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Clean It Zero Cleanser


I am no beauty guru. But as a girl, I do put on makeup on a daily basis to conceal my imperfections due to breakouts, sinus problems and lack of sleep. Everyday to work, I will put on my BB cream, concealer, powder foundation, cream blusher and fill in my brows. If I have the mood to doll up, I will add on eye shadows, eye liner and mascara. After a long day from work, I need a good cleanser to clean off my makeup completely to prevent more breakouts on my skin, so I have always been trying all kinds of different makeup remover products to find the best I could.

I have heard about this Korean brand makeup cleanser called the ‘Clean It Zero’ by banila co. As many of you know, Korea is famous for their cosmetic products! I always have been a fan of Korean cosmetic products and often, I never dared to purchase from 3rd party suppliers as there are  incidents where fake products are sold. It’s scary as we don’t know what is inside the product!

BUT, I got this Clean It Zero from a very reliable supplier based in KL, who got their supplies of products all the way from Korea, directly from the manufacturer itself! I have been using it for a month and I LOVE IT!

The Clean It Zero Cleanser promises to remove dirt, makeup, and oil without drying the skin or leaving any greasy residue. Sound really promising right!

 photo blog070814-1.jpgThe packaging is so pretty, right? I’m a sucker when it comes to pretty packaging. The Koreans are good at this! Just that for us non-Koreans, we will have difficulty reading the instructions and ingredients as everything else is written in Korean.

This pretty pink one is the Clean It Zero Original.
The Clean It Zero Original is suitable for normal skin and contains acerola and herbal essence for moisturising the skin.

There are another 3 types of Clean It Zero – Resveratrol,Radiance and Purity.

The Clean It Zero Resveratol is effective for reducing large pores. It contains grape seed oil and olive oil for thightening of the skin and gives a refreshing finish.

The Clean It Zero Radiance is for skin whitening and cleanses your pores. It contains viticin and moringa essence that aids in brightening up the skin.

The Clean It Zero Purity is for sensitive skin. It calms irritable skin and balances your skin texture. It contains mineral oils and null-additive paraben and does not contain any artificial pigments or fragrances and alcohol.

 photo blog070814-3.jpgThis is what I meant by everything else is in Korean.

 photo blog070814-2.jpg

 photo blog070814-6.jpgSo, the packaging also comes with a spatula. It is useful for those who is concern about hygiene. Some say your hands are dirty and you should not dip your finger into the product and contaminate it. Well, the spatula is also useful for those with long fingernails and those beautiful 3D nail arts.

Okaaaayyyy… as I am very concern in showing much of my face up close as my skin is quite at the worst side now and also because I do not have a pretty face, I shall demo on my forearm.

 photo blog070814-7.jpgI applied a generous amount of SPF 45PA+++ BB Cream by Cyber Colors, cream blusher by Too Cool for School (super generous amount i know right…), Real Lasting Eyeliner 24Hours 1 Day Tattoo by K Pallette and some eyeshadow by MAC. I didn’t bring much makeup to Beijing so this is all I got.

 photo blog070814-8.jpg

 photo blog070814-9.jpgThe texture of the product is actually quite moisturising. Ok, I suck at describing things.

 photo blog070814-10.jpgScoop up a generous amount for your face (here, for my forearm) and start massaging it to dissolve the product. Well, massaging your face is also good for blood circulation. So it’s a win-win situation. You get your makeup removed, massage it to promote blood circulation that leads to younger looking skin and at the same time moisturizes your skin!

After massaging for about 1.5 minute, the product has dissolved completely…….

 photo blog070814-11.jpg


I actually massaged longer and harder on the eyeliner but it was so stubborn it didn’t wanna dissolve. It’s either my eyeliner is super powerful or Clean It Zero is not powerful enough to remove waterproof products.

For eye makeups, I usually use waterproof products as I have teary eyes. So having a cleanser that can remove waterproof makeups is very important to me. If you have sensitive eyes like me, do not attempt on your eyes.

After massaging, I rinsed off with water and yup, the makeup are completely gone (except the eyeliner). You can use a wet cotton or makeup remover wipes to remove them too. However, when used on my face, the Clean It Zero is solely to remove my make up only. I will still use my facial cleanser to wash my face before applying my other facial products.

 photo blog070814-5.jpg

Though the Clean It Zero is not effective on waterproof makeup, it is still the product that I would recommend to those who doesn’t use much waterproof eye make up. This product gently cleanses off your makeup on your face, moisturizes your face and like I say earlier, helps in blood circulation as you massage your face for a good 1-2 minutes =D As for me, I have to use a separate product to remove my eye makeups as it doesn’t help in dissolving waterproof products. However, as most days I do not put any makeup on my eyes already, this product is still a way to go for me!

Wanna know where to get the Clean It Zero? Below are the details for more information / purchase.

Facebook : Sapphire 218
Email :
Whatsapp / WeChat / Viber / Line : +6012-9813218
WeChat Id : Sapphire_218

Mention my name “TiffanieTan” to know more! 

 photo blog070814-4.jpg

oh yes, you see that. The RolliB Pore Sonic Cleanser. I can’t wait to write my review about another awesome product!

Thank you so much Sapphire 218 for bringing in all these awesome stuff!

2014 Thus Far

Before I continue on with my post, here’s a shout out to my lil sister Abigail…

 photo IMG_0006copy.jpg

You will be forever this little in our hearts. No matter how old you are!

Ok, lets move on with my post now.

The first 4 month of 2014 has been very eventful. From the first day to this current day. Since I have not been blogging religiously, I will write about the happenings in each month.

This is the month where it was the toughest for me. on 10 January 2014, yeh yeh was called Home by the Lord after 2 years of battling with Pancreatic Cancer.

 photo IMG-20140119-WA0004.jpg9 November 2013 – yeh yeh’s last birthday

As I was the only close family member in Singapore other than my grandmother, I had to take be responsible for many things. From his admission to the hospital to the arrangement of his funeral to settling his insurance claims, change of names, etc. I even broke down because it was too overwhelming. Thank God for my other relatives who were kind to offer help. As a foreigner in Singapore, I do not know what were the procedures especially for the funeral. Grandma was emotionally unstable for a few awhile, but she was strong. We even managed to go back to Kuantan for Chinese New Year though she had to keep in mind of the all the pantang. 

Flew over to Perth for my graduation! Brought my family, grandma, grandaunt and Josh along. But sadly, mom couldn’t join us as she was busy at her kindergarten and also she’s afraid to fly.

 photo 1658135_10151968377151546_1095462397_o.jpg

 photo 1781641_10151971920946546_1654299713_o.jpg

 photo 1956839_10151971921906546_2060074268_o.jpg

 photo 1925994_10151971943501546_753981722_o.jpg

 photo IMG_9984.jpgmy favourite photo of all =)

I was the only one among my friends from Singapore who flew down to Perth for the graduation. Too kiasu and in desperation to get my allowance quick. Haha. Well, I saw a few familiar faces though but I’m not close to them. So just smile, hi and bye.

My birthday month! Turned 26 this year and I can’t imagine I’ll be 30 in just 4 years time.

 photo IMG-20140314-WA0022.jpg

Nothing much happened this month except that Josh came down for my birthday. <3 Just love having him by my side.

 photo IMG-20140314-WA0011.jpg

 photo IMG-20140316-WA0024.jpg

 photo IMG-20140314-WA0005-1.jpg

and I finally own a Wacom tablet! Thanks a lot dear, really love it TTM! But I haven’t use it yet. Heh…

And, oh. I enrolled myself in another course. This time, a language course. I sucks in language. Despite going to class twice a week, I still cannot cope and also can’t speak! Forgive me… up to date, it’s only my 2nd month learning a whole new language!

I also had my Singapore PR approved! What a joy (and heartache knowing my salary will be lesser than before because of the CPF deduction)  as now I have more freedom to do more things over here in Singapore (eg. change job. HAHAHAH)

The busiest month yet. Been offered quite a lot of make up and face painting jobs! I would say I have earned quite a lot of side income this month. And work has been very busy too.. i would say I am financially blessed this month.

 photo 20140330_153141copy.jpg

 photo 20140330_153119copy.jpgTaken on of my make up jobs in a studio.

Sometimes I wish there are people who will help me take pictures during my make up jobs. It’s such a shame that I am not able to take much pictures during the makeover and the the outcome as most of the time there ain’t much time for me to do so.

Face painting has been quite fun too. But for a person who doesn’t draw, it can be quite challenging. There are technique and doesn’t really require one to know drawing though. As long as you master the stroking techniques,  you will be able to come out with some decent designs.

 photo IMG-20140412-WA0020copy.jpg

 photo IMG-20140412-WA0011copy.jpg

 photo 20140412_183500copy.jpg

 photo 2014-04-26115620copy.jpg

 photo 2014-04-26115613copy.jpg
Somehow I like this picture although my artwork on their faces are gone from the smudging and their sweat.

Since I have not posted any pictures on my face painting gigs, I shall post the past gigs here too.

  photo IMG_20131230_203630copy.jpg

 photo IMG-20140101-WA0000copy.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_13858835047451copy.jpg

Most of the time, I won’t have time to take pictures during the gigs, hence the limited pictures. Sometimes, the whole paint smudges and the doesn’t look so nice anymore. It’s been about 6 months since I started face painting! I think it’s fun but still need to brush up on my skills.

Need to be quick (3-5 mins/design!) and neat and look pretty too. There are times I made kids look like a tribal people instead of a fairy. lol. I have the picture but for now, I shall not post it up. Too malu-fying.

That’s all for now! Til next time!


My Professional Make Up Portfolio

Behold! My graduation professional portfolio!

It’s amazing how professional the pictures turned out to be. My friends aka models told me how they were told to pose during the photo shoot and how they felt awkward posing.

The first picture is Bridal Day Look.

 photo Makeuproom23826edited.jpg My teachers told me that this was a well done job as she looked very fine and neat when they first saw her walking into the photo shoot room. This picture is placed in the first page of my portfolio. Doing a bridal make up is not that tough, but what is tough is she must look beautiful, radiant, attractive and most importantly, she must look like herself still. Karen has short hair (chin level) and there isn’t much hairstyle that I can do except to curl. It was her first time having curly hair and it looks nice, right? Other than that, I DIY-ed the flower head to create a garden themed wedding.

The second picture is Bridal Night Look.
 photo Makeuproom24023tiffanieedited.jpg All I did was just top up some dark colours on her eyes and put on a red lipstick. I think it made her look quite fierce, hor? Haha. Some people said she looked too mature. I guess I chose the wrong colour for her. =( Anyway, for her hair, I just pin them up and make it an updo and added a hair accessory i bought from Qoo10. The third picture is a copied look given by the school on the exam day. It is a Stage Look

 photo Makeuproom23936edited.jpgI struggled a lot on concealing Pamela‘s eyebrows. When I saw the picture, my heart stopped for a moment. It is what I hate doing most – concealing eyebrows. If thin eyebrows nevermind. But Pam‘s eyebrows are super thick. I was quite disappointed with my works though. But thankfully the picture turned out quite gorgeous.

The fourth picture is also a copied look. This one is a Fashion Look.
 photo Makeuproom23716edited.jpg Same thing – concealed eyebrows. And the picture given shows completely NO EYEBROWS seen. I was devastated lah as I really spent a lot of time concealing her eyebrows. Actually, I re-photoshopped as the photographer left the ugly brows seen. So i removed them so it doesn’t look so awful on my portfolio. Haha. With that ugly improperly concealed eyebrows, I might scare my future clients away. At least this picture looks, acceptable. haha.

The fifth picture is a Fashion Look I created.
 photo Makeuproom23593tiffanie.jpg As Aretha has really deep small eyes, I created a simple fashionable look on her. As I know I wouldn’t have much time during the exam to create fanciful looks, I though this will do. Before the exam, we had to do a face chart on our created looks and create it on our models based on what we drew on the face chart. To make the look more fashionable, I did an ombre lips (dark purple and deep maroon colour with a gold sheen on her bottom lips). But somehow it is not really visible in pictures. I also did a mohawk hair style on her to complement the make up.

The sixth picture is an Era Look. I did a 1940/50’s Look on Aretha.
 photo Makeuproom23248tiffanie.jpg The 1940 and 1950 make up is almost similar but there are still differences. This makeup I did on Aretha is more of the 1940’s. However, her mole reminds everyone about Marilyn Monroe and many people thought I did a make up based on the 1950’s. So i concluded this look as the 1940/50’s Look. As for her hair, I did a victory roll. A week or two before the exam, I failed miserably in creating a perfect victory roll. But God is good, I managed to roll it on one try during the exam day and it was purrrrrfect!

Lastly, the seventh picture is my favourite picture of all. This is the Stage Look.
 photo Makeuproom23426.jpg If you have read my previous post, I mentioned that I tried creating a look but have failed miserably. Actually, during the exam, I didn’t get to achieve that look I wanted to. She didn’t look the way I wanted her to look. For her hair, we saw a poster at either Miss Selfridge or Dorothy Perkins somewhere and Geraldine wanted me to do a ribbon hair on her. I agreed and yea, I didn’t practice doing that at all. It was spontaneously done on my exam day. And her hair was crazily layered, I had a tough time with her hair. Thank God, this look was meant to be messy. BUT…. when I received my portfolio, I was amazed at how the picture turned out to be! She looked fierce, not sad. She looked as if she just ate a rat. She looked….crazy… Though it wasn’t my teacher’s favourite, but I would say this is my favourite. Haha. My teacher even ask Geraldine why did she allow me to make her look so ugly. But, this ugly… is art!


Oh well. This is just the beginning of a new journey. Thank you, The Make Up Room!

So, how did I do? =)


How I ended up being a Make Up Artist

Remember my previous post on me mentioning that I enrolled for a Make Up Course? Well, I have finally graduated from the course and now officially a certified make up artist!

Anyway, let’s side track a bit and allow me to story you a bit on how I ended up going into make up artistry.

What interest me in taking up a make up course is because I like art. If many of you people who knows me long enough, will know that I like art (though I’m not born an artistic person like my father and brother) but I just like to create things related to design, arts and crafts since young. And because of financial issues, I couldn’t pursue into it as much as I wanted to and ended up in nursing, in which my seniors told me “Nursing is also an art“. Which is true lah, as nurses need to design the best way to care for their patients.


I spent most of my time looking for part time courses related to art or even practice them on friends for free, just to fulfil my satisfaction. First in mind was photography. As I really love taking pictures, I took up photography classes, learnt tricks online and put them into practice on my friends. I used whatever knowledge I have about Photoshop to edit pictures or create something (which is not professional lah).

 photo 417059_10150600369126546_584149817_n.jpg

 photo 09226ac1-ac92-49f1-8f83-551467029d0c.jpg

 photo 526221_10150628162841546_1370260733_n.jpgTaken for Rose and Baldwin’s Pre Wedding in 2012.

These pictures are the most professionally captured by me (though not pro at all la). I spent lots of money, lots of hours just to practice on my skills without charging the couple a single cent (but i got some yummy filipino food in return hehe). Some people will compliment, some will critique – which is expected lah. And because photography requires a lot of money, time and energy, I decided to take it slow. I only take pictures when I am free (I am working full time and doing my Degree as well). I kinda even sold my camera to Josh because he uses the camera more than I do and when I need it, I will just pinjam from him. Smart lehhh…hahaha

Ok….so…taking up a make up course was never on my mind although everyday I watch Michelle Phan‘s make up tutorials and practice on myself. I don’t know what inspired me to take up the make up course actually. Haha. MAYBE… as usual, I was looking up for art/design related courses and I suddenly had the thought to learn professional make up art. I thought no one will support me, so I kinda applied it quietly, trying to keep it a secret to people whom I thought will think it’s a waste of time and money. You know lah, older people tend to think nursing, engineering, law, medicine courses are the best courses in the whole wide world and have the everything-else-is-just-a-waste-of-time kind of mentality.

I always believe in pursuing in something that gives you satisfaction and makes you happy. You may be a very superb lawyer or engineer but you may not enjoy what you do. Since I am in a job I don’t really enjoy doing (though very challenging and noble – which I like) but I don’t like the shift duties, doing calls, feeling miserable most of the time due to horrible work politics and not having much social life (most nurses don’t have friends who are not nurses…hmm…like me) and I couldn’t attend church as I need to work. One reason why I started signing up for courses is to meet new friends and do something that will divert my mind away from work related stresses. And of course, maybe one day….quit my job and just paint people’s face.

When I first signed up for the make up course, I was expecting some bimbos to be there. You know, those kind of girls who will apply lots of make ups and the know it all about make ups or those girls who just hate studying and want to pursue make up because they hate studying/can’t study and a make up course does not require any qualification unlike other design courses offered in college or universities and only speaks Chinese……. yadayadayadayada…And….my heart was prepared. To face these people.

But on the first day of class, the first person I met was Xuann. She was pleasant and friendly. And she is a teacher in a primary school. So, I thought, I wasn’t alone! And 8 more girls turned up and wow…. NONE of them were bimbo at all. HAHA! No thick make ups! All of us have a full time job, all professional jobs! There are teachers, engineer, finance, marketing, professional hairdresser, beauty advisor and me, a nurse. And they all joined the course for the same purpose – to explore something new so they can quit their jobs one day. Hahaha. I am glad. SO GLAD that my classmates are awesome people!

As all of us have our full time jobs, it is actually very tiring to come to class 3 time a week. The course is for 6 months and we have to pass our theory and practical exams in order to graduate with a diploma.

 photo d12d8c40-b964-448b-8475-9ab763700cc2.jpgOne of the earlier classes – Bohemian make-up

 photo afd8b45d-730c-4bde-967e-06d9e51fbd31.jpgThe before and after picture of my model. Created this look based on my story I created. Can’t remember liao. hahaha. 

 photo 23557962-6987-4ae6-8416-5574d66c890b.jpgFaridah’s strong and arrogant make up based on a faceless picture given by my teacher.

 photo 94ce05fe-c703-4020-b6f0-ebdc261f9f39.jpgSpecial effects class. Creating wounds. I didn’t want to put anything on my face, do I did on my arm. 

 photo 077c3a2a-c116-42d9-b2e2-2eb78f9916d4.jpgI had problem doing this look as I couldn’t make my face paler. Then, i realised, I used the wrong brown colour. =______=

 photo d9608394-c9a4-4400-a4e8-b225f5a81045.jpgMy whacky classmates and I with our wounds. 

 photo 5b3b7487-25a2-45da-b011-579cb0a166c9.jpgAretha was one of my model for my exam. This picture was taken during my revision for my exam

 photo 7e8841ab-34a7-428f-9c25-5ee20a1521c1.jpg

 photo 3e87b9b0-cd6f-4c0f-acd9-f24a4bb7db46.jpgGeraldine was also my model for my exam and I spent a lot of time on her creating a look which I failed to achieve la. Sighh…

 photo 0d2f00be-eba3-4daf-b7ef-df65b84a6e44.jpgI turned my brother into a girl. 

 photo ea81fbab-0dbd-4ec4-b0d2-1c08f11153aa.jpgAnd here, my buddy Xuann and I turned our model into a cute lil owl

 photo 8e867f8f-1969-4fe6-b5f2-fb6fc7e2c95b.jpgPracticed a 1940’s look on Aretha for my exam. 

After the exams, the school gave us an opportunity to help up in a huge stage play called Footprints. It was very exciting and stressful (fun stress haha) to work and experience how is it like being in the world of a makeup artist. The fun part of it is we get to be backstage and be part of the production team. =)

 photo 7ed0f407-1d85-42f0-a253-8237d807f7c4.jpg

 photo 9385c1c6-a077-4752-8814-3319b7828515.jpg

 photo 23bf1518-edf2-4137-976f-ad3ce656db12.jpg

 photo e5181ed7-923d-442a-84e5-9c9e8bbb896b.jpgXuann and I at our allocated stations. The performers will come and we will do the make ups based on the given reference.

 photo 7b65034b-359a-402b-b985-296669ece646.jpg

At the end of the 3 days show, we made new friends and I enjoyed seeing their reaction when I told them I am a full time nurse. Not just a nurse, but an Operating Theatre Nurse. Haha. Then they somehow found me on Instagram and followed on how I live my life as a nurse.

It was a an eye opening experience and I already miss it. Because I kinda enjoy doing stage make up, I volunteered myself to a charity show called the Brave Maeve next month and got to be in charge of the make up team. It is a super stressful task as I am a brand newbie in this profession. Thankfully, the rest of the make up team are my own friends, who are newbies too. Glad they are willing to volunteer.

 photo hd_931955decd0584ec899c518e0f5a5775.jpg
Brave Maeve The Musical Poster

And on 10th September 2013…..

 photo f5e5a6c3-eb1c-4a03-81fd-2f7b1cd5c726.jpgwith Jyue Huey and Bobbie

I received my official results and graduated from The Make Up Room with a Diploma in Make Up and Hairstyling Artistry! Not the top in class but it’s okay as I am happy to be able to learn something art related and I am happy that this course helped me in my stress management with work. And I quite like how professional my portfolio looks. As it is difficult to find a freelance job for now as I have a crazy schedule full time job, I guess I will have to start creating my own portfolio from my own photography skills. So stay tuned for that!

SO… This make up course has definitely brought me on a new journey on discovering what I like. Well, I still like photography and design. But I have fallen in love with Make Up Artistry. I like how people turned out to be happy after seeing a new look in them with make up. I like how I am able to create crazy looks for stage performances. I like how I am able to make people look awesome in pictures during photo shoots. I just like seeing people happy. =)

For the past few months towards the end of the course and after the course I spent a lot of money on make up products, to prepare myself into a whole new journey of becoming a makeup artist. A makeup artist takes at least 2-3 years before he/she becomes a reliable makeup artist in the market. For now, I do makeup for free on my friends and charging only around $50 for my clients, which is not enough to cover my expenses of make up products. That is why, I still have my full time job to support my expenses.

However, if any of you, who are aspiring photographers or blogshop owners or fashion designers or bride or models who needs a makeup artist, you can look for me. Depending on what you want, I can either do it with a minimal charge (at least to cover my transport and for me to om nom nom) or for free if you really desperate for one. It will be a win-win situation as the both of us wants to build up our portfolio, right?

Oh, my portfolio pictures? Wait lah. I will post it on my next post. I guess this post has too many pictures already. I will save the pictures for the next post. At least it gives me another reason to blog, right?

So after this make up course, what’s next? Of course more make up course lah! Haha. I am planning to enrol for more make up courses after I complete my Degree. And oh, Pilates! <3 On that, I will blog about it another day (when I have that perfect figure I am dreaming about). hehe.

To a Promising and Fruitful Year Ahead!

It’s been 3.5 years since I started working in Singapore. This 3.5 years has been tough as I juggled a lot on whether to give up working. I almost paid up my bond, but somehow I decided to stay.

I took up the Advanced Diploma in Perioperative Nursing in 2011 followed by my Degree in Nursing last July 2012. I have 2 more semesters until I complete my Degree and I plan to fly to Perth to graduate so I can get my certificate earlier as the graduation in Singapore is only in October next year. By getting my certificate earlier, I will be able to get my allowances earlier too. It is also an excuse so I can go holiday in Perth hihihihi.

Currently working about 9 hours a day makes me very tired physically. I don’t know is it because there isn’t much to do or is it just me getting older each day. I often get migraine and one fine day I was seeking treatment at another panel clinic and the doctor was really doing his job investigating the cause of my migraine. He suspected stress and suggested me to exercise. I am a person who hates exercising, so I gave him alasan I busy at work.

Finally, I decided to take up Pilates at Upside Motion.

 photo 536858_237563886343552_623340774_n.jpg

The reason why I chose Upside Motion is because I actually wanted to take up the Xtend Barre classes but was told that I should have some experience in Pilates Mat first to learn on how to work on my muscles the right way. So I chose the Pilates private lesson that cost me a bomb, but it is worth it.

 photo 389132_260504727382801_1348244676_n.jpg
 photo 261567_302335489866391_1495281347_n.jpg

Pilates Reformers
photo source: Upside Motion

Xtend Barre is a dance and pilates amplified workout. The workout of some ballet moves plus pilates attracts me because I wanted to take up ballet class and pilates at the same time but knowing the existence of Xtend Barre, my heart rejoiced! Xtend Barre is relatively new and there are only 2 studios in Singapore that offers this workout. I am doing a lilll Xtend Barre workout in my private class and I hope to be able to join the group classes soon. It’s tough and I salute all ballet dancers out there!

 photo 386924_506895789325231_1545254365_n.jpg
 photo 295609_612375275443948_2107190000_n.png
 photo 598801_609317002416442_968047999_n.jpg
photo source: Xtend Barre

 photo 184548_530149487009018_1496038804_n.jpg

My beautiful instructor, Saniya doing her th’ng!

I think Saniya is super awesome! She is the instructor for Pilates, Xtend Barre and Yoga!

My target for this year is to tone up my muscles and wave bye bye to flabby tummy, hamstrings and triceps!

Other than juggling with work and studies and Pilates, I also took up a Diploma in Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Artistry. Call me crazy but I just want to make use of all the time I have. The makeup course is rather therapeutic than stress as the makeup school / studio is small and homely. I’ve always admire makeup artistry and how makeup can transform a person from looking like A to B. Its amazing! Who knows, in years to come, I can maybe use this new skills and work on my own flexible timing *wink*.

Well, I have also been admiring designs but since being in the nursing profession, I don’t have the time to sit down in front of my computer for hours doing editing or learning new editing / designing skills. I almost wanted to take part time graphic designing course but knowing graphic designing course assignments are a killer and it’s hard to juggle between work, degree and the those design assignments.

One fine day, I decided to look around for professional makeup classes and somehow stumbled upon a beautiful makeup studio site with awesome portfolio which happened that both makeup artists graduated from a school called The Makeup Room.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-31at21358AM.png

I have not heard about about that school (plus it doesn’t even sound like a school) and decided to google more about it. There isn’t much results on the course offered by TMUR and at that time, they were upgrading their website.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-31at21433AM.png

TMUR Makeup Artists

Nevertheless, there are lots of search results regarding the 2 senior makeup artist who are well known in Singapore and overseas and does lots of major assignments in theater, fashion shows, magazine shoots, bridal, etc.

I decided to pay the studio and when I arrived, I felt like I was visiting someone’s house. It’s small and cosy! I also viewed their portfolios and their works are awesome! I was also surprised to see my aunty and uncle’s wedding photograph in one of their portfolio! Apparently they were one of the first customer of one of the senior makeup artist and she is very grateful for the support that led her to where she is today. =)

Without thinking much, I signed up for the course and now I am in the 3rd month of the course. So far so good! Getting tougher each class and I still suck in hairstyling! Oh, for the hairstyling part, we are taught by Lai, who has many years experience in hairstyling and works with top fashion agencies in Singapore, Europe, Japan, etc!

So blessed and honoured to be trained by Singapore’s best!

And oh, I was surprised when I met my classmates too. I was expecting those who come are those who are school leavers or those who will put on heavy makeups and all but no! They are all professionals like me! :’)

After attending the makeup classes, I finally understand that makeup is truly an ART.

I’m getting hooked with all these new found love! Pilates and Makeup Artistry. <3
Xtend Barre – akan datang!

With all these, I have been spending a lot (really pokai every month) and with upcoming a surprise that I will reveal soon once it is ready to be revealed (no no, not getting married yet!).

2013 – Tough but it will be PROMISING and FRUITFUL!