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Cycling in an Ancient Town



The boyfriend and I visited an ancient town in Vietnam, called Hoi An. One thing I enjoyed most is cycling. It’s been a while since I cycled around for so many hours. I remember the last time I cycled this long was almost 10 years ago!

Honestly, I love Hoi An. Probably because of the slow paced culture. After being in a stressful environment, all I want is to take my time and enjoy my vacation than to rush around visiting a few cities. I’ll be exhausted. Well, you will hear lots of honking there, where if this happens in Malaysia or Singapore it’s either you’re mad at other drivers or vice versa. But, they honk to signal you.

The boyfriend has not cycled for almost as long as me, and didn’t really have confident. But honestly, this is not the right place to practice or learn cycling. When he first tried riding, he couldn’t control the next thing I know is I saw him in the center of the road with car heading towards him! But in Vietnam, cars/bus/lorries/motorcycles will try to avoid you. I was so scared I scolded him after that! But he managed to cycle well after a while. Phew!

I bet the locals were laughing. Haha.



The boyfriend being playful.


Will blog more when I get my pictures. Left my external hard disc back in KL!