cancer patients fight to protect their body! They are our true inspiration whom we should look up to, because they are the only one who knows the real pain and sufferings.So don’t you think this month is very very important to reach out to every women? And men too! Men do play an important role in this awareness too. Don’t be surprise guys, men too can have breast cancer. Every minute counts. Are you in to join in the month of awareness together? You see, by just spending a few minutes on reading this blog post, I am sure a few people have gained something.