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Our Long Distance Relationship

Josh and I have been in a relationship for nearly 11 years. We knew each other from the Youth Alive Forum, he is from KL and I am from Kuantan. We started chatting on ICQ and MSN, leading to long conversations over the phone using Ring Ring card and late night calls that irritates my sister so I had to open the window and talked outside the window then to being penpals, to pet siblings and now lovers. We meet each other at camps and whenever I go down to KL, I will sneakily go out to find him. Yes, you got it… my parents didn’t knew about our relationship but they suspected.

 photo DSCF3189.jpg
Us in 2007. Lololol. I was once so fat and he was once so skinny. Now it is the opposite! I wish I have the older pictures of us. They are all back in Kuantan in my treasure box.

When I went to KL to study in 2006 for 3 years, we see each other once a week and would go dating every weekend. That’s the only time we were closer to each other. Then in 2009, the long distance relationship started again.

 photo P1120090.jpg
Few months after I moved to Singapore, he came over to visit. =)

 photo IMG_1583.jpg
He came down to Singapore to celebrate my birthday in 2010.

It was tough because after that, we didn’t see each for 6 months. After that, I would try to fly back to KL every month just to see him. I don’t blame him for not finding me in Singapore because the currency rate was (and still is) unacceptably high for him. We would plan trips so we could spend time together from all the other times we couldn’t spend because of the distance.

 photo P1350606.jpg
Our first overseas trip together to Melbourne, Australia in 2010

 photo P1420170-2.jpg
Us in Brisbane, Australia in 2010. Josh won a pair of flight ticket, so we went to Brisbane and Gold Coast that year end.

 photo P1350987.jpg
During his first CNY in Kuantan

 photo DSC_3892.jpg
Our trip to Bangkok, Thailand in 2011

 photo hoian-68.jpg

 photo IMG_1682.jpg
Our trip to Hoi An, Vietnam in 2012

 photo penang-12.jpg
At Hard Rock Cafe, Penang. After arriving from Hoi An, we went straight to Penang. This is the only picture of us haha. The rest are either all food of our individual pictures.

 photo bkk-hanoi-44.jpg
Bangkok, Thailand, 2012 (It wasn’t 2013 yet that time!)

 photo P1011126-1.jpg
Hanoi, Vietnam, 2012

 photo 1502450_10151842319991546_1229067820_o.jpg
Osaka, Japan, 2013

 photo 1522856_10151842374246546_1399571589_o.jpg
Tokyo, Japan, 2013

 photo DSC_6995.jpg
Perth, Australia, 2014 As years passes by, Josh started working and have the opportunity to work overseas.

Currently, he is now in Beijing. And, I have been going over to Beijing the past month to visit him.

 photo DSC_1823.jpg
Beijing, China, June 2014

 photo DSC_4260.jpg

 photo DSC_4656.jpg
Beijing, China, August 2014.

If you guys notice, in most of our pictures, Josh is always on the right and I am always on the left. lol. All because of angle. Lol. I’m fine at any side, but he is not haha. Not just the angle la actually, it is also because he is used to use his left hand to hold the camera for selfie, and I am used to holding the camera with my right hand when I selfie. That explains why.

Ok back to our LDR topic.

You’re travelling again?! I salute you as you have so many commitments (I only share to some people) but yet you are able to travel.

Josh and I love travelling. And because we see each other once in a while, the money that we don’t spend on each other are spent on our travels. And Josh is the most aunty person ever la for a guy. He is a super budget person so everything from flight to accommodation is cheap. And he will bargain kao kao and I will just pay that dude the money. Though they cheat my money but I kesian them la, they all work so hard yet earn so little already. Of course, I won’t pay USD10 for a slice of pineapple la. But if it is USD1 (RM3+), I will still pay for it instead of bargaining. Well, the only thing Josh is willing to spend on is on FOOD. He paid for the Kobe beef we had in Japan. I though it was unreasonably expensive but after eating it, ok la worth paying that unreasonable price.

I admit, I am broke most of the time. My bank savings is almost empty most of the time and I have debts to settle too. Nowadays, I don’t shop like how I used to. I spend my money mostly on travels, gadgets, courses and trainings. My grandmother will nag me and say that I don’t know how to save money for the future. To be honest, half of my salary is gone into forced savings. I signed up for an insurance savings programme and now that I am a Singapore PR, 20% of my savings is going into my CPF. At least I will be richer when I turn 45 (my insurance plan is til age 45 only) and even richer when I turn 55. Haha. That if I continue staying in Singapore la, right? But I think I better have plan B now, just incase I won’t be residing in Singapore in a few years time. Now that I changed my job, I hope that I am able to save at least 20-30% of my savings once I settle all my debts.

Looking back, God has been blessing us. From free flights to super cheap flight tickets. And despite being broke, I still have enough to bless others (in 2012 and early 2014, I blessed my sisters on our trip to Bangkok and Hanoi and family on our trip to Perth).

 photo P1010931.jpg
With my sisters in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2012.

 photo 1796921_10151972014966546_302615361_o.jpg
With my family (mom didn’t wanna come along for the trip) in Perth, Australia earlier this year.


How often do you see each other?

Before Josh went over to Beijing, we used to go out dating monthly. Usually, it was either I go back to KL or he comes to Singapore. If we don’t go out paktor, we will spend time at home – either at my home in Singapore or KL or at his home in KL and fall asleep on the couch. (Yeah, we love sleeping. That’s the thing we have in common, we love sleeping. We can sleep at literally, anywhere). But now, we could only see each other once every few months. Yes, he still goes back to KL every month as he is just on normal business visa. Though he is back in KL, it doesn’t mean I can go over to visit as I have work commitments too and the timing doesn’t fit to my schedule. And he, is unable to come to Singapore because he wants to spend time with his friends and family and attend events for his blogging stuff.

I was looking at public holidays at both sides (Singapore and China) and learnt that China will have a week of National Day public holiday in October. So happen, Hari Raya Haji falls on one of the days. I asked Josh if he could come over to visit me in Singapore (he has 7 days, I have only 1 day!), but he rather go travel as he doesn’t have much annual leave. So he uses public holidays as an opportunity to travel and relax. Since Beijing is so near to places like Korea, Taiwan and Japan, I understand why he wants to go travel instead of going back to KL or to Singapore for me.

The next time I will be able to see him is during Christmas, as we will be travelling to Taiwan for our year end holiday with his friends. Can’t wait!


But he is in China, you not scared he will have another woman ah? You know, it’s China.

I get that all the time when I tell people that Josh is working in China. First reaction is, “That’s it lah. There goes your boyfriend. China woman very flirty one” or “So you’re going Beijing so often to check him out to make sure he doesn’t have any other woman?” Honestly, all those statement are very discouraging. Instead of telling me positive stuff, here goes all the negative ones. I am human, I do think negatively at times too. I still think of all those “what ifs“. In addition, I did had this thought, during his long public holiday break, he wants to go travel instead of visiting me. Who will he be going with? With a girl? or with a guy?

Anyway, I was the one who encouraged him to take up the job in China. He had 2 job offers that time. One is with a company in Malaysia, that also allows him to go to Singapore and work in their office there at anytime if he misses me (which company so sweet will allow such thing, right?!) and the other one is a promising company based in Beijing. I told him to go for the one in Beijing so he could learn to be independent and this job will also help him build up his portfolio. Another reason is so I can take this opportunity to travel to a land I have not been to lol. Beijing is now my 4th home. Haha.

So yeah, despite all those negative remarks on Josh will dump me for a China woman, I’ll just continue to trust him like how I have been trusting him the past 10+ years. That’s basically the key to our long lasting long distance relationship – TRUST.


How can you tahan? It’s been so long already!

My standard answer is: “Used to it already.” But now, it is not about getting used to it. Yup, it has been so long already and to be honest, I feel so 辛苦 when I miss him. Its gets harder as I get older. Maybe when we were younger, we rather be alone and enjoy our time with friends. Josh, still enjoys having the freedom without me around – no one to control his lifestyle. But to me, I want comfort from him most of the time. I am not as sociable as much as Josh is. I am a home person but Josh is the opposite.

But this is long distance relationship. We will need to accommodate to each other’s needs. Years ago, I used to get upset that he often goes home during the wee hours, not getting enough sleep or not sleeping at all, sleeping at the wrong hours causing people to be unhappy. He would comply, but after awhile he started doing it again because he said “No life“. So I learnt to give in. I still nag once a while la, but most of the time I will just ask nicely and advise him to sleep earlier. I told him, “OK la, enjoy your bachelor life. After married you can’t enjoy as much already. You have to enjoy with me liao.”

Nowadays, I had to accommodate to his timing unless when I travel all the way to find him, he will try his best to take work off and spend time with me. Sometimes, when I go back to KL and he has events to go to, he will ask me to follow him. Now that he don’t have much annual leaves and only depend on the public holidays there in China, I have to plan my leaves accordingly. And recently, he told me may be transferred to another country, I can’t  plan my/our trips early as I do not know when will he be transferred over and the public holidays there are different again.

So, during the times when we are unable to see each other, we will get busy with our work. I, will sign up for courses like the Make up and Hairstyling Diploma course, pilates, photography and do side jobs like face paintings, photoshoots and make up to get Josh off my mind during the day. For Josh, he will go out with his friends, go for events and blog to keep himself occupied. Before the day ends, I will allow myself to miss him and emo during the night. Hahahaha.


So when are you both getting married? It’s time already!

We want to! But not so soon. One of the reason why is because of our distance. I don’t wanna get married and then still living separately like how we have been for the past 11 years. Neither both of us can let go of our jobs due to some reasons. There are also other reasons but they are more personal. But don’t worry, we will get married when the time comes.

 photo 20131103_012421.jpg

But….you know what? I just hope this long distance relationship thing will end. It is getting tougher and tougher to cope each day. Sudah tak boleh tahan liao.. But anyway, “it is what it is” (Dr MK, 2012).

I am thankful you all who have been supporting us all the way. It mean a lot to us. =)


P/s: Please mind my grammar. The more I go through, the more I will add on words instead of checking my grammar. Heh.

My First 3 Days in Beijing

Since Josh was relocated to Beijing, I have been looking at flight tickets to Beijing as often as I could. This was my 2nd trip to Beijing in less than 3 months! Lol. Speaking of love sick right. Though we have been in long distance relationship for close to 11 years, I can’t help but to still miss him terribly every single day, even when I am at work. I get really bored when no one talks to me or scold me or disturb me or bully me, thats why my mind is just thinking of that dude. Yeah, day dreaming about going dating with my boyfriend. I miss my boyfriend most before I go to sleep. Thats why almost every single day I will call him, just to hear him say “Hi”, and i’m satisfied. No, listening to recorded version of his voice doesn’t feel as syiok as this one. Aiya, this kind of feeling very hard to explain one….

Anyway, so my 2nd trip to Beijing. I know he will be at busy at work. I went to Beijing on weekdays due to my limited last leaves and expected to be alone at home during the day time. It wasn’t so bad after all. I wake up past 12pm every single day! I love this kind of life, nobody disturb my beauty sleep and I can sleep all day long. Haha. Plus, he lives in a very beautiful and clean apartment.

 photo blog080814-12.jpg  photo blog080814-11.jpg  photo blog080814-16.jpg

The whole apartment is surrounded by a garden. Very romantic if wanna berdating hehe.

 photo blog080814-15.jpg

Kid playing football in the evening.

 photo blog070814-12.jpg

How not to love this place right? I feel so happy and comfortable just being at home! My first day in Beijing was basically my sleeping day. I woke up close to 1pm and the boyfriend brought home lunch he bought from the food court. It was yummy la the food he bought. No wonder he never lost any weight… After lunch, he went back to work and I was browsing through the MiTV programmes and felt sleepy. I actually planned to visit the mall (which is less than 5 minutes walk away how cool is that!!) to buy groceries to cook for dinner, but I was feeling so tired I went back to bed again until urm, 7pm I think. Josh came home at around 8pm and we went to Wudaukou for dinner at a small Japanese Restaurant (Chinese style) haha. The food was not bad actually. The next day, I woke up past 12pm and went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch. Then I went to Walmart to shop for groceries and that was the TOUGHEST grocery shopping ever in my whole life. Firstly, I don’t read Chinese. So I don’t know what they were. Secondly, the meat looks…scary.. At the end of my grocery shopping, I just bought Siew Pak Choy, Tanghoon, eggs, kiwi, garlic, banana milk, salk, oyster sauce. Thats all.

 photo blog080814-1.jpg

My banana milk. Quite yummy!

Sad, I know… That’s all for this day. Went home feeling bored so I started taking pictures of his toys.

 photo blog080814-9.jpg  photo blog080814-7.jpg  photo blog080814-4.jpg
and behold….

 photo blog080814-8.jpg
the awesome pawsome MiTV!

On my 3rd day, don’t be surprised because yes I woke up past 12pm again. Went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch again and off I went shopping while Josh got back to work.

 photo blog080814-3.jpg

Went to H&M and went home to laze at home and selfie and got ready to go out for dinner with Josh (finally I can dress up to go dating!). By the time we went for dinner it was 9.30pm already. We went to Hai Di Lou at Wangfujing for dinner. Dinner was awesome!

 photo blog080814-19.jpgKungfu man making our noodles! Josh said if I order noodles I can see dancing man haha!

 photo blog080814-17.jpg

 photo blog080814-18.jpg We had steamboat and my dear Josh sweat buckets eating his food from the ma la based soup. For this, I will save it for my next post 😉

After dinner we went jalan-jalan along Wangfujing.

 photo blog080814-21.jpg

 photo blog080814-24.jpg

Passed by a prostitute who approached an ang moh man (who was with his wife) and offered her service. When he refused, she start showing her middle finger and say “F*** you! F*** your wife! You have small d*** so you scared! F*** your sister! F*** your mother! F*** your grandmother!”   O___O


So yeah, that’s all for my first 3 days in Beijing!

 photo blog080814-23.jpg


<3 tiff (and josh)

Worry… Not.

I have just arrived home from my short trip back to KL. It was a random and last minute trip, to satisfy my cravings for food and also simply because I miss my boyfriend. Other than that I also catched up with Kel Li and Nigel. It as a good night!

Anyway, the post is more about myself. So here it goes.

I didn’t get to attend City Harvest on Sunday morning because I didn’t have transport. Usually if my sister have to serve in church on Sunday morning, I will send her to church at 7am, drive home, get ready for church and drive back for service at 10am. However, she had to leave home at 6.30am and had to fetch her friend. So I decided to sleep in and attend Kingdom City at 5pm with Pao, who overnight at my place.

Invited Josh along for service and I must say, there must be a reason why I was willing to spend so much on my flight ticket just this trip back to KL. And there also must be a reason why I felt so tired and wanting to sleep in and feel bad and go to other church that day.

The moment I stepped into Kingdom City at Luther Centre, I felt such strong presence of God. It’s been awhile since I really felt His presence. I was ministered at the point of worship already. Fast forward, Pastor Jemima spoke about a very simple message on “Building a Foundation that Lasts”. It was so simple, but it was as if she was telling me directly, “hey, this is for you!”

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-06at115329PM.png

You can listen to the sermon online by clicking here.

Honestly, I am a person who wants to achieve many. I wanna learn so much until sometimes people calls me a superwoman or over ambitious because I am doing so much, just to find achievement. However, when something disappoints me, I start crushing down and being negative. The best person who knows all these is my boyfriend and my sister. I can get really really really negative about everything around me and about myself and start blaming the people who are close to me for everything (i’m sorry….. 🙁 ). Other than that, I worry for every single thing on planet earth. Hence, why I try to work so hard to find enough money so I could live a comfortable life. And with all these negativity, I turned away from God.

After service, Josh told me something random.

You should be like your brother you know…
Why should I?” I asked.
Josh spoke something that made me realized one thing that I have never thought before, “I have not seen your brother getting angry. He is a person who doesn’t worry about anything. I always see him so happy despite so many failures in his life. Yet, he doesn’t give up, he still find ways to work things out.”

I remember arguing with my brother and stated all my thoughts to him. I remember him telling me, “Why worry? God will provide!
“Yes, God will provide! But with your kind of carefree attitude, not doing what you are supposed to do, playing computer games all the time, failing your studies, how do you think it will happened?“, I argued back.
O you little faith“.
The argument went on and I got so annoyed, I told him I was very upset and hurt for not being appreciated. He apologized.

I got more annoyed when I have do to so much and still don’t feel any achievement, but my brother doesn’t have to do anything but still receive so much and I always thought why  #theworldissounfair

But I got to know something this weekend. My sister shared with me something that got me thinking back on that argument I had with my brother some time ago, and that statement Josh said to me. Despite all the failures that made us all upset and embarassed most of the time, he has been SO BLESSED. I don’t wanna reveal anything yet until all is confirmed (no, he is not getting married yet lol). He is gonna be what he said of before and no one could think this will ever happen.

He trusted God.
He cast all his worries to God.
He allowed God to take control of His life.
He is ALWAYS HAPPY despite ALL the scoldings.
He is also famous…. everybody knows Abishua Tan. hahahaha

“Do not limit God”, Josh reminded me after church service.

Basically, the topic throughout my whole weekend is about being positive, being happy and worry less. Then, Josh forwarded me a quote via Whatsapp,

“Science has shown that negative emotions like stress can harm performance and cause negative side effects to the human body. Likewise, positive emotions like joy have huge impact on sleep, performance, health and recovery”.

Very true. I always fell sick, have all kinds of diseases and I visit the doctor so often like I go shopping in shopping malls.

Throughout my trip back, I was reading John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars”. The character in this book, Hazel and Augustus both have cancer. But from the beginning to the end of the book, Hazel and Augustus lived their life to the fullest despite Hazel having to be on oxygen all the time.

 photo 10320603_10152108243201546_7498482702976360607_n.jpg
They never worry. They never blamed anyone for what they are going through. Kept me reflecting about my life. I always think it sucks, but there are other people’s life that is suckier.

A must read. This is probably one of the first time that I finished reading a book in less than a week. #achievementunlocked hahaha. Can’t wait to watch the movie though.

Learning to love and appreciate myself, my life, the people around me, my family, my leaders, my church and my beloved boyfriend. I’m glad my family and my boyfriend has been so patient on me and has yet to give up on the oh so negative daughter/sister/girlfriend.

A short trip but yet a fulfilling, fruitful and amazing one. I have found that peace once again. Learning to cast all my burdens unto Him.

If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. (Matt 6:30-34) The Message.


How I ended up being a Make Up Artist

Remember my previous post on me mentioning that I enrolled for a Make Up Course? Well, I have finally graduated from the course and now officially a certified make up artist!

Anyway, let’s side track a bit and allow me to story you a bit on how I ended up going into make up artistry.

What interest me in taking up a make up course is because I like art. If many of you people who knows me long enough, will know that I like art (though I’m not born an artistic person like my father and brother) but I just like to create things related to design, arts and crafts since young. And because of financial issues, I couldn’t pursue into it as much as I wanted to and ended up in nursing, in which my seniors told me “Nursing is also an art“. Which is true lah, as nurses need to design the best way to care for their patients.


I spent most of my time looking for part time courses related to art or even practice them on friends for free, just to fulfil my satisfaction. First in mind was photography. As I really love taking pictures, I took up photography classes, learnt tricks online and put them into practice on my friends. I used whatever knowledge I have about Photoshop to edit pictures or create something (which is not professional lah).

 photo 417059_10150600369126546_584149817_n.jpg

 photo 09226ac1-ac92-49f1-8f83-551467029d0c.jpg

 photo 526221_10150628162841546_1370260733_n.jpgTaken for Rose and Baldwin’s Pre Wedding in 2012.

These pictures are the most professionally captured by me (though not pro at all la). I spent lots of money, lots of hours just to practice on my skills without charging the couple a single cent (but i got some yummy filipino food in return hehe). Some people will compliment, some will critique – which is expected lah. And because photography requires a lot of money, time and energy, I decided to take it slow. I only take pictures when I am free (I am working full time and doing my Degree as well). I kinda even sold my camera to Josh because he uses the camera more than I do and when I need it, I will just pinjam from him. Smart lehhh…hahaha

Ok….so…taking up a make up course was never on my mind although everyday I watch Michelle Phan‘s make up tutorials and practice on myself. I don’t know what inspired me to take up the make up course actually. Haha. MAYBE… as usual, I was looking up for art/design related courses and I suddenly had the thought to learn professional make up art. I thought no one will support me, so I kinda applied it quietly, trying to keep it a secret to people whom I thought will think it’s a waste of time and money. You know lah, older people tend to think nursing, engineering, law, medicine courses are the best courses in the whole wide world and have the everything-else-is-just-a-waste-of-time kind of mentality.

I always believe in pursuing in something that gives you satisfaction and makes you happy. You may be a very superb lawyer or engineer but you may not enjoy what you do. Since I am in a job I don’t really enjoy doing (though very challenging and noble – which I like) but I don’t like the shift duties, doing calls, feeling miserable most of the time due to horrible work politics and not having much social life (most nurses don’t have friends who are not nurses…hmm…like me) and I couldn’t attend church as I need to work. One reason why I started signing up for courses is to meet new friends and do something that will divert my mind away from work related stresses. And of course, maybe one day….quit my job and just paint people’s face.

When I first signed up for the make up course, I was expecting some bimbos to be there. You know, those kind of girls who will apply lots of make ups and the know it all about make ups or those girls who just hate studying and want to pursue make up because they hate studying/can’t study and a make up course does not require any qualification unlike other design courses offered in college or universities and only speaks Chinese……. yadayadayadayada…And….my heart was prepared. To face these people.

But on the first day of class, the first person I met was Xuann. She was pleasant and friendly. And she is a teacher in a primary school. So, I thought, I wasn’t alone! And 8 more girls turned up and wow…. NONE of them were bimbo at all. HAHA! No thick make ups! All of us have a full time job, all professional jobs! There are teachers, engineer, finance, marketing, professional hairdresser, beauty advisor and me, a nurse. And they all joined the course for the same purpose – to explore something new so they can quit their jobs one day. Hahaha. I am glad. SO GLAD that my classmates are awesome people!

As all of us have our full time jobs, it is actually very tiring to come to class 3 time a week. The course is for 6 months and we have to pass our theory and practical exams in order to graduate with a diploma.

 photo d12d8c40-b964-448b-8475-9ab763700cc2.jpgOne of the earlier classes – Bohemian make-up

 photo afd8b45d-730c-4bde-967e-06d9e51fbd31.jpgThe before and after picture of my model. Created this look based on my story I created. Can’t remember liao. hahaha. 

 photo 23557962-6987-4ae6-8416-5574d66c890b.jpgFaridah’s strong and arrogant make up based on a faceless picture given by my teacher.

 photo 94ce05fe-c703-4020-b6f0-ebdc261f9f39.jpgSpecial effects class. Creating wounds. I didn’t want to put anything on my face, do I did on my arm. 

 photo 077c3a2a-c116-42d9-b2e2-2eb78f9916d4.jpgI had problem doing this look as I couldn’t make my face paler. Then, i realised, I used the wrong brown colour. =______=

 photo d9608394-c9a4-4400-a4e8-b225f5a81045.jpgMy whacky classmates and I with our wounds. 

 photo 5b3b7487-25a2-45da-b011-579cb0a166c9.jpgAretha was one of my model for my exam. This picture was taken during my revision for my exam

 photo 7e8841ab-34a7-428f-9c25-5ee20a1521c1.jpg

 photo 3e87b9b0-cd6f-4c0f-acd9-f24a4bb7db46.jpgGeraldine was also my model for my exam and I spent a lot of time on her creating a look which I failed to achieve la. Sighh…

 photo 0d2f00be-eba3-4daf-b7ef-df65b84a6e44.jpgI turned my brother into a girl. 

 photo ea81fbab-0dbd-4ec4-b0d2-1c08f11153aa.jpgAnd here, my buddy Xuann and I turned our model into a cute lil owl

 photo 8e867f8f-1969-4fe6-b5f2-fb6fc7e2c95b.jpgPracticed a 1940’s look on Aretha for my exam. 

After the exams, the school gave us an opportunity to help up in a huge stage play called Footprints. It was very exciting and stressful (fun stress haha) to work and experience how is it like being in the world of a makeup artist. The fun part of it is we get to be backstage and be part of the production team. =)

 photo 7ed0f407-1d85-42f0-a253-8237d807f7c4.jpg

 photo 9385c1c6-a077-4752-8814-3319b7828515.jpg

 photo 23bf1518-edf2-4137-976f-ad3ce656db12.jpg

 photo e5181ed7-923d-442a-84e5-9c9e8bbb896b.jpgXuann and I at our allocated stations. The performers will come and we will do the make ups based on the given reference.

 photo 7b65034b-359a-402b-b985-296669ece646.jpg

At the end of the 3 days show, we made new friends and I enjoyed seeing their reaction when I told them I am a full time nurse. Not just a nurse, but an Operating Theatre Nurse. Haha. Then they somehow found me on Instagram and followed on how I live my life as a nurse.

It was a an eye opening experience and I already miss it. Because I kinda enjoy doing stage make up, I volunteered myself to a charity show called the Brave Maeve next month and got to be in charge of the make up team. It is a super stressful task as I am a brand newbie in this profession. Thankfully, the rest of the make up team are my own friends, who are newbies too. Glad they are willing to volunteer.

 photo hd_931955decd0584ec899c518e0f5a5775.jpg
Brave Maeve The Musical Poster

And on 10th September 2013…..

 photo f5e5a6c3-eb1c-4a03-81fd-2f7b1cd5c726.jpgwith Jyue Huey and Bobbie

I received my official results and graduated from The Make Up Room with a Diploma in Make Up and Hairstyling Artistry! Not the top in class but it’s okay as I am happy to be able to learn something art related and I am happy that this course helped me in my stress management with work. And I quite like how professional my portfolio looks. As it is difficult to find a freelance job for now as I have a crazy schedule full time job, I guess I will have to start creating my own portfolio from my own photography skills. So stay tuned for that!

SO… This make up course has definitely brought me on a new journey on discovering what I like. Well, I still like photography and design. But I have fallen in love with Make Up Artistry. I like how people turned out to be happy after seeing a new look in them with make up. I like how I am able to create crazy looks for stage performances. I like how I am able to make people look awesome in pictures during photo shoots. I just like seeing people happy. =)

For the past few months towards the end of the course and after the course I spent a lot of money on make up products, to prepare myself into a whole new journey of becoming a makeup artist. A makeup artist takes at least 2-3 years before he/she becomes a reliable makeup artist in the market. For now, I do makeup for free on my friends and charging only around $50 for my clients, which is not enough to cover my expenses of make up products. That is why, I still have my full time job to support my expenses.

However, if any of you, who are aspiring photographers or blogshop owners or fashion designers or bride or models who needs a makeup artist, you can look for me. Depending on what you want, I can either do it with a minimal charge (at least to cover my transport and for me to om nom nom) or for free if you really desperate for one. It will be a win-win situation as the both of us wants to build up our portfolio, right?

Oh, my portfolio pictures? Wait lah. I will post it on my next post. I guess this post has too many pictures already. I will save the pictures for the next post. At least it gives me another reason to blog, right?

So after this make up course, what’s next? Of course more make up course lah! Haha. I am planning to enrol for more make up courses after I complete my Degree. And oh, Pilates! <3 On that, I will blog about it another day (when I have that perfect figure I am dreaming about). hehe.

A Better Year Ahead

Every 365 days later, we celebrate a brand new year. We often do a reflection on how the last year had treated us and then look forward for a much more exciting and better new year.


Nope, I will not say that my 2011 sucked. Because in between the sucky moments, there were also awesome happy moments. So, my 2011 was rather challenging. In life, it was juggling between doubts and hurts and then happiness, blessings and love. I have swayed away from God a lot last 2011. And I want to make a come back to Him and have 2012 a happier year than 2011.

Also, there are so many things in 2011 that I am thankful for despite the low moments which are not so important to remember!

What will happen in 2012? I don’t know! And I’m looking forward to see what has God installed for me! Plus, it’s MY YEAR. The Dragon year! *blows fire*.

Many people will be getting married this year too. So much love in the air the last few months having so many people getting engaged. Next, we hear wedding bells, then babies crying. awwwww….

I’ll be in Singapore for another 2 years. I was thinking, if I should take up Permanent Residentship here? Is it worth it?