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My Blog Layout is Boring and I Know It.

So…. I have changed my blog layout because the picture on my header previously was taken about 5 years ago. Temporarily, I just put a simple font header there first.

But now I find changing layout super ma fan (troublesome) compared to those days when I have the freedom to do whatever I want on my blog because now my blog domain is under the bf. All because of having a .com I need to endure this. So every time I wanna install a theme or plugin, I need his password and he wouldn’t give it to me for security purposes. Banyak sien.

So hence, my boring layout at the moment while i figure out html that I have longggggg forgotten…

Floating Lanterns



Hoi An is famous for their making of paper lanterns. But this one is a simple floating lantern where you can find them sold along the bridge. They will use a long wooden pole to set them gently on the waters. Usually at every full moon night, floating lanterns will be lighted up. So I bet the river will be flooded with floating lanterns! But I guess the lanterns are to attract tourist, so even on non festive days, you can see floating lanterns. =)

I didn’t manage to snap a good pictures of the floating lanterns on the river because I wasn’t equipped with a longer lens and a tripod. =(

Stress Reliever Tip #1: Entertain Yourself

Gotta burn midnight oil tonight to catch up with my studies.

Wait….I have been burning midnight oil every night this whole week! But not on studying la…..on the internet…… hehh…

So, because I have studied since 4pm til now and have not gotten anything in my brain! I feel so stressed up and disappointed with my goldfish brain and I had to come out with something to cheer me up…


Camho-ing and photoshopping! =D

I need to look for the serial number for photoshop CS5.1 for Mac! I mana mampu mau purchase? Unless anybody, who are students are willing to purchase it for me la….or any kind souls out there willing to look for serial numbers for me?

Ok, back to studying.

My Hero.

You are valuable.

You are precious.

No matter what happen. No matter how much problem is pushing you down.

You still hold the same value as before.

And when you climb back up again..

Knowing your problems are just teenee-beenee ones as ourĀ Almighty Daddy are so much more bigger!

You will grow stronger, happier, and be the example to many..

Never let the enemy make you feel worthless…

Cause you are not…

And you are NEVER worthless.


You are and will always be my hero.