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Living in Beijing – My First 2 Weeks

Greetings from Beijing!

As most of you have known, I will be spending close to a month in Beijing. Not work related nor a vacation. I have decided to come over to Beijing to clear off my mind from some emotional stress. So far I’m loving my stay here and I’m quite sad that it is ending soon.

Anyway, early morning of the day before flying to Beijing, I started passing pee with blood. Lots of blood. It was painless at first, but then towards the end of each pee, it stings. I had to go to the toilet very often because my bladder felt irritated. I had to wake my sister up to bring me to the hospital and was diagnosed with cystitis. I almost cancelled my flight to Beijing because the first doctor said it is not infection cause there is blood. When the 2nd doctor took over, he called the specialist and then I saw him writing the diagnosis as Cystitis. After that, I went home, slept and when I woke up, I called the hospital for my urine culture results and was relieved when it’s just some infection that is common in women, and just needed it to be treated with some antibiotics. I told the nurse, “OK, I’m cancelling the appointment with the specialist and I’m flying tonight!” hehe. God is good, I didn’t suffer much during the 6 hours flight to Beijing.

My first week in Beijing was rather dull, just staying home, cooking and doing grocery shopping at the nearby mall and then dating on weekends with my Josh. Though it sounded boring and many would have said I’m wasting my time here, I don’t think so because I am feeling really relaxed and happy. I have visited those tourist spots during my previous trips, so I don’t really have anywhere in particular to visit, unless we go out of Beijing. It is so cold here, I rather stay indoors. Also, my Mandarin tak boleh make it one, I don’t dare to take the taxi to anywhere because I might get lost and I don’t know how to direct the driver home too….

 photo IMG_20150126_145702.jpgOur first lunch. Josh ordered this via delivery and they taste AWESOME!

 photo IMG_20150129_122827.jpgDecided to do some cooking and tried making the Potato Patties I learnt from a Singapore show called Hey, Chef! Are You Home?

When Friday finally came, Josh came home early and brought me out to pak tor. Our first FriDate was having some delicious Spanish Cuisine.

 photo 20150130215217_IMG_1051_1.jpg
 photo 20150130225930_IMG_1086_1.jpgThen we walked around this shopping area called Tai Koo Li at Sanlitun where all the designer brands are.

A week has passed and I started my 2nd week with peeing blood again! I was annoyed because I have just completed my antibiotics. Mom told me not to eat oily, fried, BBQ, salty and spicy food. Then I remembered happily having them for lunch and dinner during the weekend.

 photo IMG_1186.jpg Ajak-ed Yat out and had some yummy BBQ-ed food!

 photo IMG_20150201_232246_1.jpg Then we had Korean for dinner.

Because of those good yummy food, my 2nd week was all about having plain dull food and drinking litres of water. I am no longer peeing blood but it still stings when I pee. And it hurts a lot when my bladder is very full. Planning to see a doctor here in Beijing but I don’t have any clue of where to see. Will see a specialist when I get back to Singapore.

So.. what have I been doing in Beijing. Honestly, nothing much. My friend has been calling me a ‘tai tai’. Haha. Everyday, I just stayed home and watch TV or cook some yummy food for Josh. Occasionally, Josh will bring me out for dinner and sometimes with his colleagues. There was once I stayed with him in the office after dinner and watched him and his colleagues work till 12.30am. I’m very glad to see him enjoying himself at this company. To be honest, although they work around the clock, they never complained as much as I did about my job and still put their heart and soul to their work. It’s amazing to see their passion and how much they love working there.

Speaking about how awesome the company is, I had the privilege to experience even more awesome stuff about the company. Josh brought me to their company event, specially for its employees, by the employees.

 photo IMG_1196.jpg

The amazing annual Xiao Mi staff event was held in the Beijing Indoor Stadium. There are more than 7000 staffs and counting working with Xiao Mi. I was in awe on how much effort they put in to make this event like an award show. And their staffs are talented! Got standard one! After the event, we went for dinner with his colleagues. This time his colleagues was the whole Global Team. Meaning, there’s about 50 of them. And I was the ONLY non staff there…

 photo 20150206201633_IMG_1278_1.jpg You can never spot me inside here cause I was way behind hiding so I wont photobomb the group picture haha.

 photo 20150206201254_IMG_1257_1.jpg Josh’s boss, Hugo Barra giving a toast to his team.

I was quiet all the time during the dinner as I am quite shy in front of new faces until one of his colleagues asked him why I don’t talk one. Hehe. Sorry! I was really shy! Oh, then Josh’s boss came up to say hi to me and then complimented Josh, calling him a 3-in-1 and is serious at what he does. So proud of my talented multi-tasker =)

The next day, we went out for late lunch with Yat and had a short walk at 798. There’s nothing to see at night because they are all closed when the sun went down and it’s gelap gelita..

 photo IMG_1438.jpg

 photo IMG_1429.jpg It was after lunch and before dinner hour so there weren’t any other customers here.

 photo IMG_1452.jpg Super yummy Yunnan Cuisine! Especially the Mushroom Soup!

The food here in China is actually very yummy! =D

Last weekend, we went out of Beijing for skiing at the mountains at Chongli County with Josh’s colleagues from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It was freaking cold (-13 deg celsius) but when skiing, it wasn’t cold! Apparently, this is where the skiing tournament for Olympics 2022 will be held. The trip was planned and arranged by Jack. Thank you, Jack!

 photo GOPR0887_1423353952413_high_2_1.jpg On the bus for a 3-hours journey to the ski resort!

 photo GOPR0890_1423353976343_high_1.jpg

 photo GOPR0907_1423387968063_high_1.jpg

Arrived at the Secret Garden Genting Ski Resort, rented our suits, safety and ski equipments. Cost about RMB2200 (before discount) for 2 pax and if you present your IC (any nationality), you can get a discount and get your refund after returning your ski suits and equipments. Oh, the ski resort is owned by the the Malaysian owned Genting Resorts World.

 photo GOPR0926_1423388083337_high_1.jpg Josh’s Singaporean colleagues

 photo 2015-02-080551461.jpg

Being a first timer, it was pretty scary as I wasn’t used in controlling the ski even on flat surface. When I decided to go down, I couldn’t control the speed and freaked out cause I knew I will fall! So I squatted down to prevent a hard fall and threw the ski poles away. As I was skiing down I was screaming and finally fell on my butt. It wasn’t painful cause I was already squatting down. What sucks was falling and being unable to get up. There were some guides there and they pulled us up and left us alone after that.

Honestly, I was scared to go down the 2nd time, but I decided to be brave and went down wheeeee! I managed to control the speed at the start so it also means I know how to control the ski already! I used the same technique as roller blading and ice skating and I went down like a pro, in a fast speed and break by sliding sideways. Really like a pro on my 2nd try. HAHA!

 photo 2015-02-080542381.jpg That’s me going down to have a look at Josh’s colleague who fell.

After skiing, we took a 4 hours bus back to Beijing. It was an hour longer because of the jam. We actually spent more time on the bus than skiing. Haha. Those who fell kind of injured themselves and I hope they will recover soon. Josh has been experiencing some pains from his bad fall when he couldn’t control and skied backwards. It was such a heartache seeing him fall and I couldn’t do anything. =(

Because we started the day early we didn’t had breakfast and lunch. We ended up treating ourselves with some good food at Hai Di Lao.

 photo FB_IMG_1423406737181.jpg

I was experiencing some bladder irritation (again. sigh..) so I was going in and out of the toilet. I was, as usual, shy and didn’t talked much over the table. His colleagues actually asked if I was alright and is it the usual me for not talking much. Haha. Nevertheless, it was a great fellowship with his colleagues.

I have just started my 3rd week here. Exactly one more week before flying home. I’m gonna treasure every single moment now.

My First 3 Days in Beijing

Since Josh was relocated to Beijing, I have been looking at flight tickets to Beijing as often as I could. This was my 2nd trip to Beijing in less than 3 months! Lol. Speaking of love sick right. Though we have been in long distance relationship for close to 11 years, I can’t help but to still miss him terribly every single day, even when I am at work. I get really bored when no one talks to me or scold me or disturb me or bully me, thats why my mind is just thinking of that dude. Yeah, day dreaming about going dating with my boyfriend. I miss my boyfriend most before I go to sleep. Thats why almost every single day I will call him, just to hear him say “Hi”, and i’m satisfied. No, listening to recorded version of his voice doesn’t feel as syiok as this one. Aiya, this kind of feeling very hard to explain one….

Anyway, so my 2nd trip to Beijing. I know he will be at busy at work. I went to Beijing on weekdays due to my limited last leaves and expected to be alone at home during the day time. It wasn’t so bad after all. I wake up past 12pm every single day! I love this kind of life, nobody disturb my beauty sleep and I can sleep all day long. Haha. Plus, he lives in a very beautiful and clean apartment.

 photo blog080814-12.jpg  photo blog080814-11.jpg  photo blog080814-16.jpg

The whole apartment is surrounded by a garden. Very romantic if wanna berdating hehe.

 photo blog080814-15.jpg

Kid playing football in the evening.

 photo blog070814-12.jpg

How not to love this place right? I feel so happy and comfortable just being at home! My first day in Beijing was basically my sleeping day. I woke up close to 1pm and the boyfriend brought home lunch he bought from the food court. It was yummy la the food he bought. No wonder he never lost any weight… After lunch, he went back to work and I was browsing through the MiTV programmes and felt sleepy. I actually planned to visit the mall (which is less than 5 minutes walk away how cool is that!!) to buy groceries to cook for dinner, but I was feeling so tired I went back to bed again until urm, 7pm I think. Josh came home at around 8pm and we went to Wudaukou for dinner at a small Japanese Restaurant (Chinese style) haha. The food was not bad actually. The next day, I woke up past 12pm and went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch. Then I went to Walmart to shop for groceries and that was the TOUGHEST grocery shopping ever in my whole life. Firstly, I don’t read Chinese. So I don’t know what they were. Secondly, the meat looks…scary.. At the end of my grocery shopping, I just bought Siew Pak Choy, Tanghoon, eggs, kiwi, garlic, banana milk, salk, oyster sauce. Thats all.

 photo blog080814-1.jpg

My banana milk. Quite yummy!

Sad, I know… That’s all for this day. Went home feeling bored so I started taking pictures of his toys.

 photo blog080814-9.jpg  photo blog080814-7.jpg  photo blog080814-4.jpg
and behold….

 photo blog080814-8.jpg
the awesome pawsome MiTV!

On my 3rd day, don’t be surprised because yes I woke up past 12pm again. Went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch again and off I went shopping while Josh got back to work.

 photo blog080814-3.jpg

Went to H&M and went home to laze at home and selfie and got ready to go out for dinner with Josh (finally I can dress up to go dating!). By the time we went for dinner it was 9.30pm already. We went to Hai Di Lou at Wangfujing for dinner. Dinner was awesome!

 photo blog080814-19.jpgKungfu man making our noodles! Josh said if I order noodles I can see dancing man haha!

 photo blog080814-17.jpg

 photo blog080814-18.jpg We had steamboat and my dear Josh sweat buckets eating his food from the ma la based soup. For this, I will save it for my next post 😉

After dinner we went jalan-jalan along Wangfujing.

 photo blog080814-21.jpg

 photo blog080814-24.jpg

Passed by a prostitute who approached an ang moh man (who was with his wife) and offered her service. When he refused, she start showing her middle finger and say “F*** you! F*** your wife! You have small d*** so you scared! F*** your sister! F*** your mother! F*** your grandmother!”   O___O


So yeah, that’s all for my first 3 days in Beijing!

 photo blog080814-23.jpg


<3 tiff (and josh)

Floating Lanterns



Hoi An is famous for their making of paper lanterns. But this one is a simple floating lantern where you can find them sold along the bridge. They will use a long wooden pole to set them gently on the waters. Usually at every full moon night, floating lanterns will be lighted up. So I bet the river will be flooded with floating lanterns! But I guess the lanterns are to attract tourist, so even on non festive days, you can see floating lanterns. =)

I didn’t manage to snap a good pictures of the floating lanterns on the river because I wasn’t equipped with a longer lens and a tripod. =(

Cycling in an Ancient Town



The boyfriend and I visited an ancient town in Vietnam, called Hoi An. One thing I enjoyed most is cycling. It’s been a while since I cycled around for so many hours. I remember the last time I cycled this long was almost 10 years ago!

Honestly, I love Hoi An. Probably because of the slow paced culture. After being in a stressful environment, all I want is to take my time and enjoy my vacation than to rush around visiting a few cities. I’ll be exhausted. Well, you will hear lots of honking there, where if this happens in Malaysia or Singapore it’s either you’re mad at other drivers or vice versa. But, they honk to signal you.

The boyfriend has not cycled for almost as long as me, and didn’t really have confident. But honestly, this is not the right place to practice or learn cycling. When he first tried riding, he couldn’t control the next thing I know is I saw him in the center of the road with car heading towards him! But in Vietnam, cars/bus/lorries/motorcycles will try to avoid you. I was so scared I scolded him after that! But he managed to cycle well after a while. Phew!

I bet the locals were laughing. Haha.



The boyfriend being playful.


Will blog more when I get my pictures. Left my external hard disc back in KL!

Don’t You Just Love Life?

Sorry for going MIA again. Was just too busy to sit down and blog about something. Since I’m a little free now, I shall start blogging about something!



So it’s the 10th day of 2011. How did everyone celebrated your new year? 2010 has gone and let’s all look forward for a better future! =)

2011 is gonna be a year full of celebration. Live. Love. Laugh. Proposals, marriages, birthdays, travels, work!

So I celebrated the New Year at Australia. I enjoyed the trip with the bf, Nigel and Kel Li


nope, we did not dress up like the locals of Aussie for party. We were all just looking at them, admiring their dresses and shoes. We were just all in casual beach wears!

“Aww, Asians doesn’t know how to party?”


This was what we were wearing! Casual and brr it was cold that night! Cold summer aye?


This is the beautiful Brisbane. Look at the blue blue sky we can never get in Malaysia and Singapore! It was a windy day, thank God no rain!


sleepy head Koala at Currumbin on a rainy day


Though I enjoyed my trip a lot with the bf, but what makes it even fun when there are friends around you! So yeah, double date at Movie World! Fun hanging out with Kel Li who’s always so excited about all the rides while me scary cat don’t dare to sit any of the rides.


But she managed to persuade me to ride on this Scooby Doo one. I saw kids going on the rides too. So I thought it isn’t that bad. But no, the ride was OMGicandie, I screamed so loud, I think they couldn’t concentrate on the ride but to laugh at my screams. Heh

There are just too many pictures that I wanna share. If you wanna see more pictures, you can see them all in my facebook. =)


I really enjoyed this trip, very much. It is indeed a blessing from Above that I am able to travel to Aussie for the 2nd time of the year last year. Truly amazing!


And of course the best part of the trip is coming back with my luggage packed with cheap summer dresses! And due to that, both our wallets were screaming in pain. And it is only me who was doing the shopping. =P

Of course, without the bf, this trip may be impossible. Thanks love. xoxo