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Our Wedding #joshuatiffanie

Initially I wanted to write on my proposal last year and also the planning of our wedding, but I decided to just go straight to our wedding instead. #lazy So.. yeap… we are FINALLY married!

Our wedding was back in May, on the 14th. As we are not superstitious nor have any significant date, we chose the date according to our vendors’ availability. Haha. But the date is not too bad too – 140516. =D

We decided to have our wedding at Glasshouse at Seputeh as the location was the perfect one for us. An indoor garden wedding! Josh tend to sweat a lot so having an outdoor wedding in this hot and humid climate will make him and everyone else uncomfortable.As the both of us are currently based in Singapore, going back to KL to prep for our wedding can be a hassle. We decided to fork out a little bit more cash to ease our burden. I did not want to hire a wedding planner as I wanted the wedding planning to be meaningful and something I would remember. It was tough and stressful, but I’m glad everything went well! I didn’t want to be a bridezilla, so I gave the vendors their freedom to let their creativity shine! All I did was to give them my mood board and give them their space to create.Probably the only thing I was fussy about was my wedding cake, invitation card and wedding dress. Sorry! Lol.

So, since we didn’t have much time, we decided to do our preparation and pick up at Majestic Hotel. The reason we chose this hotel is because it’s beautiful and very near to Glasshouse!

Watch our wedding highlight here! Thank you Nigel and team from Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling for the awesome job done!

After watching, let’s continue here. lol.

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-1.jpg I got Aivy Yong as my makeup artist. I love how she understand my style by just telling her “simple and natural”.

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-3.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-11.jpg My wedding dress was custom made by Grey by Bridal Art Gallery. I decided to buy the dress and it cost me RM3000. Made to rent is possible too! I love the bag dress provided by them as it is so convenient and neat! I can put 2 dresses inside without having to carry so many bags! And my shoes is from Aldo! I had difficulty finding that perfect shoes as I dislike blings and would love a simple design.

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-17.jpg Josh’s suit is from Zara. He didn’t want to spend so much on custom made suits.

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-18.jpg Josh’s treasures. haha. His shoes is from Pedro.

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-19.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-27_1.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-39.jpg My robe from Plum Pretty Sugar

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-44.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-50.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-48.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-59.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-29.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-23.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-33.jpg We engaged Sherly from Tie the Knot as our venue stylist as we didn’t want to be stress on doing all the decors on our own. She’s AMAZING! I trust her with the design and I was very surprised at how it came out to be! I don’t really have a specific theme like the colours and all, but I love it to be a “beautiful mess” concept. Both Josh and I cannot pull out anything neat. Haha.

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-66.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-67.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-69.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-70.jpg We had difficulty finding this pewter wine cup and candle stand so we borrowed from my church in Kuantan. Thank you to WMC Kuantan and Abelene for bringing it to KL!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-72.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-79.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-89.jpg Buffet spread decor by Tie the Knot!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-90.jpg Our buffet vendor was Big Onion Caterer. They are at the pricier side but their food was AWESOME especially the LAMB! Apparently the Roasted Lamb was the hit of the night, and sadly, we only ordered 2 lambs. Haha. Tak cukup for 250 guests. Lol. We decided to choose Big Onion as they provide wedding packages where it also includes basic table arrangement with the table and chairs! Just sekaligus food, table, chair, semua in.. kaotim sai! They posted some pictures of the food on their Facebook page. Go there to see!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-82.jpg We got our wedding favours from Cure.Me.Cookies. Their cookies are so yummy!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-93.jpg This table has some our our DIY projects and some styling by Tie the Knot. The stationaries here were from Typo and Bells & Birds! And the Giant Flower was made by my very own father! How awesome is that! Daddy used to do a lot of these craft works long time ago. I asked him to make the flower for me to wake his creativity again. Everyone loves the flowers very much!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-95.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-99.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-100.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-98.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-96.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-103.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-106.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-76.jpg And here comes the bride! And my big brother opening the car door for me haha. We totally broke the norm man. Lol. Usually its the youngest boy in the family but my lil cousin hasn’t arrive so my brother happily opened the door for me. hahaha.

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-111.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-118.jpg Cousin Amanda

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-123.jpg Cousins Hui Xin, Tarnia

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-127.jpg and cheeky Asher

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-129.jpg My lovely bridesmaid Asvin who is getting married in December *woot woot!*

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-132.jpg Youngest sister, Abigail

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-134.jpg And my other younger sister, Phoebe. She composed the wedding processional song for me, which is about Josh and I. Listen to the whole song below!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-139.jpg my happy grandmother!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-143.jpg And here comes me and daddy <3  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-149.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-116.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-153.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-184.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-204.jpg So thankful for Pastor Andrew for flying in from Singapore to officiate our wedding!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-203.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-219.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-227.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-233.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-240.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-261.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-366.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-369.jpg After our wedding ceremony, the caterer and Sherly had to put on their armor to transform the hall for dinner! Apparently they took 15 minutes to set up the main table! Amazing work guys!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-376.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-384.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-383.jpg Amazing how our ushers managed to get our guests to clear the area and get a clean image of the new setup!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-380.jpg Our wedding cake was from Josh’s friend and the decor was done up by my florist, Florahera and the cake topper is from KCottage Studio!  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-388.jpg Flowers by daddy <3 as our videobooth! Instead of a photobooth, we opted for a videobooth!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-389.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-395.jpg Check out the video! I’m gonna self-promote my services here LOL: Advertisement: If you are looking for a videobooth at your event or wedding, drop me an email! It’s something unique and different and definitely fun!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-387.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-398.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-402.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-407.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-413.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-423.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-409.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-426.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-425.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-428.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-440.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-452.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-458.jpg Daddy giving his speech

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-470.jpg Sistah giving her speech!

 photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-451.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-472.jpg  photo Joshua amp Tiffanies Wedding Day-479.jpg

So thankful for everybody who came and most importantly those who volunteered though we are not very close! From the bottom of our hearts, we are really thankful and blessed to have everyone to be part of our wedding.

And for those who wants to know our vendors, here’s the list of them:

Venue: Majestic Hotel, KL & Glasshouse at Seputeh
Photography: Smittenpixels Photography
Videography: Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling
Videobooth: TiffanieTan Photography
Venue Styling: Tie the Knot
Bridal, bridesmaid, flowergirl bouquet and cake decor: Florahera
Makeup Artist: Aivy Yong ; Fibiee Liew
Wedding Dress: Grey by Bridal Art Gallery
Evening Gown: ASOS
Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar
Groom’s Suit: Zara
Stationaries: Bells & Birds,
Typo Wedding Favours: Cure.Me.Cookies
Caterer: Big Onion Catering
Balloons: Oh Balloons

I hope this will help any brides to be out there! If you need any advise, feel free to drop me an email! =)

Update: Our wedding is feature on The Wedding Scoop! Go Check it out!

Living in Beijing – My First 2 Weeks

Greetings from Beijing!

As most of you have known, I will be spending close to a month in Beijing. Not work related nor a vacation. I have decided to come over to Beijing to clear off my mind from some emotional stress. So far I’m loving my stay here and I’m quite sad that it is ending soon.

Anyway, early morning of the day before flying to Beijing, I started passing pee with blood. Lots of blood. It was painless at first, but then towards the end of each pee, it stings. I had to go to the toilet very often because my bladder felt irritated. I had to wake my sister up to bring me to the hospital and was diagnosed with cystitis. I almost cancelled my flight to Beijing because the first doctor said it is not infection cause there is blood. When the 2nd doctor took over, he called the specialist and then I saw him writing the diagnosis as Cystitis. After that, I went home, slept and when I woke up, I called the hospital for my urine culture results and was relieved when it’s just some infection that is common in women, and just needed it to be treated with some antibiotics. I told the nurse, “OK, I’m cancelling the appointment with the specialist and I’m flying tonight!” hehe. God is good, I didn’t suffer much during the 6 hours flight to Beijing.

My first week in Beijing was rather dull, just staying home, cooking and doing grocery shopping at the nearby mall and then dating on weekends with my Josh. Though it sounded boring and many would have said I’m wasting my time here, I don’t think so because I am feeling really relaxed and happy. I have visited those tourist spots during my previous trips, so I don’t really have anywhere in particular to visit, unless we go out of Beijing. It is so cold here, I rather stay indoors. Also, my Mandarin tak boleh make it one, I don’t dare to take the taxi to anywhere because I might get lost and I don’t know how to direct the driver home too….

 photo IMG_20150126_145702.jpgOur first lunch. Josh ordered this via delivery and they taste AWESOME!

 photo IMG_20150129_122827.jpgDecided to do some cooking and tried making the Potato Patties I learnt from a Singapore show called Hey, Chef! Are You Home?

When Friday finally came, Josh came home early and brought me out to pak tor. Our first FriDate was having some delicious Spanish Cuisine.

 photo 20150130215217_IMG_1051_1.jpg
 photo 20150130225930_IMG_1086_1.jpgThen we walked around this shopping area called Tai Koo Li at Sanlitun where all the designer brands are.

A week has passed and I started my 2nd week with peeing blood again! I was annoyed because I have just completed my antibiotics. Mom told me not to eat oily, fried, BBQ, salty and spicy food. Then I remembered happily having them for lunch and dinner during the weekend.

 photo IMG_1186.jpg Ajak-ed Yat out and had some yummy BBQ-ed food!

 photo IMG_20150201_232246_1.jpg Then we had Korean for dinner.

Because of those good yummy food, my 2nd week was all about having plain dull food and drinking litres of water. I am no longer peeing blood but it still stings when I pee. And it hurts a lot when my bladder is very full. Planning to see a doctor here in Beijing but I don’t have any clue of where to see. Will see a specialist when I get back to Singapore.

So.. what have I been doing in Beijing. Honestly, nothing much. My friend has been calling me a ‘tai tai’. Haha. Everyday, I just stayed home and watch TV or cook some yummy food for Josh. Occasionally, Josh will bring me out for dinner and sometimes with his colleagues. There was once I stayed with him in the office after dinner and watched him and his colleagues work till 12.30am. I’m very glad to see him enjoying himself at this company. To be honest, although they work around the clock, they never complained as much as I did about my job and still put their heart and soul to their work. It’s amazing to see their passion and how much they love working there.

Speaking about how awesome the company is, I had the privilege to experience even more awesome stuff about the company. Josh brought me to their company event, specially for its employees, by the employees.

 photo IMG_1196.jpg

The amazing annual Xiao Mi staff event was held in the Beijing Indoor Stadium. There are more than 7000 staffs and counting working with Xiao Mi. I was in awe on how much effort they put in to make this event like an award show. And their staffs are talented! Got standard one! After the event, we went for dinner with his colleagues. This time his colleagues was the whole Global Team. Meaning, there’s about 50 of them. And I was the ONLY non staff there…

 photo 20150206201633_IMG_1278_1.jpg You can never spot me inside here cause I was way behind hiding so I wont photobomb the group picture haha.

 photo 20150206201254_IMG_1257_1.jpg Josh’s boss, Hugo Barra giving a toast to his team.

I was quiet all the time during the dinner as I am quite shy in front of new faces until one of his colleagues asked him why I don’t talk one. Hehe. Sorry! I was really shy! Oh, then Josh’s boss came up to say hi to me and then complimented Josh, calling him a 3-in-1 and is serious at what he does. So proud of my talented multi-tasker =)

The next day, we went out for late lunch with Yat and had a short walk at 798. There’s nothing to see at night because they are all closed when the sun went down and it’s gelap gelita..

 photo IMG_1438.jpg

 photo IMG_1429.jpg It was after lunch and before dinner hour so there weren’t any other customers here.

 photo IMG_1452.jpg Super yummy Yunnan Cuisine! Especially the Mushroom Soup!

The food here in China is actually very yummy! =D

Last weekend, we went out of Beijing for skiing at the mountains at Chongli County with Josh’s colleagues from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It was freaking cold (-13 deg celsius) but when skiing, it wasn’t cold! Apparently, this is where the skiing tournament for Olympics 2022 will be held. The trip was planned and arranged by Jack. Thank you, Jack!

 photo GOPR0887_1423353952413_high_2_1.jpg On the bus for a 3-hours journey to the ski resort!

 photo GOPR0890_1423353976343_high_1.jpg

 photo GOPR0907_1423387968063_high_1.jpg

Arrived at the Secret Garden Genting Ski Resort, rented our suits, safety and ski equipments. Cost about RMB2200 (before discount) for 2 pax and if you present your IC (any nationality), you can get a discount and get your refund after returning your ski suits and equipments. Oh, the ski resort is owned by the the Malaysian owned Genting Resorts World.

 photo GOPR0926_1423388083337_high_1.jpg Josh’s Singaporean colleagues

 photo 2015-02-080551461.jpg

Being a first timer, it was pretty scary as I wasn’t used in controlling the ski even on flat surface. When I decided to go down, I couldn’t control the speed and freaked out cause I knew I will fall! So I squatted down to prevent a hard fall and threw the ski poles away. As I was skiing down I was screaming and finally fell on my butt. It wasn’t painful cause I was already squatting down. What sucks was falling and being unable to get up. There were some guides there and they pulled us up and left us alone after that.

Honestly, I was scared to go down the 2nd time, but I decided to be brave and went down wheeeee! I managed to control the speed at the start so it also means I know how to control the ski already! I used the same technique as roller blading and ice skating and I went down like a pro, in a fast speed and break by sliding sideways. Really like a pro on my 2nd try. HAHA!

 photo 2015-02-080542381.jpg That’s me going down to have a look at Josh’s colleague who fell.

After skiing, we took a 4 hours bus back to Beijing. It was an hour longer because of the jam. We actually spent more time on the bus than skiing. Haha. Those who fell kind of injured themselves and I hope they will recover soon. Josh has been experiencing some pains from his bad fall when he couldn’t control and skied backwards. It was such a heartache seeing him fall and I couldn’t do anything. =(

Because we started the day early we didn’t had breakfast and lunch. We ended up treating ourselves with some good food at Hai Di Lao.

 photo FB_IMG_1423406737181.jpg

I was experiencing some bladder irritation (again. sigh..) so I was going in and out of the toilet. I was, as usual, shy and didn’t talked much over the table. His colleagues actually asked if I was alright and is it the usual me for not talking much. Haha. Nevertheless, it was a great fellowship with his colleagues.

I have just started my 3rd week here. Exactly one more week before flying home. I’m gonna treasure every single moment now.

Our Long Distance Relationship

Josh and I have been in a relationship for nearly 11 years. We knew each other from the Youth Alive Forum, he is from KL and I am from Kuantan. We started chatting on ICQ and MSN, leading to long conversations over the phone using Ring Ring card and late night calls that irritates my sister so I had to open the window and talked outside the window then to being penpals, to pet siblings and now lovers. We meet each other at camps and whenever I go down to KL, I will sneakily go out to find him. Yes, you got it… my parents didn’t knew about our relationship but they suspected.

 photo DSCF3189.jpg
Us in 2007. Lololol. I was once so fat and he was once so skinny. Now it is the opposite! I wish I have the older pictures of us. They are all back in Kuantan in my treasure box.

When I went to KL to study in 2006 for 3 years, we see each other once a week and would go dating every weekend. That’s the only time we were closer to each other. Then in 2009, the long distance relationship started again.

 photo P1120090.jpg
Few months after I moved to Singapore, he came over to visit. =)

 photo IMG_1583.jpg
He came down to Singapore to celebrate my birthday in 2010.

It was tough because after that, we didn’t see each for 6 months. After that, I would try to fly back to KL every month just to see him. I don’t blame him for not finding me in Singapore because the currency rate was (and still is) unacceptably high for him. We would plan trips so we could spend time together from all the other times we couldn’t spend because of the distance.

 photo P1350606.jpg
Our first overseas trip together to Melbourne, Australia in 2010

 photo P1420170-2.jpg
Us in Brisbane, Australia in 2010. Josh won a pair of flight ticket, so we went to Brisbane and Gold Coast that year end.

 photo P1350987.jpg
During his first CNY in Kuantan

 photo DSC_3892.jpg
Our trip to Bangkok, Thailand in 2011

 photo hoian-68.jpg

 photo IMG_1682.jpg
Our trip to Hoi An, Vietnam in 2012

 photo penang-12.jpg
At Hard Rock Cafe, Penang. After arriving from Hoi An, we went straight to Penang. This is the only picture of us haha. The rest are either all food of our individual pictures.

 photo bkk-hanoi-44.jpg
Bangkok, Thailand, 2012 (It wasn’t 2013 yet that time!)

 photo P1011126-1.jpg
Hanoi, Vietnam, 2012

 photo 1502450_10151842319991546_1229067820_o.jpg
Osaka, Japan, 2013

 photo 1522856_10151842374246546_1399571589_o.jpg
Tokyo, Japan, 2013

 photo DSC_6995.jpg
Perth, Australia, 2014 As years passes by, Josh started working and have the opportunity to work overseas.

Currently, he is now in Beijing. And, I have been going over to Beijing the past month to visit him.

 photo DSC_1823.jpg
Beijing, China, June 2014

 photo DSC_4260.jpg

 photo DSC_4656.jpg
Beijing, China, August 2014.

If you guys notice, in most of our pictures, Josh is always on the right and I am always on the left. lol. All because of angle. Lol. I’m fine at any side, but he is not haha. Not just the angle la actually, it is also because he is used to use his left hand to hold the camera for selfie, and I am used to holding the camera with my right hand when I selfie. That explains why.

Ok back to our LDR topic.

You’re travelling again?! I salute you as you have so many commitments (I only share to some people) but yet you are able to travel.

Josh and I love travelling. And because we see each other once in a while, the money that we don’t spend on each other are spent on our travels. And Josh is the most aunty person ever la for a guy. He is a super budget person so everything from flight to accommodation is cheap. And he will bargain kao kao and I will just pay that dude the money. Though they cheat my money but I kesian them la, they all work so hard yet earn so little already. Of course, I won’t pay USD10 for a slice of pineapple la. But if it is USD1 (RM3+), I will still pay for it instead of bargaining. Well, the only thing Josh is willing to spend on is on FOOD. He paid for the Kobe beef we had in Japan. I though it was unreasonably expensive but after eating it, ok la worth paying that unreasonable price.

I admit, I am broke most of the time. My bank savings is almost empty most of the time and I have debts to settle too. Nowadays, I don’t shop like how I used to. I spend my money mostly on travels, gadgets, courses and trainings. My grandmother will nag me and say that I don’t know how to save money for the future. To be honest, half of my salary is gone into forced savings. I signed up for an insurance savings programme and now that I am a Singapore PR, 20% of my savings is going into my CPF. At least I will be richer when I turn 45 (my insurance plan is til age 45 only) and even richer when I turn 55. Haha. That if I continue staying in Singapore la, right? But I think I better have plan B now, just incase I won’t be residing in Singapore in a few years time. Now that I changed my job, I hope that I am able to save at least 20-30% of my savings once I settle all my debts.

Looking back, God has been blessing us. From free flights to super cheap flight tickets. And despite being broke, I still have enough to bless others (in 2012 and early 2014, I blessed my sisters on our trip to Bangkok and Hanoi and family on our trip to Perth).

 photo P1010931.jpg
With my sisters in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2012.

 photo 1796921_10151972014966546_302615361_o.jpg
With my family (mom didn’t wanna come along for the trip) in Perth, Australia earlier this year.


How often do you see each other?

Before Josh went over to Beijing, we used to go out dating monthly. Usually, it was either I go back to KL or he comes to Singapore. If we don’t go out paktor, we will spend time at home – either at my home in Singapore or KL or at his home in KL and fall asleep on the couch. (Yeah, we love sleeping. That’s the thing we have in common, we love sleeping. We can sleep at literally, anywhere). But now, we could only see each other once every few months. Yes, he still goes back to KL every month as he is just on normal business visa. Though he is back in KL, it doesn’t mean I can go over to visit as I have work commitments too and the timing doesn’t fit to my schedule. And he, is unable to come to Singapore because he wants to spend time with his friends and family and attend events for his blogging stuff.

I was looking at public holidays at both sides (Singapore and China) and learnt that China will have a week of National Day public holiday in October. So happen, Hari Raya Haji falls on one of the days. I asked Josh if he could come over to visit me in Singapore (he has 7 days, I have only 1 day!), but he rather go travel as he doesn’t have much annual leave. So he uses public holidays as an opportunity to travel and relax. Since Beijing is so near to places like Korea, Taiwan and Japan, I understand why he wants to go travel instead of going back to KL or to Singapore for me.

The next time I will be able to see him is during Christmas, as we will be travelling to Taiwan for our year end holiday with his friends. Can’t wait!


But he is in China, you not scared he will have another woman ah? You know, it’s China.

I get that all the time when I tell people that Josh is working in China. First reaction is, “That’s it lah. There goes your boyfriend. China woman very flirty one” or “So you’re going Beijing so often to check him out to make sure he doesn’t have any other woman?” Honestly, all those statement are very discouraging. Instead of telling me positive stuff, here goes all the negative ones. I am human, I do think negatively at times too. I still think of all those “what ifs“. In addition, I did had this thought, during his long public holiday break, he wants to go travel instead of visiting me. Who will he be going with? With a girl? or with a guy?

Anyway, I was the one who encouraged him to take up the job in China. He had 2 job offers that time. One is with a company in Malaysia, that also allows him to go to Singapore and work in their office there at anytime if he misses me (which company so sweet will allow such thing, right?!) and the other one is a promising company based in Beijing. I told him to go for the one in Beijing so he could learn to be independent and this job will also help him build up his portfolio. Another reason is so I can take this opportunity to travel to a land I have not been to lol. Beijing is now my 4th home. Haha.

So yeah, despite all those negative remarks on Josh will dump me for a China woman, I’ll just continue to trust him like how I have been trusting him the past 10+ years. That’s basically the key to our long lasting long distance relationship – TRUST.


How can you tahan? It’s been so long already!

My standard answer is: “Used to it already.” But now, it is not about getting used to it. Yup, it has been so long already and to be honest, I feel so 辛苦 when I miss him. Its gets harder as I get older. Maybe when we were younger, we rather be alone and enjoy our time with friends. Josh, still enjoys having the freedom without me around – no one to control his lifestyle. But to me, I want comfort from him most of the time. I am not as sociable as much as Josh is. I am a home person but Josh is the opposite.

But this is long distance relationship. We will need to accommodate to each other’s needs. Years ago, I used to get upset that he often goes home during the wee hours, not getting enough sleep or not sleeping at all, sleeping at the wrong hours causing people to be unhappy. He would comply, but after awhile he started doing it again because he said “No life“. So I learnt to give in. I still nag once a while la, but most of the time I will just ask nicely and advise him to sleep earlier. I told him, “OK la, enjoy your bachelor life. After married you can’t enjoy as much already. You have to enjoy with me liao.”

Nowadays, I had to accommodate to his timing unless when I travel all the way to find him, he will try his best to take work off and spend time with me. Sometimes, when I go back to KL and he has events to go to, he will ask me to follow him. Now that he don’t have much annual leaves and only depend on the public holidays there in China, I have to plan my leaves accordingly. And recently, he told me may be transferred to another country, I can’t  plan my/our trips early as I do not know when will he be transferred over and the public holidays there are different again.

So, during the times when we are unable to see each other, we will get busy with our work. I, will sign up for courses like the Make up and Hairstyling Diploma course, pilates, photography and do side jobs like face paintings, photoshoots and make up to get Josh off my mind during the day. For Josh, he will go out with his friends, go for events and blog to keep himself occupied. Before the day ends, I will allow myself to miss him and emo during the night. Hahahaha.


So when are you both getting married? It’s time already!

We want to! But not so soon. One of the reason why is because of our distance. I don’t wanna get married and then still living separately like how we have been for the past 11 years. Neither both of us can let go of our jobs due to some reasons. There are also other reasons but they are more personal. But don’t worry, we will get married when the time comes.

 photo 20131103_012421.jpg

But….you know what? I just hope this long distance relationship thing will end. It is getting tougher and tougher to cope each day. Sudah tak boleh tahan liao.. But anyway, “it is what it is” (Dr MK, 2012).

I am thankful you all who have been supporting us all the way. It mean a lot to us. =)


P/s: Please mind my grammar. The more I go through, the more I will add on words instead of checking my grammar. Heh.

My First 3 Days in Beijing

Since Josh was relocated to Beijing, I have been looking at flight tickets to Beijing as often as I could. This was my 2nd trip to Beijing in less than 3 months! Lol. Speaking of love sick right. Though we have been in long distance relationship for close to 11 years, I can’t help but to still miss him terribly every single day, even when I am at work. I get really bored when no one talks to me or scold me or disturb me or bully me, thats why my mind is just thinking of that dude. Yeah, day dreaming about going dating with my boyfriend. I miss my boyfriend most before I go to sleep. Thats why almost every single day I will call him, just to hear him say “Hi”, and i’m satisfied. No, listening to recorded version of his voice doesn’t feel as syiok as this one. Aiya, this kind of feeling very hard to explain one….

Anyway, so my 2nd trip to Beijing. I know he will be at busy at work. I went to Beijing on weekdays due to my limited last leaves and expected to be alone at home during the day time. It wasn’t so bad after all. I wake up past 12pm every single day! I love this kind of life, nobody disturb my beauty sleep and I can sleep all day long. Haha. Plus, he lives in a very beautiful and clean apartment.

 photo blog080814-12.jpg  photo blog080814-11.jpg  photo blog080814-16.jpg

The whole apartment is surrounded by a garden. Very romantic if wanna berdating hehe.

 photo blog080814-15.jpg

Kid playing football in the evening.

 photo blog070814-12.jpg

How not to love this place right? I feel so happy and comfortable just being at home! My first day in Beijing was basically my sleeping day. I woke up close to 1pm and the boyfriend brought home lunch he bought from the food court. It was yummy la the food he bought. No wonder he never lost any weight… After lunch, he went back to work and I was browsing through the MiTV programmes and felt sleepy. I actually planned to visit the mall (which is less than 5 minutes walk away how cool is that!!) to buy groceries to cook for dinner, but I was feeling so tired I went back to bed again until urm, 7pm I think. Josh came home at around 8pm and we went to Wudaukou for dinner at a small Japanese Restaurant (Chinese style) haha. The food was not bad actually. The next day, I woke up past 12pm and went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch. Then I went to Walmart to shop for groceries and that was the TOUGHEST grocery shopping ever in my whole life. Firstly, I don’t read Chinese. So I don’t know what they were. Secondly, the meat looks…scary.. At the end of my grocery shopping, I just bought Siew Pak Choy, Tanghoon, eggs, kiwi, garlic, banana milk, salk, oyster sauce. Thats all.

 photo blog080814-1.jpg

My banana milk. Quite yummy!

Sad, I know… That’s all for this day. Went home feeling bored so I started taking pictures of his toys.

 photo blog080814-9.jpg  photo blog080814-7.jpg  photo blog080814-4.jpg
and behold….

 photo blog080814-8.jpg
the awesome pawsome MiTV!

On my 3rd day, don’t be surprised because yes I woke up past 12pm again. Went to the mall to meet Josh for lunch again and off I went shopping while Josh got back to work.

 photo blog080814-3.jpg

Went to H&M and went home to laze at home and selfie and got ready to go out for dinner with Josh (finally I can dress up to go dating!). By the time we went for dinner it was 9.30pm already. We went to Hai Di Lou at Wangfujing for dinner. Dinner was awesome!

 photo blog080814-19.jpgKungfu man making our noodles! Josh said if I order noodles I can see dancing man haha!

 photo blog080814-17.jpg

 photo blog080814-18.jpg We had steamboat and my dear Josh sweat buckets eating his food from the ma la based soup. For this, I will save it for my next post 😉

After dinner we went jalan-jalan along Wangfujing.

 photo blog080814-21.jpg

 photo blog080814-24.jpg

Passed by a prostitute who approached an ang moh man (who was with his wife) and offered her service. When he refused, she start showing her middle finger and say “F*** you! F*** your wife! You have small d*** so you scared! F*** your sister! F*** your mother! F*** your grandmother!”   O___O


So yeah, that’s all for my first 3 days in Beijing!

 photo blog080814-23.jpg


<3 tiff (and josh)

My Christmas – Happiness

My Christmas was simple.


Headed to church for Christmas service in the afternoon. Heard many amazing testimonies.
Pastor preached about happiness. There are 3 level of happiness.

1. Happy
2. Happier
3. Happiest

Nah, just kidding.

The first is Pleasure. Don’t deny that money does give you happiness. Shopping does give us happiness. Owning a brand new gadget, car, clothes, bags does give us happiness. But these happiness is only temporary. Agree?

The second one is Passion. We all have passion. Passion for blogging. Passion for designing. Passion for nursing. And these passion gives us happiness to an extend. We love working at what we are passionate for. True? You can put it in your hobbies too. The happiness level is longer than pleasure. When you have passion for something, it gives you pleasure. So it goes like this. I once have lotsa passion in cycling. Now, I don’t cycle anymore. I found a new passion. Which is sleeping. HAHA! That cycling passion has fade off.

And the last one is Purpose. Whatever we do, when we found the purpose in what we wanna do, the happiness is long lasting. Therefore, when we know the purpose, we will have the passion, and it gives us pleasure. So instead of starting off with pleasure, why not start off with having a purpose?

What is your purpose living in this world? We can see many unhappy people around because mainly they do not know the main purpose of life. So true, it kept me to ponder. I have a few people asked before, few years ago. And quite often, their answers will be, “To enjoy lor. Die already cannot enjoy ma.”

Ya lah. Enjoy must be happy right? But why so much unhappiness? The enjoyment is just temporary.

So ask yourself. What is your purpose in life? Is life just how you are living? Or is there more than just that?

Rachel gave one great awesome testimony that had a great link to the levels of happiness. Her story was just like any other person who thinks life is just doing what you wanna do, thinking life was just like how you and me live everyday. Whatever that gives her pleasure still led her to so much sadness and she just didn’t know why despite having so much pleasure in shopping and spending all of her savings off. Finally, she found her purpose in life, which is in God. She found God in her lowest moment of her life when she was not even a believer yet. And now, her life is changed, into a happier person, a person full of dreams and vision, and knowing her purpose in life.

She owns a blogshop, that was then, just an ordinary blogshop with no purpose, no vision. Now, she designs her own label and best of all, have a story behind every design. All are inspiring and I love reading them. Do drop by for her writings and of course her blogshop!

Do watch this video too. It is based on her testimony.

And of course, a visit from the boyfriend during the Christmas holidays. =) He finally met my grandfather and is able to click quite well. =)


Many people told me that it is too long to be in a relationship with Josh. I am now at the dangerous stage, where breakups can happen anytime. But I don’t feel so lor, neither does Josh. In fact, we felt like we are so close, like we have just started dating each other.  They said 8 years is too long and it is time to get married. They said people will start feeling bored of each other. But, I don’t feel bored of Josh! Cause every time we meet, we discover something new about each other. Hehe. Plus, if get bored, married already ma worst?

And I find it kinda ridiculous to leave a person because I’m bored of him and because it’s been too long. I mean, if no plans of marriage then I understand lah. See he so fat also I want him. You know la girls wan muscular man one. But he loves his muscles so much, he gotta protect it with a huge layer of fat. Aih…..


This Christmas, I learnt about true happiness. Have you found your happiness?