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To a Promising and Fruitful Year Ahead!

It’s been 3.5 years since I started working in Singapore. This 3.5 years has been tough as I juggled a lot on whether to give up working. I almost paid up my bond, but somehow I decided to stay.

I took up the Advanced Diploma in Perioperative Nursing in 2011 followed by my Degree in Nursing last July 2012. I have 2 more semesters until I complete my Degree and I plan to fly to Perth to graduate so I can get my certificate earlier as the graduation in Singapore is only in October next year. By getting my certificate earlier, I will be able to get my allowances earlier too. It is also an excuse so I can go holiday in Perth hihihihi.

Currently working about 9 hours a day makes me very tired physically. I don’t know is it because there isn’t much to do or is it just me getting older each day. I often get migraine and one fine day I was seeking treatment at another panel clinic and the doctor was really doing his job investigating the cause of my migraine. He suspected stress and suggested me to exercise. I am a person who hates exercising, so I gave him alasan I busy at work.

Finally, I decided to take up Pilates at Upside Motion.

 photo 536858_237563886343552_623340774_n.jpg

The reason why I chose Upside Motion is because I actually wanted to take up the Xtend Barre classes but was told that I should have some experience in Pilates Mat first to learn on how to work on my muscles the right way. So I chose the Pilates private lesson that cost me a bomb, but it is worth it.

 photo 389132_260504727382801_1348244676_n.jpg
 photo 261567_302335489866391_1495281347_n.jpg

Pilates Reformers
photo source: Upside Motion

Xtend Barre is a dance and pilates amplified workout. The workout of some ballet moves plus pilates attracts me because I wanted to take up ballet class and pilates at the same time but knowing the existence of Xtend Barre, my heart rejoiced! Xtend Barre is relatively new and there are only 2 studios in Singapore that offers this workout. I am doing a lilll Xtend Barre workout in my private class and I hope to be able to join the group classes soon. It’s tough and I salute all ballet dancers out there!

 photo 386924_506895789325231_1545254365_n.jpg
 photo 295609_612375275443948_2107190000_n.png
 photo 598801_609317002416442_968047999_n.jpg
photo source: Xtend Barre

 photo 184548_530149487009018_1496038804_n.jpg

My beautiful instructor, Saniya doing her th’ng!

I think Saniya is super awesome! She is the instructor for Pilates, Xtend Barre and Yoga!

My target for this year is to tone up my muscles and wave bye bye to flabby tummy, hamstrings and triceps!

Other than juggling with work and studies and Pilates, I also took up a Diploma in Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Artistry. Call me crazy but I just want to make use of all the time I have. The makeup course is rather therapeutic than stress as the makeup school / studio is small and homely. I’ve always admire makeup artistry and how makeup can transform a person from looking like A to B. Its amazing! Who knows, in years to come, I can maybe use this new skills and work on my own flexible timing *wink*.

Well, I have also been admiring designs but since being in the nursing profession, I don’t have the time to sit down in front of my computer for hours doing editing or learning new editing / designing skills. I almost wanted to take part time graphic designing course but knowing graphic designing course assignments are a killer and it’s hard to juggle between work, degree and the those design assignments.

One fine day, I decided to look around for professional makeup classes and somehow stumbled upon a beautiful makeup studio site with awesome portfolio which happened that both makeup artists graduated from a school called The Makeup Room.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-31at21358AM.png

I have not heard about about that school (plus it doesn’t even sound like a school) and decided to google more about it. There isn’t much results on the course offered by TMUR and at that time, they were upgrading their website.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-31at21433AM.png

TMUR Makeup Artists

Nevertheless, there are lots of search results regarding the 2 senior makeup artist who are well known in Singapore and overseas and does lots of major assignments in theater, fashion shows, magazine shoots, bridal, etc.

I decided to pay the studio and when I arrived, I felt like I was visiting someone’s house. It’s small and cosy! I also viewed their portfolios and their works are awesome! I was also surprised to see my aunty and uncle’s wedding photograph in one of their portfolio! Apparently they were one of the first customer of one of the senior makeup artist and she is very grateful for the support that led her to where she is today. =)

Without thinking much, I signed up for the course and now I am in the 3rd month of the course. So far so good! Getting tougher each class and I still suck in hairstyling! Oh, for the hairstyling part, we are taught by Lai, who has many years experience in hairstyling and works with top fashion agencies in Singapore, Europe, Japan, etc!

So blessed and honoured to be trained by Singapore’s best!

And oh, I was surprised when I met my classmates too. I was expecting those who come are those who are school leavers or those who will put on heavy makeups and all but no! They are all professionals like me! :’)

After attending the makeup classes, I finally understand that makeup is truly an ART.

I’m getting hooked with all these new found love! Pilates and Makeup Artistry. <3
Xtend Barre – akan datang!

With all these, I have been spending a lot (really pokai every month) and with upcoming a surprise that I will reveal soon once it is ready to be revealed (no no, not getting married yet!).

2013 – Tough but it will be PROMISING and FRUITFUL!

The Month of January


This picture is taken last week during the annual OT party. Food was good, the fellowship was good too.

I am on MC again today. In fact, today is my 5th day of MC for the year. I have another day tomorrow. =( 6 days all taken in just 1 month, and it is still the first month of the year!

I am suffering from urticaria (rashes) on both forearms for unknown reasons. Suspecting it is due to work or stress induced. Hmm. Seen the dermatologist. He too couldn’t really help much as he says it is contact allergy and it is pointless for me to do an allergy test as the allergy comes when I’m in contact with something I’m sensitive to. So I’m off scrub for a month, so the scrub solutions won’t irritate my skin for a while.

I need to get well soon. I can’t bear to see my skin being so ugly. =(

The Little Rare-ness

So, this is one of the little rare thing I do at work. Take pictures during working hours.

This is me (duh) in lead gown, thyroid shield, laser eye shield and face mask with shield going to scrub for a Urology case.

This is what I wear under my scrub gown for certain cases that needed x-ray during surgery. It’s heavy and I usually get aches after such cases. Some more today, have to assist in odd positioning cause the doctor is so giant, i had to find ways to squeeze in to assist him.

While waiting, I was walking around the department like this and my colleagues were like staring at me. You know, just like when you’re outside dressing up weirdly and get people staring at you, that kind…It’s not that it’s not common seeing each other like that. But I was just walking around like this. Hee..

Oh well, though there are a little fun in between, work was rough today. And though I am damn stressed up and even cried today (after 1 year!), I’ll press on and allow God to take control.

Love, Joy, Peace

This week has been a rough week.


That is enough to make the whole week rough. Spending money on taxi fares is such a pain. Other than that, I have been so stupid buying things I’m not suppose to buy. *slap self* *piak*

Just like the Harinezumi 2 camera. Like, why did I buy it? For a freaking $270?! *shake head* and yeah, i’m now finding a buyer. It don’t think it is affordable in Malaysia. After converting, it is freaking almost RM700! *faints*

Yeah, I stupid.

But, actually I bought it out of LOVE. =P Can’t say it out here cause that person will know. But after I regret buying, I though I should get something better.

(Hey, $270 / RM700 can buy a lot of Zara/Stradivarius/MNG/Cotton On/Uniqlo/Sephora/Topshop/Charles & Keith etc etc items okay!)

That is why I am selling it.

And despite all these “problems” (mostly I yang create kan…)I am going through this week, I somehow feel happy. Work wasn’t that stressful this few weeks, and company with friends was just fun. Oh, the internship graduation is probably the last time I’m meeting most of my friends. Cause then we’ll all be busy at work. =(

Coming to end this whole week, the House of God is a place of rest. One day in His House is better than a thousand days elsewhere. Service was awesome today. Bishop Dale Bronner was here to speak and his words are so powerful, I don’t even know how to write note! All I did was copy down his quotes.

And oh, I bought a dress from French Connection. It was on End of Season Sale. That dress costs $214! But I bought it for $66! =D store wide 70% discount! But not many choices left cause many people dah beli…

Need to lose weight to look perfect in that dress. I have 3 more weeks to Christmas! =D

Time For Rest


I finally had time to get away from the hectic lifestyle in Singapore. At times, I feel like giving up and leave the hospital who does not really bother much about their employees who worked so hard. Oh well.

So yeah, 2 weeks break. People asked me why is that I can get such a long break? That is because I have booked my leave since last year. Yeah, we have to book  our leaves. They cannot say no because it was already approved last year. Too bad for them though. For me, 2 weeks is not enough, because I really think I need a long break from work.

Call me selfish?

I don’t think I am. Cause I’m no workaholic. Yes, money is important. But I think my health matters more. I rather take a long leave and rejunivate my body than to take MC often. I’ve been taking MCs quite often. Yes, I’m a nurse and I fall sick too often.

Many of you out there works long hours too. You get tired too. My job uses lots of physical works. We get worned out easily. We get sick easily. Sometimes we do not have time for food. So though working 8 hours a day seem ‘normal’, usually I’ll crash on my bed the moment I reach home.

Complaining much doesn’t really help. Many people did not trust my words until they see me face to face. I lost 6 kgs in total since I started work. Yes lah I happy lah I lost weight. But I lost weight in an unhealthy way. People thought I go on diet, but I actually didnt have any appetite to eat.

So now, some people even supported me giving up my bond. But I’ll try to stay until I really can’t. Or, can someone marry me? haha.

I shall be strong. I shall be strong. I shall be strong!