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How to be a blogger?

“Welcome back Tiffanie! Finally you are back after abandoning your blog for a year!”

Yes, it’s been almost a year since I last posted. Blame it on work and uni, I do not have much time and inspirations to blog anymore. I may not have many readers but I thought I should continue this blog thing and make some money haha.

Honestly, I don’t know what to write. And I do not have the time to look pretty and dress pretty and show off on my blog. Maybe when I have a nice figure (with the help of my new addiction – Pilates!) and able to fit in clothings without showing my spare tires, then I will. Self conscious alert! Haha.

To ponder: So what makes you a blogger? I have quite a number of blogger friends (and my bf is also a blogger) and I have met some celebrity bloggers too (thanks to the famous bf). I may not be a blogger (my definition of a blogger is when you have that high traffic and people recognises you as one), but I can still tell you how to be a FEMALE blogger!

 photo 24632898.jpg

Why not? Haha.

Ok… here is what I think that makes you a blogger. A female blogger.

1. You must have the looks.
Ok, maybe not 100% right on this but your looks must be attractive enough to make guys and GIRLS admire your looks or maybe fall in love with you or maybe hate you for being too pretty or too ugly. You may not have the looks but you can photoshop your eyes, nose, lips, face, boobs, etc to look good on internet and amaze the world but be prepared to receive lots of criticism because you don’t look like how you suppose to look in real life.

 photo mobile-phone-texting-autocorrect-self-poortraits-photoshop-fail.jpg

If your photoshop skill fails, maybe you should learn to pick up and practice on it because trust me, people prefer reading blogs with quality content and photos with graphic editings. If you are not the computer savvy kind, mayb you can pick up some make up skills and transform your self

from this

 photo another-set-of-asian-girl-and-the-power-of-makeup.jpg


 photo another-set-of-asian-girl-and-the-power-of-makeup8.jpg


How amazing makeup can be! <3

2. You must have good sense of fashion and BASIC makeup skills.
You don’t need that super awesome skills yet to transform your whole look like the picture above. Baby steps! Start simple first to just look good (cover up your pimples, dark circles, dullness, etc). Maybe just having that natural look IS you. Find and discover what fits you.
Many girls out there look for inspiration on how to improve their looks and often look out for blogs. I believe every girls will look at blogs and YouTube to pick up these skills. So you must look good at least and dress up to the latest trends or maybe create your own style to attract readers. Above all these, beauty is still your confidence. Show confidence in your pictures, and that’s the secret to attraction and beauty! When you learn to master all these, it will be very natural on you and it will be part of you that you cannot live without. HAHA.

You know, some guys may stalk your blog and some may comment that they prefer simple girls (simple fashion and no makeup). I have seen some bloggers are brave to look unglamorous to show their “real look” but I am sure some girls feel very insecure leaving the house without makeup. Some will even get panicked when they couldn’t find their usual routine to make themselves pretty. ie. contact lens. I have seen patients that put on makeup before going in for surgery and at the end of the surgery, their fake lashes came off and the doctor gets panicked…..

 photo panic.gif

………because they don’t know how to fix it back. haha.

For me, I will get panicked when i cannot find trusty Shu Uemura my brow pencil.

3. You must be a camwhore / selfie expert.
It’s a girls thing but I see many guys doing this as well. Wherever you go (even in the toilet), go ahead and camwhore and post up pictures on your #ootd or #fotd or #potd. You need other social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to post them up! You can use these platforms to promote yourself too.

 photo 529606_10151284692066546_1745916305_n.jpg

oh hi. Just promoting myself.

4. Whenever you see a camera, pose!
All those model poses, you know? If you can’t pose, just be au naturale. Good enough! Also good for #ootd posts. Some people just love the camera. And you should also develop this new addiction. Just pose! Or maybe plan some photoshoots and have some good quality pictures to be posted up on your blog. Get a friend who is kind to snap your pictures for free. Get a friend who has boleh tahan punya photography skills at least. You wouldn’t want to ruin the whole photoshoot with the wrong angles and poor management of camera settings that make you look unpleasantly fat or ugly. Then, with your good fashion taste and make up and the confidence in you, you will have many followers on your blog soon, then soon your fan-ci!

5. Join a blogging community / agency such as Nuffnang/Advertlets/GushAds.
This is where you get to meet other bloggers, monitor your blog statistics and earn some money. When your blog traffic hits a certain number and have a consistency in maintaining that traffic, you have high chance to be given assignments on reviewing products and events. You may also get free movie or event passes and meet all those bloggers you have been following and inspired by.

6. Socialize.
It’s a good thing to mix around and making new friends! But to be a blogger, try attending events where you will meet other bloggers too. You must be known to your friends as “you super on one!” where you are always at events, concerts, parties, etc. with other bloggers. You need to mix in with the right people (because they will recommend you, post you on their blogs or other social sites).

I have been to events but I don’t really mix around as I am not really into blogging about the events or to gain popularity. But of course, I have met some people and some of them are really famous bloggers. Here are a few pictures of events I have attended with the bf. I can say he is well known because people on his left, right, up and down also he knows.

 photo 208306_10150149399426546_4793831_n.jpg

Johnnie Walker The Black Circuit 2011
 photo 409587_10150471564674866_683258508_n.jpg
 photo 388839_10150428434041546_108424679_n.jpg

with Audrey of fourfeetnine.com at NAPBAS 2011

 photo 390719_10150428432141546_1771578979_n.jpg

with Nic Gan, Kenny Sia, Joyce Wong and the bf at NAPBAS 2011

 photo 293731_10152233478130080_1194281583_n.jpg

Johnnie Walker 2012

 photo 397727_10151396900638690_253702465_n.jpg

Chin Kent’s wedding.

Haha. Not any media event but I like this picture so I wanna post it up. =P

7. Review as much products as you can.
Many people tend to search for reviews on certain products, movies, albums, institutions, clothings, etc. Though you are not paid for the reviews, just go ahead and do your reviews! You need to invest in getting more traffic to your blogs and slowly have agencies/companies recognising your capabilities in advertising their products. One of my friend who enjoys blogging because of her readers enjoys doing reviews on products she used. I believe one day she will be one of the top blogger too. Do visit Jo-Ann’s blog at joannwithadash.blogspot.sg and I believe you will get hooked too because of her vainity yet humble blog that is slowly gaining popularity. =)

8. Blog with responsibility!
Your blog is viewed by the world (depending on your content). Even my low profile blog is being viewed all over the world for this one post I posted 2 years ago.

 photo Seriously.gif

The content of your blog must be good and attractive that keep readers and Google addicts coming back to your blog. Blog about how beautiful you are. Blog about your travel to India. Blog about how you sleep. Blog about how much you love your dog. Just blog! But blog responsibly!

Yes, it is your blog. You can blog about anything you want. You can whine and complain all you want. But as a blogger, you are responsible for all the post you post up. You are responsible for the words you write as it reflects your attitude. You may be famous already and you wouldn’t care at all. But you wouldn’t like if others talk bad about you on blogposts too, right? Sometimes I wonder, is this call “blogging abuse” which is similar to “verbal abuse”. To be an influential blogger, stay humble, accept criticism and grow in your passion.


So far I can only think of these few. But I am sure there are more than this that makes you a blogger.

I also don’t know why am I writing about this and I don’t know when will I be blogging again.

Need to start on my assignment soon!

(wow…close to 1500 words. That is equivalent to the word count my analytical project that I will take a couple of days to complete!)

H-Artistry at Quattro Kuala Lumpur

This is a very outdated post.

You probably have seen this picture somewhere in my blog. HAHA

Anyway, haha…Yes, this is my first time attending H-Artistry. Josh kinda forced me to go (you see he had to force me to go cause I don’t usually go to clubs you see….) and because Lenka and Boys Like Girls will be there, ahhh, just go only lah….

We arrived there pretty late. And the crowd…………
gah….i hate crowds!

We had to squeeze ourselves and all we did is stood still there, because we couldn’t even move.
and camwhore at where we were standing. Andrew, Josh and me

This is Paul Freeman. Until today I don’t know who he is. I lazy to find out..

And this is Hsiao Hung Jen. I also tak kenal. Some Taiwan singer lah…heard he’s Jay Chou‘s anak murid…

After awhile, we thought of going back because I couldn’t stand it anymore and I feel nauseated as I felt suffocated. That is where we then met Aaron who told us we can go in the media side as we are holding media passes.

Relieved and can sit down! =P

The hosts then led the crowd into dancing while waiting for the next artist to set up…you know, those club dancing lah…which is not really my thing unless I go with my close friends…So I just sat and watch people dancing lah..

Lenka came up to sing!

All I did was try to take good pictures. Club lightings a lil susah to take. And I’m quite far from her so flash tak sampai…

And next…





I tell you, the crowd went really crazy when they came out. Like they always say, keep the best the last. Woah, I also busy taking pictures lah.


If I’m in the crowd, you’ll see me with broken fingers liao.

That’s Josh’s super tall friend, Stanley with his super mahal punya kamela..
and see lah, all big big big camera one…
Aaron, Stanley, Ren – all kawan kawan Josh…
me and Josh. =)
Mr Burned Black Jelly

Once i put down my glass, I never drink them again..I’ll ask for a new one cause….I don’t like the taste of liquor…mine got campur apple wan…they all look the same you see…

So I was a happy girl and smelled like cigarette when I reached home. I had to wash my clothes and worst still, my jeans and had to make sure they are dried because I have to travel home the next day. I on the ceiling fan and stand fan. hehe..

pictures by me and Josh

It’s Great To Be Home <3

How’s Singapore? Singapore is very well, but makes me very tired everyday.

I probably enjoy walking around Singapore. In Malaysia, I’ll be dead d.


Along Red Dot Museum


Theater syiok sendiri with one of the Nurse Manager

Met great people in Singapore too, of course.

During my departure back to KL, Daniel, Marilyn and Jia Yan (if i’m not mistaken) came by to pass me this card.


it’s from the cg members (not all la cause the cg has like 50 ppl?). Very sweet of them to write me a card, it’s as if i’m going off for a very very long time! I was speechless when Daniel told me he’s coming over. Like wow…..lol!

It was suppose to be a surprise though. But because Danee, PS and I tak sabar want to go in the Departure hall, the surprise have to be revealed. heheheh..

So I landed onto Malaysia ground at 11.30pm.

Josh was waiting for me at the Arrival Gate. And all of a sudden Andy appeared. Terkejut sial aku.

Of course the first place to go is to CHCKL, because its a Sunday ma so I go la.

It’s great meeting up my cg members again. =) Manoj said I look more refreshed than last time. heheeh…cause happy ma come back KL..so ma refreshed lor.

After service, Chia Huey, Jan and I went to Pyramid to hang out and catch up again! Enjoyed their company and they shopped, i did not. Bag almost 20kg d…if i shop then habis lah….

winter warmers

Jan and I at Winter Warmers Coffee and Tea House

Met up with Josh at KL Sentral and off we go for dinner. Longing for good food, Josh brought me to Jalan Alor.

Walked all the way to the end of Jalan Alor. This restaurant we went to is so big, 5 shoplots combined together.

We ordered, La la pedas, Asam Fish, Kangkung Belacan, Chicken Wings….
Then the boss asked, “Wah all pedas wan…you all like huh?”

LOL! We didn’t know we ordered all spicy food – expect the chicken wings la…But it’s ok…cause they all look tempting…

And the amount of food we ordered is so much for 2 people. I only ate 1/4 bowl of rice because I makan all the dishes. If makan finish the rice then I think Josh need to borrow people’s stomach d.

Jalan Alor

Asam Fish

This Asam Fish is damn delicious! Never tasted such yummy Asam Fish before lorrrr……

The next day, which is Monday, I slept the whole day. Just felt so tired and since Josh went for interview and left me alone at home so I ambik lah kesempatan to sleep….

Woke up at 7.30pm (heheh….), Josh’s mom took us and Charity (Josh’s sister) to Menjalara for dinner.


We ate Yong Tow Foo (Tau Fu, Lady Fingers, Binjals, Sui Gao), Ginger Chicken Wine, Hakka Pork, vegetable and my all time favourite Chu Kiok Cho (cuka kaki babi)…

And THAT IS ALOT FOR 4 PEOPLE! And again, i only ate 1/4 bowl of my rice and sapu-ed the dishes…

And I enjoyed the food. Yummy! hehehe….

And the next day (urm….Tuesday), I did some shopping! So CincauHangus picked Josh and I up to Ikano because he was too hungry and need to makan. So Josh and si Cincau went to makan while i go jalan-jalan shopping…

Oh, finally I bought myself a jeans. My arse so big, skinny jeans cutting looks like a straight cutting on me. Ain’t tight from my lower thigh below. Whatever lah…still got jeans then i happy d…

And and and I made myself a chop. Fuh, writes “Registered Nurse” below my name. Aiyak, forget take picture. Later lah i syiok sendiri with it then i post it up.

After I have done my shopping then we went over to Starbucks to kill time. Waiting for The Ugly Truth movie screening. My first movie screening. =D The movie is very funny, but not suitable for those below 18, even after cutting alot of scenes. Not much of sexual scenes but the words used la….very funny and not suitable for kids lahh.


at Starbucks

Ok, i’m hungry now……dad bought me lunch an hour ago and its still waiting for me to swallow it.