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A Jenny Sun Photography Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

Jenny Sun has been my inspiration since I came across her website/blog somewhere in 2011. Her style of photography is very similar to what I always wanted to achieve whenever I do a photo shoot. I tried all kinds of ways to try to achieve those romantic, fairytale, demure, dreamy, natural, candid photographs. However, I could never achieve them despite trying, reading and watching youtube videos to learn how. I know about Jenny’s Photography workshop in 2012, but I couldn’t afford as the investment is quite pricey. Last year, she had another workshop in KL and I missed that again due to tight budget. This year, when I saw her posting on Facebook about her workshop this year, I was overly excited and registered immediately. I read of many good reviews on her workshop and was eager to learn from her.

 photo JSPWORKSHOPFLYER_blog.jpg

Most of her past participants were professional photographers. So I guessed that this year’s workshop will involve many professionals too. I was held back a lil as I felt that I would feel lost among all these professionals. But, I tabahkan diri and just marched into the field as a novice. Her workshop this year is the only workshop that she is hosting this year. Usually, she will have 2 workshops – one in Sydney, the other in KL. So, I signed up for Jenny’s workshop as a participant to learn more of how she shoots and manages her business. This year’s workshop was held in Ruang space. It’s a very cosy place and the food catered was also yummy! haha.

 photo IMG_20140727_150755.jpgBeautiful decoration by Tie The Knot. 

 photo IMG_20140727_121228.jpgMaking myself comfortable at Ruang space on the beanbag while listening to the inspiring Jenny Sun <3

 photo JSP-243.jpgSimple, attractive, lovely, creative door gifts for every participants. So in love with them!

The aim of this workshop is to help us with the skills and build confidence to shoot better photos, in which she taught us how to shoot and use light for the most flattering photos and only requires least editing. Honestly, I am surprised at how simple she makes it look – from shooting to post production. She also taught us to build a business that works around us. Personally, I think this workshop did not just inspire me within just the photography industry, but also in general, where my confidence is built and I learn to be a thinker, reflect on myself, analyze myself and change. It’s amazing how her simple words, actions and confidence could make one feel so inspired. On the first day, we went over to UPM for our practical session. The only unpleasant thing about the shoot was avoiding cow dunks everywhere and the very hot weather. The pictures taken are taken by me as a participant in this workshop! I am quite pleased with the outcome of the pictures!

 photo JSP-301.jpg

 photo JSP-305.jpg

 photo JSP-307.jpg

 photo JSP-308.jpgJenny demonstrating how she does her shoots

 photo JSP-313.jpg

 photo JSP-312.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie2.jpg

 photo JSP-29.jpg

 photo JSP-31.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie3.jpg

 photo JSP-54.jpg

 photo JSP-61.jpg

 photo JSP-66.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie4.jpg

 photo JSP-300-1.jpg

 photo JSP-91.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie6.jpg

 photo JSP-96.jpg

 photo JSP-97-2.jpg

 photo JSP-112.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie25.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie10.jpg

 photo JSP-139.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie11-2.jpg

 photo JSP-146.jpg

 photo JSP-156.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie13.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie14.jpg

 photo JSP-175.jpg

 photo JSP-176.jpg

 photo JSP-184.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie16.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie17.jpg

 photo JSP-205.jpg

 photo JSP-219.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie20.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie21.jpg

 photo JSP-231.jpg

 photo JSP-234.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie22.jpg

 photo JSP-98.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie23.jpg

 photo Group1-Tiffanie24-2.jpg

Hair and makeup by Angie Makeup and Hair. Thank you for creating such beautiful looks on the

The only thing that I was disappointed was not taking much pictures as my SD card was full and I didn’t know why as I checked it was empty (via my camera la)… plus I forgot my backup SD card! T___T  Went home and discovered MANY pictures that cannot be deleted even on my laptop, so I formatted my card right after discovering why I didn’t have much space in my “empty” 16GB memory card.

It’s ok, lesson learnt. FORMAT VIA COMPUTER NOT CAMERA!

I enjoyed the workshop very much though I only had 3 hours of sleep the past 2 days. Worth every penny spent. Met lots of other full time photographers such as Amalina Tuna (http://www.nuramalina.com), Asther Lau (http://astherlau.com) and many more! I also met with fashion blogger Charis Ow there! Jenny shot Charis’ and her boyfriend’s couple portrait few months back and they look so amazingly beautiful there. You can view them here!

 photo IMG_20140726_184839.jpgWith Sean, Vivian, Aili and Arif after the cows forced us out from the field to ‘buka puasa’. Both couples are amazing people! Very patient and fun to be with! Congrats on your engagements and hope you all will have a smooth wedding planning!

 photo IMG_20140727_180800.jpg New friends from Singapore! Meet Fiona (http://smittenpixels.blogspot.com) and Apple (http://www.petitestory.com). Both super talented photographers! So much to learn from them both! =D

 photo IMG_20140727_132220.jpgand not forgetting the amazing Jenny Sun! Thank you so much, Jenny! I have learnt ALOT from you from this workshop! Go read her blog on her updates of some of her works. You will, fall in love with her photos too. =)   Special thanks to: Angie Makeup and Hair for making the female models so beautiful! You can also visit her Facebook and Instagram Tie the Knot for all the beautiful decorations for our photoshoots!  Last but not least, Ruang space for allowing us to use your space despite the Hari Raya holidays. Amazing and beautiful comfortable place to hang out, work and play!

My Graduation

This my another outdated post. Seem like I have a couple of outdated post to blog about, but am just plain lazy and with my hp mini, I cannot really edit my pictures.

Graduation was like, 2 months back. I was already in Singapore.

We traveled back together for this big day, though it is only a diploma but this diploma is a very depressing and stressful and tiring and suffering and challenging….so why not just happy happy go graduate…Without this diploma, I am not who I am now, assisting a doctor in surgery.

Of course I want to further excel. But nursing is a lil different from other profession. A degree is not necessary, unless I want to naik pangkat lah. After a diploma, all I need is an advance diploma. Our advance diploma (I call it post basic) is actually a specialty course. So in 3 years time I’ll be taking my post basic in Peri Operative Nursing.

Danee and me

Nursing is very wide. Sometimes you ask me certain things, I may not know it, because it is not my specialty field.. Just like doctors. A Gynae surgeon may have very minimal knowledge on Urology. Though I’m in the theater, I may not know how to assist in every surgeries. General cases, O&G, urology and ENT surgeries is a must know. A more specialty side are Orthopaedics, Neuro and Cardio surgeries. All these will need special guidance and on-the-job training.

Jacquelina and me

Well, so far so good….we have come this far. 3 years for a diploma is pretty long. But for a degree, it only takes most 2 years, I think.

Omar and me

Nursing is not my choice, but I think I made the right choice to go for this. Especially being sponsored by Parkway Health. They never rush us and still guiding and training us all the way. We’re under the PDN (Practice Development Nursing) or for layman term, teacher, hands for a year where they guide us and make us the nurse people is looking for.

meee and me…=D

People asked me whether I will maintain in this profession. Well, I answered no. I probably will at least do something to achieve my dream, though it’s just a certificate level. But who knows, I may continue being a nurse til the day I die?

But I will still take up a course to achieve what I always wanted to do and have planned to do after I left high school in 2005. =) Wow, it’s almost 5 years!

Queen and me

My colleagues said, “If you can survive here with Parkway Health or SINGAPORE, you can survive in any part of the world!

Quite true I can say. Comparing to hospitals I work back in Malaysia during my training days, no fight. And many nurses from other countries also say working in Singapore is very very very stressful and challenging.

I heard even being in hospitals in UK or US, the doctors listens to the nurses because, nurses knows the patients way better than the doctors. The doctors doesn’t treat nurses like a slave or maid. The nurses there are not afraid of doctors.

Over here in Asia, haha…nurses are like a mouse. We have to be very the humble and though it is not our fault we have to admit it is our fault. And doctors here very clever point finger at nurses. Their fault but they blame nurses and nurses kena sue lor…

One thing also, some nurses very bodoh wan. I’m just trying to be honest here. Just because there is shortage of nurses and many people don’t want to be a nurse because they think nursing is a dirty job, so they got no choice they sponsor orang orang bodoh. I actually consider myself bodoh lor from my SPM results. But still not so bad lahhh…I will still say I am thankful and blessed to get this offer.

Many people got no other choice will all choose nursing. Like me. LOL

Sure can get wan. You don’t need straight A’s..
All you need is a pass in English. Get a E also is pass wart…
And credits in 3 subjects.

Easy bo? When i applied they say my results very good wor…ah pui lah good…
I got from 1-9. Up til today I am still very proud cause I got all the grades. lol
and my 9 is Bible Knowledge! =P

Sisters – Phoebs and Gail

Well, I am not a science student. So during my first 2 semesters i was struggling. I failed 2 papers in Semester 1. After that I never failed any liao..

During my convocation, Josh came by. =) One flower from mee and dee, the other from him…

Being sponsored and guaranteed a job, my parents of course the first to be very happy! hahaha…
The best thing of all, I am the first to graduate among all my siblings. =)
I still want a degree. Then a Masters.
Then enough liao lah…open business duduk rumah jaga anak.

Siew Mei and me

Oh well. I kinda lost touch with my friends liao. Even those in Singapore. We only see each other once a month for feedback session. After that 1 year I think they all will forget me liao because I am staying with my grandparents. Alone from everyone of them. *emo*..

Never mind….go make new friends, great friends from church. =)

Imagine I study with these many people in one class everyday and we can all get along pretty well? Of course, you know there is of course one group who are bitches. There’s one in my group. Haha. All sorts of people lah. We make friends, made enemies, get along again, misunderstanding happens, gaduh again, you don’t like me i don’t like you, gossips, bla bla bla….girls are always girls..

So yeah, I have finally graduated and left college. We have no caps so we throw our certs.

Cendol, Eye Liners and a pair of Converse shoes

Being back in Kuantan is great, though I’m pretty bored at home. But getting away from work and stress overcomes the boredom. Yeah, I know, I have been only working for 2 months. But being in my line, stress is every minute. Especially in the hospital I am working in.

Anyway, people asked, “You just started working so fast got holiday?

Actually, I have 3 days of leave to clear. But because my probation period is until the end of the year, they allowed us to clear off this leave. Particularly because some auditors are here from 7/12-9/12. Since we are JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited, we have to keep passing every time they come and audit to maintain it. Having this thing is not easy. Not every hospital is accredited with JCI. Since we are the best in South East Asia, we need this JCI thingy lah. To avoid getting us involve (we may be the cause of failing the audit cause we blur blur don’t know anything..), they allow us to clear our leaves. With JCI you can trust us, so come for treatment with Parkway Health if you got ka ching ka ching ka ching lah…

So yeah, I’m back!

You know, when we Kuantan people are back from other places, we tend to crave for food we cannot find at other place. Even if we can find any, having it back here in Kuantan is just different.

Even the Asam Laksa, though Penang serves the best in Malaysia, but eating them in Kuantan just feels different. I’m looking forward for the market asam laksa. Heee…oh oh and Hoi Yin Curry Mee!! But sigh, I know I have not enough time and place in my tummy for so much food…sigh…..

And Lin Chi Kang. I think Kuantan serves the best Lin Chi Kang. Tasted other places one, didn’t like them. Anyone got good Lin Chi Kang for me to try mah??

But the first thing I always crave for is always cendol. I just couldn’t accept cendol sold at other place, as they add lots of things inside.

Like for this cendol campur, which is my favourite, all they have is just cendol, jelly, red bean and corn.

I don’t like cendol or ice kacang where they add too many different things inside, like peanuts and some weird things.

Next, let’s talk about my make up. I usually do very simple make ups, by just putting on concealer, BB cream, eye liner, mascara and blusher. The most make up i buy is eye liner. My eyes are very sensitive and it tend to tear very easily. I have tried pencil, gel and liquid. The best eye liner for me is gel.

I once bought this gel eye liner, by bloop, which cost me almost RM50 for it. I love it so much but sadly it hardened up. I have to use toner to make it moist but all the pieces of the dried up gel kept going into my eyes. Then, I bought elianto‘s gel eye liner. That sales girl told me it’s water proof…ngat yan wan lor she. Not waterproof at all lor.

Then I bought a liquid eye liner by Maybeline, in marker form. It’s my first time using liquid eye liner and I love the darkness of it. But it’s liquid….it’s smudge proof but not water proof. Because it’s not water proof, the eye liner tend to smudge off, very badly………

So just now I made a trip to East Coast Mall with my sister. Went over to SaSa to check out any good eye liner that will suit my eyes. Saw Maybeline’s waterproof gel eye liner. I wanted to make sure that the gel eye liner will not harden like the bloop eye liner. The sales girl then recommended me to SaSa‘s gel eye liner. She asked me to try it, as she got good feedbacks from her customers about it.
So alright, let’s try it. If it’s still ain’t good enough for me, I guess I’ll keluar some ka ching ka ching ka ching to invest on a good brand like M.A.C or Bobbi Brown or whatever you name it..

I also got myself a pencil eye liner, for some other ways to make up which i need pencil eye liner. And the sales girl gave me Silkygirl eye liner. Haven’t really try out Silkygirl products yet, so okay…Let’s try out…

Let me tell you this, I always wanted to get myself a pair of Converse shoes. And every time I want one, it’s either I have already spent a lot on other things and so call couldn’t “afford” one or am just too lazy because the sales girl or boy kept following me around.
I bought one…


for this kid…

so she won’t keep bugging me for one in the future.

I like that thing on her shoe. Bought it from Singapore….got my name but spells Tiffany. I wish they have custom made ones….


Today is my 4th day of my orientation. Basically, my 2nd day up til today is more on a course on Customer Service called the PP10. Yeah, so we learn on the different kinds of customer we are gonna face and of course this also teaches us how to be a customer. The good and the bad. Haha! We know the tricks…nyehehehe


We named our group….


Rojak….Why rojak? That is because my group consist of all Malaysians and we always rojak-ed up our language. Hehe


my name tag written by Elaine..


during the course. That’s my facilitator infront, whom we bully alot. =P


sweets are provided. So we won’t fall asleep. Actually, this course is like the first course I attended that has so many fun activities. So basically the sweets are all eaten up during theory sessions. Haha…


One of the activity is to identify the different faces of these monkeys. Not easy! My group only got 11 ones right over 23 monkeys!
There are many games on team building and communication skills. And at this very moment, I am now blogging in the waiting room, waiting for my turn for the assessment test, where we need to act as a service provider and serve our customers.

One thing I love in Singapore is that they care for every citizens, especially the elderly and the ones in need. Look at the paedestrian crossing traffic light below.


Took this while walking to class. =)

And what I discovered yesterday, Singapore is pretty at night. The buildings and all. Go over to the city at night, I find it very nice. I was over in Bugis to shop with my sister and we took a bus to Holland Village for dinner with Audrey. On the bus, I realized I have never been to that part of Singapore before. Haha….

It’s Great To Be Home <3

How’s Singapore? Singapore is very well, but makes me very tired everyday.

I probably enjoy walking around Singapore. In Malaysia, I’ll be dead d.


Along Red Dot Museum


Theater syiok sendiri with one of the Nurse Manager

Met great people in Singapore too, of course.

During my departure back to KL, Daniel, Marilyn and Jia Yan (if i’m not mistaken) came by to pass me this card.


it’s from the cg members (not all la cause the cg has like 50 ppl?). Very sweet of them to write me a card, it’s as if i’m going off for a very very long time! I was speechless when Daniel told me he’s coming over. Like wow…..lol!

It was suppose to be a surprise though. But because Danee, PS and I tak sabar want to go in the Departure hall, the surprise have to be revealed. heheheh..

So I landed onto Malaysia ground at 11.30pm.

Josh was waiting for me at the Arrival Gate. And all of a sudden Andy appeared. Terkejut sial aku.

Of course the first place to go is to CHCKL, because its a Sunday ma so I go la.

It’s great meeting up my cg members again. =) Manoj said I look more refreshed than last time. heheeh…cause happy ma come back KL..so ma refreshed lor.

After service, Chia Huey, Jan and I went to Pyramid to hang out and catch up again! Enjoyed their company and they shopped, i did not. Bag almost 20kg d…if i shop then habis lah….

winter warmers

Jan and I at Winter Warmers Coffee and Tea House

Met up with Josh at KL Sentral and off we go for dinner. Longing for good food, Josh brought me to Jalan Alor.

Walked all the way to the end of Jalan Alor. This restaurant we went to is so big, 5 shoplots combined together.

We ordered, La la pedas, Asam Fish, Kangkung Belacan, Chicken Wings….
Then the boss asked, “Wah all pedas wan…you all like huh?”

LOL! We didn’t know we ordered all spicy food – expect the chicken wings la…But it’s ok…cause they all look tempting…

And the amount of food we ordered is so much for 2 people. I only ate 1/4 bowl of rice because I makan all the dishes. If makan finish the rice then I think Josh need to borrow people’s stomach d.

Jalan Alor

Asam Fish

This Asam Fish is damn delicious! Never tasted such yummy Asam Fish before lorrrr……

The next day, which is Monday, I slept the whole day. Just felt so tired and since Josh went for interview and left me alone at home so I ambik lah kesempatan to sleep….

Woke up at 7.30pm (heheh….), Josh’s mom took us and Charity (Josh’s sister) to Menjalara for dinner.


We ate Yong Tow Foo (Tau Fu, Lady Fingers, Binjals, Sui Gao), Ginger Chicken Wine, Hakka Pork, vegetable and my all time favourite Chu Kiok Cho (cuka kaki babi)…

And THAT IS ALOT FOR 4 PEOPLE! And again, i only ate 1/4 bowl of my rice and sapu-ed the dishes…

And I enjoyed the food. Yummy! hehehe….

And the next day (urm….Tuesday), I did some shopping! So CincauHangus picked Josh and I up to Ikano because he was too hungry and need to makan. So Josh and si Cincau went to makan while i go jalan-jalan shopping…

Oh, finally I bought myself a jeans. My arse so big, skinny jeans cutting looks like a straight cutting on me. Ain’t tight from my lower thigh below. Whatever lah…still got jeans then i happy d…

And and and I made myself a chop. Fuh, writes “Registered Nurse” below my name. Aiyak, forget take picture. Later lah i syiok sendiri with it then i post it up.

After I have done my shopping then we went over to Starbucks to kill time. Waiting for The Ugly Truth movie screening. My first movie screening. =D The movie is very funny, but not suitable for those below 18, even after cutting alot of scenes. Not much of sexual scenes but the words used la….very funny and not suitable for kids lahh.


at Starbucks

Ok, i’m hungry now……dad bought me lunch an hour ago and its still waiting for me to swallow it.