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My Braces Journey and Transformation

In my family, my sister and I have the ugliest teeth ever. Our relatives always asked us to put braces to look prettier. Indirectly, they were also saying we looked ugly la.. :’)  When I was in secondary school, my mom registered my sister and I for braces at the government dental clinic for only RM500. Freaking cheap right? But the queue was damn long. My sister managed to get a place but I didn’t get it because the nurse said my teeth was ‘kotor’ so cannot put. I didn’t bother and just gave up and thought it’s not a big deal to have ugly teeth.

 photo P1040114.jpg

 photo DSCF8092.jpg

However, years later, when I started working in Singapore in 2009, again, I was told that I should put braces. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one with ugly teeth. And not just that, I also wanna be pretty la. Haha. One of the doctor recommended my friends and I to his dentist friend and asked us to have our teeth fixed. We were reluctant because it was very expensive to have the treatment here in Singapore. Imagine, RM500 vs SGD5000? But we were blessed and got a special rate. All in all, I still spent around SGD5000 because of the extractions and scans.

 photo foraj.jpgAugust 2010


 photo P1430743.jpg Feb 2011

It was still very very very expensive for us but we went ahead, to look prettier. HAHA. We were able to pay in instalments, so it was not heavy for us financially. We completed the payment within 1.5 years. Although the price was sky high, I did not regret a bit. It was the best investment ever. So in March 2011, I went for consultation and extractions and finally in mid-April 2011, I had my braces on.

 photo 2011.jpgApril 2011 – The first time Josh sees me in braces

I can’t remember exactly when but here is one of the first picture of me in braces. Now, let’s look at how much I have changed through my journey with braces. I honestly miss wearing braces! My teeth became aligned in just a month! Next intervention was to push my teeth backwards and this took a long time to be fixed as my upper jaw is bigger than my lower jaw. If I want a perfect smile I need to go through surgery to trim my upper jaw, or implant screws to force my teeth backwards. I chose neither and just hoped for the best my orthodontist could do.

 photo 011011.jpg October 2011

The orthodontist chose ceramic braces, aesthetically better looking than the metal ones. You can’t really see that I am wearing braces. Well, price wise, it is more expensive than the traditional metal braces.

 photo 140212-1.jpg February 2012

 photo 140212-2.jpg February 2012.

Even before putting braces, I can’t even smile with my mouth closed. It’s just like =| kind of smile.

 photo IMG_1006.jpg May 2012

After extracting a whole total of 6 teeth, my jaw has also became smaller. Many people said I was stupid for extracting so many good teeth. Well, what to do. Nak cantik kan? Have to lor. Total of 6 teeth, but 2 was my wisdom teeth.

 photo otncgrad-105.jpg November 2012

 photo P1011028.jpg December 2012

 photo mnhparty-72.jpg January 2013

 photo 140313.jpg March 2013

 photo 20130420_193651.jpg

 photo 300413.jpg April 2013


 photo June2013.jpg June 2013

 photo 061013.jpg I October 2013 – can smile like =) no more =|

 photo Oct2013.jpg October 2013

 photo Nov2013.jpg November 2013

The orthodontist suggested to change my upper teeth braces to metal ones as my teeth was moving too slowly. And I have been wearing the braces for more than 2 years already. The metal braces is stronger than the ceramic braces. So I went through the process of removing the ceramic braces and then had the metal braces fixed. So yup, metal braces on my upper teeth and ceramic braces on my lower teeth.

 photo OI000010.jpg

 photo P1013127.jpg

 photo 20131211_093029.jpg December 2013

 photo IMG_9968.jpg

 photo 20140217_094717.jpg

 photo 20140226_011745.jpg February 2014


 photo 20140406_115931.jpg

 photo 060414.jpg April 2014

 photo 20140531_145402.jpg May 2014


 photo 130614.jpg

13 June 2014

I wore my braces for 3 years and 2 months. And I love the results! Though my upper jaw is still bigger, but it has been pushed backwards by a lot already! I mean, if I want super perfect smile then I will have the screw implanted. But I’m very happy with it, I told the orthodontist to go ahead to remove my braces. Yeah, she asked me if I’m ok with it now, I said OK because it’s been more than 3 years already!

 photo IMG_20140727_132220.jpg

 photo fem-25.jpg

 photo DSC_2166.jpg

 photo 281214.jpg

 photo IMG_7675.jpg

Well, I’m very happy with the results. I can smile more confidently (though before braces I also smile confidently haha). Most importantly is being able to close my mouth and not looking like a rabbit/hamster.

However, after removing my braces, there is also the after care where I need to wear my retainers 24/7 for the first 6 months, then every night after that. My retainers look like the Invasilign aligners. I call them my teeth. Haha. Whenever I missed a day or two, the retainers feels extremely tight and it is very uncomfortable. Shows that my teeth can go senget anytime if I don’t bother to jaga.

If any of you in Singapore who is looking for a good orthodontist, drop me a message and I will give you the clinic address! I have recommended my orthodontist to a friend and she is also very happy with his service. I actually had 2 orthodontists handling my case as the first one has left the other clinic to open his own. Honestly I still prefer the first one. I like his service because he is a super perfectionist person and makes sure your teeth will look perfect! He will also scale my teeth at every visit! After going through 2 orthodontists, I realised how important is it to choose an orthodontist as they had to plan on how to reconstruct your teeth. I have seen friends’ whose teeth looks weird after braces (but they are happy about it though haha) and was hoping mine wont turn out that way! Thank God mine looks the way I wanted it to look. =)


How I ended up being a Make Up Artist

Remember my previous post on me mentioning that I enrolled for a Make Up Course? Well, I have finally graduated from the course and now officially a certified make up artist!

Anyway, let’s side track a bit and allow me to story you a bit on how I ended up going into make up artistry.

What interest me in taking up a make up course is because I like art. If many of you people who knows me long enough, will know that I like art (though I’m not born an artistic person like my father and brother) but I just like to create things related to design, arts and crafts since young. And because of financial issues, I couldn’t pursue into it as much as I wanted to and ended up in nursing, in which my seniors told me “Nursing is also an art“. Which is true lah, as nurses need to design the best way to care for their patients.


I spent most of my time looking for part time courses related to art or even practice them on friends for free, just to fulfil my satisfaction. First in mind was photography. As I really love taking pictures, I took up photography classes, learnt tricks online and put them into practice on my friends. I used whatever knowledge I have about Photoshop to edit pictures or create something (which is not professional lah).

 photo 417059_10150600369126546_584149817_n.jpg

 photo 09226ac1-ac92-49f1-8f83-551467029d0c.jpg

 photo 526221_10150628162841546_1370260733_n.jpgTaken for Rose and Baldwin’s Pre Wedding in 2012.

These pictures are the most professionally captured by me (though not pro at all la). I spent lots of money, lots of hours just to practice on my skills without charging the couple a single cent (but i got some yummy filipino food in return hehe). Some people will compliment, some will critique – which is expected lah. And because photography requires a lot of money, time and energy, I decided to take it slow. I only take pictures when I am free (I am working full time and doing my Degree as well). I kinda even sold my camera to Josh because he uses the camera more than I do and when I need it, I will just pinjam from him. Smart lehhh…hahaha

Ok….so…taking up a make up course was never on my mind although everyday I watch Michelle Phan‘s make up tutorials and practice on myself. I don’t know what inspired me to take up the make up course actually. Haha. MAYBE… as usual, I was looking up for art/design related courses and I suddenly had the thought to learn professional make up art. I thought no one will support me, so I kinda applied it quietly, trying to keep it a secret to people whom I thought will think it’s a waste of time and money. You know lah, older people tend to think nursing, engineering, law, medicine courses are the best courses in the whole wide world and have the everything-else-is-just-a-waste-of-time kind of mentality.

I always believe in pursuing in something that gives you satisfaction and makes you happy. You may be a very superb lawyer or engineer but you may not enjoy what you do. Since I am in a job I don’t really enjoy doing (though very challenging and noble – which I like) but I don’t like the shift duties, doing calls, feeling miserable most of the time due to horrible work politics and not having much social life (most nurses don’t have friends who are not nurses…hmm…like me) and I couldn’t attend church as I need to work. One reason why I started signing up for courses is to meet new friends and do something that will divert my mind away from work related stresses. And of course, maybe one day….quit my job and just paint people’s face.

When I first signed up for the make up course, I was expecting some bimbos to be there. You know, those kind of girls who will apply lots of make ups and the know it all about make ups or those girls who just hate studying and want to pursue make up because they hate studying/can’t study and a make up course does not require any qualification unlike other design courses offered in college or universities and only speaks Chinese……. yadayadayadayada…And….my heart was prepared. To face these people.

But on the first day of class, the first person I met was Xuann. She was pleasant and friendly. And she is a teacher in a primary school. So, I thought, I wasn’t alone! And 8 more girls turned up and wow…. NONE of them were bimbo at all. HAHA! No thick make ups! All of us have a full time job, all professional jobs! There are teachers, engineer, finance, marketing, professional hairdresser, beauty advisor and me, a nurse. And they all joined the course for the same purpose – to explore something new so they can quit their jobs one day. Hahaha. I am glad. SO GLAD that my classmates are awesome people!

As all of us have our full time jobs, it is actually very tiring to come to class 3 time a week. The course is for 6 months and we have to pass our theory and practical exams in order to graduate with a diploma.

 photo d12d8c40-b964-448b-8475-9ab763700cc2.jpgOne of the earlier classes – Bohemian make-up

 photo afd8b45d-730c-4bde-967e-06d9e51fbd31.jpgThe before and after picture of my model. Created this look based on my story I created. Can’t remember liao. hahaha. 

 photo 23557962-6987-4ae6-8416-5574d66c890b.jpgFaridah’s strong and arrogant make up based on a faceless picture given by my teacher.

 photo 94ce05fe-c703-4020-b6f0-ebdc261f9f39.jpgSpecial effects class. Creating wounds. I didn’t want to put anything on my face, do I did on my arm. 

 photo 077c3a2a-c116-42d9-b2e2-2eb78f9916d4.jpgI had problem doing this look as I couldn’t make my face paler. Then, i realised, I used the wrong brown colour. =______=

 photo d9608394-c9a4-4400-a4e8-b225f5a81045.jpgMy whacky classmates and I with our wounds. 

 photo 5b3b7487-25a2-45da-b011-579cb0a166c9.jpgAretha was one of my model for my exam. This picture was taken during my revision for my exam

 photo 7e8841ab-34a7-428f-9c25-5ee20a1521c1.jpg

 photo 3e87b9b0-cd6f-4c0f-acd9-f24a4bb7db46.jpgGeraldine was also my model for my exam and I spent a lot of time on her creating a look which I failed to achieve la. Sighh…

 photo 0d2f00be-eba3-4daf-b7ef-df65b84a6e44.jpgI turned my brother into a girl. 

 photo ea81fbab-0dbd-4ec4-b0d2-1c08f11153aa.jpgAnd here, my buddy Xuann and I turned our model into a cute lil owl

 photo 8e867f8f-1969-4fe6-b5f2-fb6fc7e2c95b.jpgPracticed a 1940’s look on Aretha for my exam. 

After the exams, the school gave us an opportunity to help up in a huge stage play called Footprints. It was very exciting and stressful (fun stress haha) to work and experience how is it like being in the world of a makeup artist. The fun part of it is we get to be backstage and be part of the production team. =)

 photo 7ed0f407-1d85-42f0-a253-8237d807f7c4.jpg

 photo 9385c1c6-a077-4752-8814-3319b7828515.jpg

 photo 23bf1518-edf2-4137-976f-ad3ce656db12.jpg

 photo e5181ed7-923d-442a-84e5-9c9e8bbb896b.jpgXuann and I at our allocated stations. The performers will come and we will do the make ups based on the given reference.

 photo 7b65034b-359a-402b-b985-296669ece646.jpg

At the end of the 3 days show, we made new friends and I enjoyed seeing their reaction when I told them I am a full time nurse. Not just a nurse, but an Operating Theatre Nurse. Haha. Then they somehow found me on Instagram and followed on how I live my life as a nurse.

It was a an eye opening experience and I already miss it. Because I kinda enjoy doing stage make up, I volunteered myself to a charity show called the Brave Maeve next month and got to be in charge of the make up team. It is a super stressful task as I am a brand newbie in this profession. Thankfully, the rest of the make up team are my own friends, who are newbies too. Glad they are willing to volunteer.

 photo hd_931955decd0584ec899c518e0f5a5775.jpg
Brave Maeve The Musical Poster

And on 10th September 2013…..

 photo f5e5a6c3-eb1c-4a03-81fd-2f7b1cd5c726.jpgwith Jyue Huey and Bobbie

I received my official results and graduated from The Make Up Room with a Diploma in Make Up and Hairstyling Artistry! Not the top in class but it’s okay as I am happy to be able to learn something art related and I am happy that this course helped me in my stress management with work. And I quite like how professional my portfolio looks. As it is difficult to find a freelance job for now as I have a crazy schedule full time job, I guess I will have to start creating my own portfolio from my own photography skills. So stay tuned for that!

SO… This make up course has definitely brought me on a new journey on discovering what I like. Well, I still like photography and design. But I have fallen in love with Make Up Artistry. I like how people turned out to be happy after seeing a new look in them with make up. I like how I am able to create crazy looks for stage performances. I like how I am able to make people look awesome in pictures during photo shoots. I just like seeing people happy. =)

For the past few months towards the end of the course and after the course I spent a lot of money on make up products, to prepare myself into a whole new journey of becoming a makeup artist. A makeup artist takes at least 2-3 years before he/she becomes a reliable makeup artist in the market. For now, I do makeup for free on my friends and charging only around $50 for my clients, which is not enough to cover my expenses of make up products. That is why, I still have my full time job to support my expenses.

However, if any of you, who are aspiring photographers or blogshop owners or fashion designers or bride or models who needs a makeup artist, you can look for me. Depending on what you want, I can either do it with a minimal charge (at least to cover my transport and for me to om nom nom) or for free if you really desperate for one. It will be a win-win situation as the both of us wants to build up our portfolio, right?

Oh, my portfolio pictures? Wait lah. I will post it on my next post. I guess this post has too many pictures already. I will save the pictures for the next post. At least it gives me another reason to blog, right?

So after this make up course, what’s next? Of course more make up course lah! Haha. I am planning to enrol for more make up courses after I complete my Degree. And oh, Pilates! <3 On that, I will blog about it another day (when I have that perfect figure I am dreaming about). hehe.

A Better Year Ahead

Every 365 days later, we celebrate a brand new year. We often do a reflection on how the last year had treated us and then look forward for a much more exciting and better new year.


Nope, I will not say that my 2011 sucked. Because in between the sucky moments, there were also awesome happy moments. So, my 2011 was rather challenging. In life, it was juggling between doubts and hurts and then happiness, blessings and love. I have swayed away from God a lot last 2011. And I want to make a come back to Him and have 2012 a happier year than 2011.

Also, there are so many things in 2011 that I am thankful for despite the low moments which are not so important to remember!

What will happen in 2012? I don’t know! And I’m looking forward to see what has God installed for me! Plus, it’s MY YEAR. The Dragon year! *blows fire*.

Many people will be getting married this year too. So much love in the air the last few months having so many people getting engaged. Next, we hear wedding bells, then babies crying. awwwww….

I’ll be in Singapore for another 2 years. I was thinking, if I should take up Permanent Residentship here? Is it worth it?

My Christmas – Happiness

My Christmas was simple.


Headed to church for Christmas service in the afternoon. Heard many amazing testimonies.
Pastor preached about happiness. There are 3 level of happiness.

1. Happy
2. Happier
3. Happiest

Nah, just kidding.

The first is Pleasure. Don’t deny that money does give you happiness. Shopping does give us happiness. Owning a brand new gadget, car, clothes, bags does give us happiness. But these happiness is only temporary. Agree?

The second one is Passion. We all have passion. Passion for blogging. Passion for designing. Passion for nursing. And these passion gives us happiness to an extend. We love working at what we are passionate for. True? You can put it in your hobbies too. The happiness level is longer than pleasure. When you have passion for something, it gives you pleasure. So it goes like this. I once have lotsa passion in cycling. Now, I don’t cycle anymore. I found a new passion. Which is sleeping. HAHA! That cycling passion has fade off.

And the last one is Purpose. Whatever we do, when we found the purpose in what we wanna do, the happiness is long lasting. Therefore, when we know the purpose, we will have the passion, and it gives us pleasure. So instead of starting off with pleasure, why not start off with having a purpose?

What is your purpose living in this world? We can see many unhappy people around because mainly they do not know the main purpose of life. So true, it kept me to ponder. I have a few people asked before, few years ago. And quite often, their answers will be, “To enjoy lor. Die already cannot enjoy ma.”

Ya lah. Enjoy must be happy right? But why so much unhappiness? The enjoyment is just temporary.

So ask yourself. What is your purpose in life? Is life just how you are living? Or is there more than just that?

Rachel gave one great awesome testimony that had a great link to the levels of happiness. Her story was just like any other person who thinks life is just doing what you wanna do, thinking life was just like how you and me live everyday. Whatever that gives her pleasure still led her to so much sadness and she just didn’t know why despite having so much pleasure in shopping and spending all of her savings off. Finally, she found her purpose in life, which is in God. She found God in her lowest moment of her life when she was not even a believer yet. And now, her life is changed, into a happier person, a person full of dreams and vision, and knowing her purpose in life.

She owns a blogshop, that was then, just an ordinary blogshop with no purpose, no vision. Now, she designs her own label and best of all, have a story behind every design. All are inspiring and I love reading them. Do drop by for her writings and of course her blogshop!

Do watch this video too. It is based on her testimony.

And of course, a visit from the boyfriend during the Christmas holidays. =) He finally met my grandfather and is able to click quite well. =)


Many people told me that it is too long to be in a relationship with Josh. I am now at the dangerous stage, where breakups can happen anytime. But I don’t feel so lor, neither does Josh. In fact, we felt like we are so close, like we have just started dating each other.  They said 8 years is too long and it is time to get married. They said people will start feeling bored of each other. But, I don’t feel bored of Josh! Cause every time we meet, we discover something new about each other. Hehe. Plus, if get bored, married already ma worst?

And I find it kinda ridiculous to leave a person because I’m bored of him and because it’s been too long. I mean, if no plans of marriage then I understand lah. See he so fat also I want him. You know la girls wan muscular man one. But he loves his muscles so much, he gotta protect it with a huge layer of fat. Aih…..


This Christmas, I learnt about true happiness. Have you found your happiness?

His 25th, Our 8th

Other than being back for NAPBAS 2011 last weekend, I was back to celebrate the bf’s birthday and also our 8th year of relationship together. The original plan was that he was supposed to come down to Singapore instead of me going back to KL (because I have been traveling back to KL too often this year). But the plan changed when he persuaded me to be his partner to NAPBAS 2011. He said, if I can’t go, he need to find another date. And my friends were telling me to go because not everyone gets to go and they had to do a blog post in order to win passes to the NAPBAS. So I’m the lucky one aye?



Anyway, last Saturday, we spent the whole day together. I insisted of going to church on Saturday and managed to drag him along. It was a great day to spend some time together walking in shopping malls, makan, and see smiles on each other’s face. We had to celebrate a day earlier because I had to fly back the very next day to Singapore.

There’s one thing that I am still in denial is that the bf bought me something. Something every girl would dream to own.



Honestly, it is still kept nicely wrapped in their cloth bag and in the gift box. Hehe. Will definitely use it soon!
Thank you so much….!!

And time after time, he brings out a gift for me. I did not expect SO MANY gifts from him because it’s just our anniversary.


The first surprise. Piglet all the way from Tokyo Disneyland! <3


And then came more Pooh bears.

Here’s the whole collection of soft toys + pillows (excluding my favourite chao chao pillow) given by the bf.

I feel so kanasai because I only prepared ONE gift for him. Birthday + anniversary gift. T___T

Ya lah….don’t look at the value, people look at the heart…Ada hati dah boleh. But…..I still feel bad ma… =(

Anyway, at night, we went over to Las Vagas at Mont Kiara for dinner. Was pretty disappointed with the venue and the food, but well….at least I ended with Baskin Robbins ice cream then after. =D

So, I gave him his gift. His first response was, “Why you never wrap one?

And my answer was, “Covered with white box already ma. Save paper can?

And so, he opened the gift up…..


…..and I think he was almost in tears. LOLOL

He always wanted a watch. Every time I asked him what he wants, his reply will always be ‘a watch’. He has been waiting for 3 years for a watch from me but every year I believe he must be disappointed when he sees no watch. Haha. He also told me that he almost buy himself a watch because he gave up waiting.


Bought this Kenneth Cole watch a month before his birthday at Tangs during their 12% rebate day. HAHA! At least I get some rebate in my Tangs card. =P Had a hard time choosing watches because there were SO MANY of them. Thank God I had Danee with me to help me out. Or else I’ll spend the whole day there choosing one.

On the actual day, which was a Sunday, we had lunch at Marche, The Curve. I think Marche in Singapore is better. ANYWAY…..
The bf was looking for a new pair of jeans. I don’t know is it because he is growing bigger or his jeans are getting looser.

And because I felt SO BAD for just giving him ONE gift while I had SO MANY, I decided to buy him one. Calvin Klein Jeans store was just in front of us and they were having sales. So we popped by inside and have a look. He tried it on and liked it very much as the cutting fits him very well. But the price is like mad expensive.

Well, I believe in owning a good pair of jeans because I bought one from Topshop and it is still so fitting on me! I used to buy new pair of jeans every year because they get very loose, not because I lost weight, but the quality of the jeans were bad, it gets bigger after every wash. Instead of a skinny, it will look like a straight cut jeans.

So, I bought him this jeans.


Yes, this pair of jeans waist line is longer than my shoulder. Oh how much my bf has grown….sideways…Thats the purpose of why this picture was taken. Bwaahahaha.

(I need one too… T___T. If you realize, I only have one pair…which is my favourite grey Topshop Jamie skinny jeans. Nevermind, I shall stay faithful for a while more to this jeans!)

It was one of the happiest weekend of the year. Because we are on long distance relationship for many many years already, this feeling of joy and happiness is as if we have just started dating. Haha. And I’m looking forward for more of such days.


I love you.