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His 25th, Our 8th

Other than being back for NAPBAS 2011 last weekend, I was back to celebrate the bf’s birthday and also our 8th year of relationship together. The original plan was that he was supposed to come down to Singapore instead of me going back to KL (because I have been traveling back to KL too often this year). But the plan changed when he persuaded me to be his partner to NAPBAS 2011. He said, if I can’t go, he need to find another date. And my friends were telling me to go because not everyone gets to go and they had to do a blog post in order to win passes to the NAPBAS. So I’m the lucky one aye?



Anyway, last Saturday, we spent the whole day together. I insisted of going to church on Saturday and managed to drag him along. It was a great day to spend some time together walking in shopping malls, makan, and see smiles on each other’s face. We had to celebrate a day earlier because I had to fly back the very next day to Singapore.

There’s one thing that I am still in denial is that the bf bought me something. Something every girl would dream to own.



Honestly, it is still kept nicely wrapped in their cloth bag and in the gift box. Hehe. Will definitely use it soon!
Thank you so much….!!

And time after time, he brings out a gift for me. I did not expect SO MANY gifts from him because it’s just our anniversary.


The first surprise. Piglet all the way from Tokyo Disneyland! <3


And then came more Pooh bears.

Here’s the whole collection of soft toys + pillows (excluding my favourite chao chao pillow) given by the bf.

I feel so kanasai because I only prepared ONE gift for him. Birthday + anniversary gift. T___T

Ya lah….don’t look at the value, people look at the heart…Ada hati dah boleh. But…..I still feel bad ma… =(

Anyway, at night, we went over to Las Vagas at Mont Kiara for dinner. Was pretty disappointed with the venue and the food, but well….at least I ended with Baskin Robbins ice cream then after. =D

So, I gave him his gift. His first response was, “Why you never wrap one?

And my answer was, “Covered with white box already ma. Save paper can?

And so, he opened the gift up…..


…..and I think he was almost in tears. LOLOL

He always wanted a watch. Every time I asked him what he wants, his reply will always be ‘a watch’. He has been waiting for 3 years for a watch from me but every year I believe he must be disappointed when he sees no watch. Haha. He also told me that he almost buy himself a watch because he gave up waiting.


Bought this Kenneth Cole watch a month before his birthday at Tangs during their 12% rebate day. HAHA! At least I get some rebate in my Tangs card. =P Had a hard time choosing watches because there were SO MANY of them. Thank God I had Danee with me to help me out. Or else I’ll spend the whole day there choosing one.

On the actual day, which was a Sunday, we had lunch at Marche, The Curve. I think Marche in Singapore is better. ANYWAY…..
The bf was looking for a new pair of jeans. I don’t know is it because he is growing bigger or his jeans are getting looser.

And because I felt SO BAD for just giving him ONE gift while I had SO MANY, I decided to buy him one. Calvin Klein Jeans store was just in front of us and they were having sales. So we popped by inside and have a look. He tried it on and liked it very much as the cutting fits him very well. But the price is like mad expensive.

Well, I believe in owning a good pair of jeans because I bought one from Topshop and it is still so fitting on me! I used to buy new pair of jeans every year because they get very loose, not because I lost weight, but the quality of the jeans were bad, it gets bigger after every wash. Instead of a skinny, it will look like a straight cut jeans.

So, I bought him this jeans.


Yes, this pair of jeans waist line is longer than my shoulder. Oh how much my bf has grown….sideways…Thats the purpose of why this picture was taken. Bwaahahaha.

(I need one too… T___T. If you realize, I only have one pair…which is my favourite grey Topshop Jamie skinny jeans. Nevermind, I shall stay faithful for a while more to this jeans!)

It was one of the happiest weekend of the year. Because we are on long distance relationship for many many years already, this feeling of joy and happiness is as if we have just started dating. Haha. And I’m looking forward for more of such days.


I love you.

Valentine’s Day 2011

It was quite a surprise to have him all the way down here to spend the V-day with me.

The only thing that was planned was his trip down. Flowers, dinner and night out was all random. Quite fun I would say.


Because all that matters is just having him around.


And although it was just one rose, I am still a very happy girl that night.
Despite being together for 7 years+, this is only our 3rd V-day celebration together due to Long Distance Relationship (LDR).

We can pull it through!